Joined at the Wrist

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Chapter 1

"Okay guys, fundraising ideas please", Mr Schuester rapped the whiteboard with the pen to catch everyone's attention.
I was not particularly happy that we were using precious rehearsal time to think of fundraising ideas. However, we did need a set of stools for what is admittedly a brilliant dance routine. And Principal Figgins would likely not appreciate such brilliance.

"We could do another bake sale", Artie suggested.
Mr Schue nodded and wrote it quickly on the board, his pen squeaking annoyingly.
"We should put on a show and charge people to come and watch it", I suggested brightly.

Everyone groaned in obvious appreciation of my fantastic idea.
"Berry that sucks", Noah stated harshly.
I shot him one of my best withering looks but his smirk didn't falter.

Mr Schue, always trying to make everyone just get along, quickly intervened.

"Any other ideas? Come on guys, the routine won't be quite the same without stools! For one the sitting down part will be extremely difficult..."
He was met with silence.
He sighed.

"Okay... Well go round the group and everyone must give one idea... Or well be here forever!"
More groans.
"We could sell our sperm".
"Right... Let's move on... Santana?"
It was clear what was on her mind, though it is difficult to imagine a time when that cheerio is not thinking about sex.
"We could be handcuffed together, and get sponsored if we survive 24 hours handcuffed to someone."
"That's a great idea Santana!"

He better be joking.
He was not.
"Think of it as a team building exercise... Yes! Though not handcuffs because there's going to the bathroom..."
He was talking to himself now, and others were muttering amongst themselves.
"How will that even work Mr Schue? Mercedes asked, "Not all of us are in the same lessons".
Mr Schue sat on the desk next to the whiteboard thoughtfully.
"I'm sure some of you are in the same lessons... I'll work something out. And besides, it'll be a great opportunity to get to know someone in glee that you don't know that well!"
His enthusiasm about that point was a little scary.

I had a horrible thought.
If he paired me up with Noah Puckerman he would almost definitely lose the best female soprano in glee club, because that would be the worst 24 hours of my life.

I was the first to arrive in the choir room, to find Mr Schue sitting
there, holding a covered list and wearing the smuggest smile I had ever seen.
"Hi Rachel! Are you excited to find out who you're partner is going to be?"
I raised my eyebrows.

"Not really. No one likes me."
He just grinned.

"That's not true! And besides, this will be your chance to find a new best friend!"
Oh dear god. This man has so much enthusiasm it was unnatural.

I was glad that the others looked just as wary as they entered.

I was evidently not the only one who felt that this could potentially do the very opposite of what Mr Schue was hoping for.
"Okay, New Directions! I have here the long awaited list of partners for our sponsored 'being tied to someone for a day'"
Kurt interrupted. "How many hours is that?"
"Well, I was thinking I would leave that up to you guys..."
I joined in the sigh of relief.
"Aha-but- I will say a minimum of 14 hours".
He grinned.

"It has to be a challenge! Otherwise no one will want to sponsor you!"

"Please tell us who we are going to be attached to! The tension is killing me!" Kurt whined.
Schue laughed.
"Okay. I'm not going to beat about the bush... Santana and Artie, Brittany and Finn, Tina and matt, Quinn and Kurt, Mercedes and Mike and finally Puck and Rachel".
I was not surprised. Noah gave a dramatic groan.
"This should be fun", Mr Schuester continued.

I glared at him.

The next week arrived much too soon, I had not yet prepared my list of witty and degrading comebacks for Noah's inevitable put downs.

I sat in the choir room as far away from Noah as possible.

I think everyone else had been attempting to at least to talk to their partner.

I had no such desire to acquaint myself with the rude Neanderthal that is Noah Puckerman.

I was planning to communicate as little as possible with him and basically just pretend that they weren't attached at the wrist by a 2 metre piece of stretchy elastic.

We had come in extra early and Noah kept yawning theatrically, one of the many things I found incredibly annoying about him.
"Right then everyone, if you would help each other become attached to their partners".
I sat still, the longer I could stretch this out, the shorter time I would have to be joined at the wrist to my least favourite member of the glee club.
"Mornin' berry! Nice skirt".
"Good morning Noah. Hey! What are you doing?"
He had clasped my wrist in his warm hands. His hands were actually surprisingly soft and gentle.
But that was beside the point. He was manhandling me!

"We have to be attached at the wrist". He said slowly, as though I didn't understand that. "for at least until 9pm tonight."
"It will be until exactly 9pm tonight and not a moment afterwards", I replied haughtily, "I must have at least 8 hours sleep to keep my vocal cords in perfect condition".
He smirked. "Whatever Berry. You need to tie it onto my wrist now. You may have to stand a little closer..."
I huffed. It wasn't like he smelled, in fact his cinnamon and mint scent was rather intriguing.

I could feel his hazel eyes boring into me as I leant over his wrist, and he was so warm. It wasn't just his hands; his whole body just radiated heat.
"I'm not going to bite". He muttered. "I'm not that kind of hungry".
I did not dignify this with an answer.
"We have the same lessons today", he continued, "and Schue has cornered off one of the staff bathrooms for the glee club to use."
He looked at me carefully. "You're awful quiet. It's weird."

I still said nothing, sitting straight in my seat, not so much as looking in his direction which was difficult, seeing as he was edging ever closer and one of his warm hands was creeping up my thigh from my knee.
"Shall we go get some breakfast...? It's a couple of hours before school starts and I'm starving."
I was sure he had just said he wasn't hungry.
"Did you just ask me if I wanted to go and get breakfast?"
"Yeah... What?"
"But you're a jerk".
He did look a bit offended and I felt bad, but it was true.
Well, okay I hadn't really spoken to him since he'd kinda gone a bit quiet after the whole baby saga. And when I say gone a but quiet, it's not like I watch him to see if he is talking and stuff, but I hadn't walked down the corridor and been bombarded from all angles with tall tales of his 'achievements' for a while now.

He scoffed. "Whatever Berry".
"You can call me Rachel, you know, Rachel is my name".
"Yeah... But I don't wanna call you Rachel".
"I don't want you to call me Berry", I returned.
We were the only ones in the choir room now.
He smirked.

"Okay babe".
I seethed quietly, trying not to give him the satisfaction of knowing he knew exactly how to annoy me.

"Let's get some breakfast, or I'll waste away and you'll have to drag my body around all day… And I am stacked".
I just rolled my eyes.
"I have had breakfast. A healthy balanced breakfast of high fibre cereal".
He laughed. "That doesn't count as food".
I sighed. "Let's go then otherwise well be late for biology".
He grinned. "I'll get you back in time fir biology, if you let me choose where we eat breakfast".
"Where you eat breakfast", I corrected him, "and this is not some day of compromises".
"Every relationship is based on meeting in the middle", he remarked, that smirk permanently etched on his face.
"This is not a relationship!", I exploded, "we are attached by elastic! Were not even friends!"
"Whatever babe".

I huffed and marched out of the choir room, Noah jogging a few steps to keep up.
"You know, when you flounce like that, your skirt kinda swishes, and I can see your panties".
"Noah! You are impossible!"
"What! They're nice! All covered in musical notes! I was only gunna ask where you got them from cos it's my sister's birthday soon... Hey! Maybe we can go to the underwear shop after school?"
I glowered at him.
"I am not about to give you some underwear trying on show", I hissed.
He laughed.
"And besides", I continued, noticing how he slowed his strides so that I didn't have to power walk quite so fast, "after school I am going to practise for glee. I don't know if you realised, but Mr Schuester has not set us an assignment, and therefore it is especially important for me to put in my own time to maintain my ever increasing range of vocal ability".
"Hang on... Can you go back to the especially bit? I kinda zoned out..."
"Ugh. Noah!"
That boy is so irritating.

"This is it".
"Noah! Please tell me you're kidding! I can just tell from out here that if I so much as step inside that cafe my pores will be instantly blocked by the layers of grease that covers absolutely everything! I cannot have blocked pores! You have no idea the time I spend making sure they stay unblocked! This will be ruining all of my hard work in seconds!"
"Babe, seriously, chill! And just don't rub your face on any of the surfaces and you'll be fine!"
I pursed my lips.
He pushed the door open and gestured for me to walk in past him, lifting his hand over his head so that the elastic didn't get tangled up.
"Thank you", I said curtly.

I chose the table furthest away from the kitchen, hoping this would minimise the risk of grease.
Noah pushed the menu across the table towards me.
"I told you I don't want anything".
"I'm paying", he tempted, pushing it against my elbows.
"Thank you, but I will respectfully decline that offer and will settle for some peppermint tea".
"I don't even know if they serve that", he laughed.
"Can I take your order?"
"Thank you ma'am, do you have peppermint tea- you do?-okay great, two peppermint teas and a full English breakfast with extra hash browns please".
"Anything else sir?"
Sir? But then he was genuinely polite and his manner was easily likeable- if he wasn't so damn annoying.
"That's everything thank you".

"Two peppermint teas?" I questioned, when I had got over the shock that he hadn't checked out a waitress leaning over the table to my right. Even I had had to look- there was no way they were real!
"Yeah... Well, I've never tried it, and you had one the other day and it smelled really good on your breath".
Okay. That was the weirdest thing he had ever said to me. Ever.
The waitress returned quickly with his breakfast. I have to admit, it smelt almost as surprisingly attractive as Noah.
"Hash brown?" he questioned, his mouth already full of food.
I winced. Disgusting boy.
"I asked for extra because they are proper good. Swear."

My stomach grumbled. Just one hash brown wouldn't hurt- and would keep him quiet.
It was melt in the mouth delicious. I couldn't stop myself from 'hmmming' in appreciation.
"Good huh?"
I nodded reluctantly.
"You can have another one", he offered, "there are four- it's two each".
"Are you sure?"
"I insist", he grinned, and prodded his fork towards me loaded with
hash brown.
"They're good aren't they? I can make em- but they never taste quite
the same".
"You can cook?"
He was lying.
Apparently cooking wasn't one of his 'badass' qualities he liked to boast of.
I didn't have to wait long for him to finish the plateful.

"I need to take a leak". He announced, as he had settled the bill and we were walking back to school.
I just nodded.
I kinda did too actually; peppermint tea does have a tendency to flow straight through the system.
"Which staff bathroom is it?"
"This one".
Oh. I hadn't noticed we were there already. I may have been admiring his arms. But don't tell him or his head will not fit through the door.
"Ladies first".
"Don't stand so close to the door!"
He wiggled his wrist at me.
"If I stand much further away you're not going to be able to move your arms".
He was right. It would make it quite difficult. I sighed.
"Okay. I'll be quick."
"No rush babe".

I could've sworn he'd done something to change his smirk. It was significantly less annoying. Almost cute.
Okay a full bladder was definitely messing with my brainwaves.
"Can I have a bit more slack?"
He didn't even snigger. Maybe he was tired. Maybe that made him more amiable.
"'Kay? Turn around then. I need to..."
"Oh. Sorry."
"Right. Biology?"

I had almost forgotten. This just wouldn't do. The reflection of his perfectly toned back and butt had actually distracted me.
I had to sternly remind myself that I was not some shallow cheerio looking for temporary thrills.
Biology. Right.

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