He wanted to make her scream. Wanted to pull her by that silky white hair and move her lips onto his, where they should have been all along. He'd have her making noises she never thought herself capable of and when it was all over, when she was left panting and sweating in the aftermath he'd do it all again. He would have her screaming his name and he would be growling hers kissing those lips, sucking those….. "Logan"? "Are you alright"? Wolverine looked up towards the object of his obsession who stood looking down at him in concern. Why did she have to be so damn beautiful? Any other woman and he would have been able to resist, to…..control. "I'm fine" he growled rising from his seat in the TV room. "Just having an off day". Storm nodded a smile of understanding coming over her face. "It is strange being here without the students" she admitted. It was only the second week of summer and already all of the students had either been picked up by family or left for a vacation of their own. The once busy campus transformed into its original mansion state. "Yah" wolverine responded. "it's a ghost town out here". In the corner of his eye Logan took in a Ororo's chocolate brown skin, even from the distance he stood her scent filled his nostrils with the most amazing smell, a mixture of fresh rain and a hint of vanilla. The woman had just put on her pajamas. A thin blue silk nightgown that fell just a few inches before her ankles. She was a modest girl, a fact that Wolverine both respected and deplored. How many times had he fantasized about her coming out one night in a pair of one of those skimpy shorts and spaghetti strap pajamas he saw the female students wear. She certainly had the body for it. And what's stopping you from ripping that gown off of that pretty little body of hers right now he heard a voice whispered. "Stop it" Logan hissed. "Stop what" Storm asked looking worriedly at her friend. She was beside him now. Close enough for him to feel the heat radiating from her body. Close enough for him to feel the tip of her breast on the side of his arm, close enough…. "I'm just a little tired" he announced finally shaking his head. "I think I'll go up and catch a few winks". Again Oro smiled that brilliant smile of hers leaning in to plant a soft kiss on Logan's cheek. "Sweet dreams my friend". Logan left without saying goodnight. She treated him like a sheep and he was thankful that she couldn't see the wolf hidden beneath.