Wolverine fell beside Storm with a cushioned thud as the two of them lay on the wrinkled sheets gasping for air. From the window above their heads the sun seeped in through the blinds pouring light into the room. Ororo turned into Logan avoiding the sting of the suns rays as they hit her face. In the silence that followed the two lay in each others arms exhausted if not surprised by their own actions. Storm chose not to look up at Logan. Perhaps afraid of what she would see but, more so of what she would feel. Up untill that night every fiber of her being wanted to see him as nothing but a friend but, it was at that moment she knew she couldn't. Wolverine looked down at the white hair of his lover knowing all too well what she was feeling. It was the same feeling he got after a successful hunt. It was like a burning fire blazing with heat but, destined to cool under the air of guilt. At that moment he questioned everything. Why this woman had chosen to be with him. Where they go from there and if she would ever look at him again the same way she had that night. Slowly he moved his hand cupping the goddesses's chin and lifting her face to meet his. He had to see her eyes. Look at them for just a second and all his questions would be answered, then he would know she was his but she kept her eyes focused on his chest. "Your shaking" he whispered. Storm nodded slightly just becoming aware of her own involuntary movements.


"Im cold" Storm lied. In the back of her mind she hoped he would take her again. Make love to her as he did only minutes before. She didn't want it to end because once it did she wasn't sure if she could be with him ever again. She reached for her underwear slipping into them as Logan looked on in hidden disapproval. He too slipped into his jeans and sat beside the woman that he had not to long ago had in the most intimate way yet at that moment was hesitant to touch. "Two more months" she whispered. He nodded his head. "Two". Again the silence overtook them and this time there was no warmth to fill it.


It didn't matter to Logan what his words would mean but he knew that they had to be said even if they would never said again."Ororo" he began. The woman looked to him through questioning almost sad eyes. Perhaps she feared hearing his words almost as much as he feared saying them. "I have... loved you" the wolflike man managed to release. Storm's eyebrows quirked in confusion but still she said nothing. "I love, have loved and will always love you" he continued. He didn't wait for the woman to answer but instead rose from the bed leaving her sitting alone at the end. He wanted to keep her. Have her. Own her, but such was not the case. It never could be. "Logan". The man turned at the sound of Storm's voice. She was beside him now

just as beautiful if not more so then when she had been laying beside him. "Its just like you to leave when you don't think you'll get the answer you want" she began. Taking another step towards him The woman took a hold of Wolverines hand.

"Were not going to do this again" she said softly. "Because I don't think either one of us could take it". Logan's heart sank as he heard Storm's words. It really was too good to be true at the same time a part of him knew it would be. The woman's face became serious as she looked Wolverine in the eyes. "I love you Logan" she stated. "And if you truly love me you'll show it by staying". Blushing slightly the woman pulled at the man wrist. "I want you to stay".

Following behind his love Logan felt as if a weight had been lifted from his heart. One he hadn't noticed was there until after Ororo's words. He knew it must have been there for a while because as he followed behind Storm he couldn't help but to be amazed at the lightness he felt. The spent the rest of the morning in bed her wrapped in his arms between sleep. She fit against him perfectly like another part of him he hadn't realized he was missing. She was his now, although it would take some time before Logan could truly believe it. For now he would leave things as they were that moment. No fear, no doubt. After all, they did have two months to think about it.

The End

Authors note: I hope you liked this story, thanks to everyone who read and posted comments on this and my other stories. I know it went away from the original path it was going and I will try to do better next time. For my next project I might do a sabertooth and Strom fanfic. I also do some reuest so if you have a story idea you would like me to do shoot me a message :)