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In this chapter, the :: insert thoughts here:: punctuation will be used for Tsukumo's powers i.e. his "visions".

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NOTE: No outright intercourse happens, but be forewarned, it does get suggestive, so it's on the higher side of the teen rating. You have been warned! :D

Luka drew his hand away from Yuki's cheek, almost painfully. His fist clenched as it drew back to his side, where it hung, lifelessly. Luka closed his eyes and stepped back, waiting for Yuki to respond. He knew better than anyone that it was in Yuki's nature to forgive but Luka did not feel he deserved the mercy of Yuki's heart.

Luka braced himself.

Yuki blinked.



He lost track.

"It…it was real?"

Yuki's brain was having a hell of a time processing this new bit of information. Luka kept silent. Waiting.

"How-why? Luka?"

He had a million questions and no answers.

Did this mean that Luka felt the same?

Did this mean Yuki could have hope?

Would something like this even be allowed?

Yuki didn't know and the only one who could give him the answers was waiting silently, with a face of hidden remorse. Yuki swallowed his questions and approached Luka. Luka raised defeated looking eyes to Yuki's gaze.


"Luka, I don't know what to think right now." Luka stared straight into Yuki's eyes. Something in them gave Yuki a shiver.

"I-I don't know anything anymore, but more than that, it feels like you're trying to draw away from me, and I don't want you to go, Luka." Yuki reached out towards Luka, and grabbed onto his wrist. The contact sent pulses of electricity through both.

Yuki hung his head. "Luka,"He said, his golden hair covering his face from Luka's sight.

"Luka, I don't understand. I don't understand! Why would you do something like that? Are my feelings that laughable?" Yuki accused. He knew, he knew Luka wouldn't do something like that, but what else could he think? Where did Luka's feelings lie?"

"No, Yuki." Luka said as he lifted the wrist Yuki had a hold on, pulling Yuki closer. "My everything belongs to you. You are my reason to live. I have caused you hurt, so i'll protect you that much more, even if you can't forgive me." Yuki shook his head.

Placated, Yuki sighed.

"Luka, why wouldn't I forgive you? I mean, Luka..." '

"It's not about whether or not I forgive you or don't. I just need to know, Luka. Why did you kiss me? What do you feel towards me?"

'All or nothing, right? If I don't get to the bottom of this, Luka seems like he'd vanish and never come back, and that's the one thing I couldn't bear. Besides, I already admitted my feelings to myself, so why hide them? If Luka doesn't feel the same, at that time, i'll give up but not before I give this a shot!'

Determined to go down fighting, Yuki stepped into Luka and looked straight up into Luka's eyes.

"Luka, I love you. I've loved you since the first time I saw you. You've captured everything I am, without mercy, and I can't fight how I feel, even if I tried."

Luka eyes widened. Did his ears deceive him?


"Wait, Luka. I have to say this." Yuki took a deep breath and continued.

"I've always watched you. Watched how much you distance yourself from others, how much you fought in the beginning, fought against making bonds"

Yuki's gaze lowered to Luka's cross necklace.

"...and I've also watched you tentatively start to make them. I've seen your strength, I've been embraced by your caring nature, I've felt, deep down in my soul, your nobility, and Luka..."

Yuki tried to calm his rapidly beating heart.

"...everything has made me fall even deeper, into a scorching heat of emotion that seems to have rooted itself into eternity. Luka, even if you reject me and my feelings, i'll respect your decision and I'll go, or I'll learn to let you go. I realize that this time around, things have changed and I'm not who I used to be, but my feelings refuse to change and I can't help it anymore. I always want to be with you, but above all... " Yuki smiled sadly.

"...I want you to be happy, Luka. The past be damned, I want you to choose."Yuki finished, the weight of his words bringing tears to his eyes. He could really lose Luka now, but he would stand by his words and let go if he had to.

Luka, silently, raised his hand and wiped away Yuki's gathered tears. Yuki's eyes widened.


"No matter how many years pass, Yuki is still the same Yuki. Your soul has not changed. What form your body takes does not matter. It has never ceased to be breathtaking in my eyes." Luka's clenched hand unclenched and, in one fluid motion, it circled around Yuki's waist, until it pressed against the small of Yuki's back, bringing their chests together.

Yuki blushed crimson, but did not look away.

"If you'll have me, Yuki... I've been in your hands all along" Luka finished. Yuki's eyes widened, for what seemed the umpteenth time. 'He didn't reject me..."

Yuki, not one to process things quickly needed proof that Luka was not disgusted by the thought of Yuki's current form. Fueled by Luka's disinterest in moving away, Yuki reached up to Luka's face. Luka closed his eyes in response as Yuki traced the outside of his jaw. His heart pounding against his ribcage, Yuki's thumb traced Luka's lips, and watched, mesmerized, as Luka's expression softened. Yuki's heart leaped. It was true!

Everything was true!

Full of joy, Yuki jumped Luka, diving into his arms. Luka steadied them both, preventing an abrupt rendezvous with the hard floor of Yuki's bedroom. Luka was surprised at the sudden burst of unexpected affection, but that gave way to a radiant smile, and he embraced Yuki back. Luka's face fell to rest in the crook of Yuki's neck, relieved, but most of all, so grateful for having met Yuki. Yuki never ceased to surprise and amaze him. Who else could love someone like him to this extent, other than the angelic Yuki? No matter what shape Yuki took, it never ceased to be perfectly beautiful, serene, and merciful.

Yuki was elated. He was on cloud 9 and all that stress and fear from this morning was gone, and in it's place a newfound peace and unimaginable happiness that left him breathless. They stood there, embracing each other until they were satisfied that neither was going to leave the other, strengthening their bond. Ever since the dream last night, Yuki had been thinking non-stop about that kiss, and now, by golly, he would experience it again. 'Hopefully awake, this time' he thought, with a mental chuckle. He was amazed that someone like Luka, who exuded physical and mental strength, could be over-powered by his emotions, enough to steal a kiss, something he would have never thought was in Luka's character.

As if reading his thoughts, Luka drew back just enough to look once again into Yuki's eyes. 'This is real...' he thought. Yuki was looking back at him with love in his eyes. . No more unrequited love. No more hiding in the shadows. They were together, and Luka silently vowed to never leave Yuki's side.

Now all that's left...

Yuki waited, sensing Luka's thoughts.

Yuki reached up to cup Luka's cheek. Luka's hand fanned out against Yuki's back as his head moved towards Yuki's. Yuki's gaze was fixated on Luka's closing eyes; his long, fluttering ebony lashes caressing the soft skin below his silver orbs. Yuki's eyes filled with tender emotion as Luka's lips neared his own slowly. Luka was ready to draw away if Yuki should feel uncomfortable. The last thing he wanted was to rush if Yuki wasn't ready.

Yuki could feel Luka's warm breath. Their breaths mingled and Yuki felt intoxicated, drowning in his desire for Luka. Their lips were inches apart and Luka's drew ever closer.


Closer still.

Yuki closed the distance suddenly, impatience hitting his blood stream, his need to feel Luka's lips with his own overriding any hesitation. Luka's eyes opened slightly in surprise before he pressed into Yuki, deepening the kiss.

"Mmm..." Yuki moaned into the kiss. It was music to Luka's ears. Invigorated by Yuki's sweet cries of pleasure, Luka moved them both the short distance to the nearest wall. Anything that would help them draw closer to each other. Sure of Yuki's contentment, Luka continued to make love to Yuki's mouth.

Lick. The feel of Luka's tongue sent shivers down through Yuki's spine.

"Yuki.." Luka breathed.

Suck. Yuki was quickly losing his sanity under the intensity that is Luka.

"Lu...ka..." Yuki moaned.

Luka's lips were soft and firm, and sent liquid heat through Yuki. They smelled of the sunshine seeping in through the open windows, so reverently caressing Luka's beautiful form. They tasted of honeysuckle. Sweet. Addicting. Powerful.

Yuki's lips, inexperienced, were shy at first. He let Luka circle them with his tongue, his body set on fire. Yuki tentatively lifted his head up to give Luka more access, and was rewarded with a series of burning kisses that left him gasping for air. Luka was unused to voicing his emotions, so he displayed them full force through physical actions, and Yuki soon learned he was very articulate.

"Nnng...ha..." Luka swallowed Yuki's moans, eager for more.

Shyness forgotten, Yuki responded eagerly, now both arms around Luka's waist, savoring the feel of Luka's passionate kiss. Luka reveled in the feeling of Yuki's body so close to tongues circled each other, and they both moved their heads rhythmically, in hopes of more contact. Emboldened, Yuki briefly interrupted the kiss, to give small, butterfly kisses to Luka's lips, while catching his breath, before going back in for more. Yuki wanted Luka to know how deeply he was embedded in Yuki's heart. They both didn't feel the slightest need to pull away. Yuki let go of everything and gave into the now. A quick learner, he slowly, achingly kissed all around Luka's lips. Luka remained still, giving full access to Yuki's playful nature, while his body and soul drowned, deeper, harder, in need of Yuki.

Touko took a bite of her bread. 'I wonder how Yuki-chan and Luka are doing...' Tsukumo, too, wondered how they fared.

'I hope they're doing better than this morning. Yuki-chan...'

The windows in Yuki's room were slightly open, the morning breeze filtering in along with the sunshine, but the cool air could do nothing to cool down the pair of heated bodies in one corner of the room. Their need growing, they both drew to the bed, without ceasing their kisses. Yuki's back approached the bed as Luka guided them in that direction. The back of Yuki's knees touched the edge of his bed. Luka pulled away to give Yuki a chance to decline, if he wasn't ready for more. Yuki responded with a firm tug to Luka's collar and a kiss to Luka's lips. Given the "go ahead", Luka slowly unbuttoned the top half of Yuki's shirt, all the while leaving a trail of kisses, starting from Yuki's temple to Yuki's collarbone. Luka moved Yuki's body to sit on the bed, while Luka straddled Yuki's lap.


Luka tugged Yuki's shirt till it was halfway down Yuki's arms. His hands on Yuki's naked shoulders, he delivered a wet kiss to Yuki's collarbone. Yuki shivered and threw his head back, not sure anymore if his shivers were from the cool breeze or Luka's attentions. Luka continued giving kisses to the newly exposed skin. Yuki was going crazy with desire. Realizing it was okay, since he was still used to holding back, Yuki's hands hesitated before laying flat on Luka's leather vest. Mesmerized, Yuki took the zipper and pulled down, exposing Luka's muscular, toned upper body. Yuki's hands found Luka's abs, feeling the muscles contract under his fingers. The smooth skin stretched over the toned muscle was fascinating and Yuki wanted more. His fingers spread out and caressed all of Luka's torso, finally settling at the nape of Luka's neck, where they played with Luka's hair. If Luka had been a cat, he would have purred. Yuki's touch was driving Luka over the edge of his sanity. Everything about Yuki was alluring. Yuki's lips were still that concentrated honey that he had grown addicted to.

Both were crashing deeper into the throes of their passion for one another. Hands roamed, fingers touched and skin met, sending delicious energy through them, time and again. Luka's lips found their way back to Yuki's mouth. He put a hand behind Yuki's head as Yuki arched into the kiss. Luka's lips traveled to Yuki's ear.


"Ahh~!" Yuki jumped in response. Holding back now a matter of the past, Yuki gripped Luka's forearms and let his inhibitions go.

"" Yuki panted. Luka sucked on Yuki's ear and Yuki closed his eye tightly, finding it hard to contain his pleasure. Sucking and licking, Luka ravaged Yuki's ear and Yuki had to bite his lower lip to keep from fully voicing his approval.

"Oh, Lukaaaaa!" He felt he would go hoarse from the pleasure. Luka, concerned for Yuki's body, pushed him into the bed, now laying fully horizontal, their bodies parallel to each other.

Luka stared into Yuki's emerald eyes. He was a slave to those eyes. There were 2 emeralds, and Luka felt he could admire them forever. Luka's head bent down and kissed both of Yuki's eyelids, feeling the soft flutter of Yuki's eyelashes against his lips. Yuki sighed happily.

Luka continued his kisses, trialing to Yuki's neck next, while tugging at the remaining buttons on Yuki's shirt, until he could fully open Yuki's shirt, Yuki 's chest completely exposed. Luka eased Yuki's arms out of the shirt and cast it aside. His left hand weaved under and around Yuki's torso, while his right hand, starting at Yuki's cheek, traveled down, slowly, all the length of Yuki's body. Yuki felt as Luka caressed from his cheek down to his collarbone, his chest, his navel and finally...

Yuki gasped. Luka's hand caressed Yuki rhythmically, using slight pressure, and Yuki had to clench his hands in the sheets. Oh, the things Luka was doing to him. While Luka was distracted, Yuki forced his mind to function and, realizing what position they were in, saw an opportunity and took it. Yuki licked Luka's ear and drew it into his mouth. Luka's hand jerked and Yuki moaned loudly.

Soon, both, in a heated frenzy, emptied each other of the remainder of their garments.

"Yuki, are you sure?"

Yuki smiled, and nodded his head. He couldn't ask for more than this moment. Every cell in his body told him this was right. Nothing would come between them again.

"I leave myself in your hands, Luka". Luka nodded. He would make sure Yuki did not regret this in the least. Using every ounce of strength and gentleness he possessed, Luka delivered, as promised.

A collective sigh was heard. All 6 of the Zweilts, now joined by Kuroto and Senshirou, wondered what was taking them so long. School long forgotten, They sat at the table, each lost in their own suspicions of what was wrong. Finally, Touko couldn't take it anymore; The wait was killing her.

"Tsukumo~!" She called. Tsukumo, stirred out of his thoughts, turned his head to face her.

"What is it, Touko-chan?" he asked. Touko pouted sheepishly.

"I can't wait any longer! I'll explode! Could you see if Yuki's okay now? He looked so lost this morning..." Touko pleaded. Tsukumo chuckled to himself and conceded.

"Alright. I'll see what's up", he replied. Everyone looked up.

"I'm sure Luka did something to make things better" Kuroto responded, looking away. Luka was capable in every sense of the word. He had no doubts. Senshirou nodded.

"Yuki should be fine by now, but it doesn't hurt to double-check." Kuroto grudgingly nodded. Leave it to Senshirou to find a compromise.

"I agree with Senshirou, it'd be best to make sure. After all, we Zweilts have a duty to Yuki." Hostuma replied gruffly.

Shuusei chuckled. He was pretty sure he knew along what lines the conversation between Yuki and Luka was bound to head, and if he was right, poor tsukumo (depending on how much he disclosed) and everyone were in for a fun surprise.

Touko sighed. "Are you guys done discussing now? I want to know!"

Hostuma grunted. "All right, quit your whining. Go ahead, Tsukumo"

Tsukumo just shook his head in amusement, and closed his eyes. The whole room went quiet as Tsukumo expanded his senses.

He was almost there...

He could feel Yuki's conscious. It was difficult to grasp it, so he figured Yuki's emotions were in over-drive. 'Just a little more...'

:: Luka...::

Oh, were they still talking?

:: Oh, Luka. The way you touch m-::


Tsukumo's eyebrows furrowed, and he started to sweat a little. Everybody raised their eyebrows at him. Was something wrong? 30 seconds went by and Tsukumo's face grew steadily redder. Everyone at the table gave him weird looks. Suddenly, Tsukumo's eyes were open; his face now as red as a tomato.

He coughed violently while Touko patted him firmly on the back.

"TSUKUMO! What's wrong? What did you see?"

"Tsukumo, you bastard! Tell us what you saw!" Hotsuma barked, now worried.

Tsukumo suppressed his coughing, and tried to re-start his thoughts.


"Yes?" Touko asked, eagerly. Everybody leaned in to listen.

"Well, they're fine. Yuki seems to be just fine now." An audible sigh of relief was heard. Kuroto was not satisfied.

"If they're fine, what's with your reaction? What did you hear?"

Tsukumo blanched.

"Uh...well, to tell the truth, Yuki..."


"Well, you see, I think they worked out the whole "lovers" thing." he said, sheepishly. Touko looked bewildered.

"Does Yuki remember the past now?"

"Not sure, but I sure heard them having an exceptional make-up, uh, conversation..." He trailed off, lost in his thoughts. He received lots of confused stares, but his thoughts were elsewhere.

'Good for you, Yuki. I hope you never lose this happiness.' He thought with a smile, still blushing. 'Way to go, Luka!' he added in, with a snort.

"Well, that's good. Now we can stop worrying! ...I know! Let's go see them! I miss Yuki!" Touko exclaimed. Tsukumo's head shot up.

"Noooo! Touko-chan! That's a BAD idea!"

She pouted again and was about to argue back, but Tsukumo pulled her close and whispered in her ear. Everyone watched as Touko's face went from confused to alarmed, to shocked, and finally, a cherry-red blush, similar to Tsukumo's.

"Wow, go Yuki..." Touko said, before Tsukumo covered her mouth gently. "Shhh~!" He chided. Touko searched her brain.

"Um!...Come on everyone! Let's go Karaokel!"

Hostuma bolted out of his seat. "Huuuuuh? What do you mean "Karaoke?"

Touko didn't listen, stood up, took Hotsuma's arm and started dragging him towards the door. "No excuses! Today we're going to head out to do some karaoke. Come on everyone!"

No one felt like arguing so they all followed. Tsukumo smiled. 'Nice one, Touko-chan!' He told her, telepathically.

"Yeah, it's been a while since we all relaxed together!" Tsukumo added, in support.

Touko looked back and winked at Tsukumo. ' Thanks!' Everybody piled out of the dining hall and jumped into a limo. Touko stared at the window of Yuki's room, from inside the interior of the vehicle. Smiling tenderly, she wished them happiness. 'Don't ever lose this happiness. If anyone deserves to be happy, it's you two."

Tears brimmed from happiness in Yuki's eyes. Luka licked them all away and embraced Yuki tenderly. "Luka, I love you" Yuki said, looking up at Luka. Luka just smiled at Yuki and hugged him closer still. Their slick bodies, glistening from sweat, were half hidden under Yuki's sheets. Yuki rested his head comfortably on Luka's broad chest, and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of Luka's heartbeat. Time was still as they lay together and reveled in their mutual love. Luka stared at Yuki's brilliant green eyes., and watched as they closed slowly, sensually, as Yuki started to drift off..

""Yuki trailed off, a bright smile on is face while sleep took over.

Never had he seen Yuki more at peace than right now and he felt the same. He gave Yuki another kiss on the lips and he, too, closed his eyes, giving into sleep. "Sweet Dreams, Yuki".

Yuki, half asleep, his arms around Luka's torso, gave him a little squeeze, and whispered groggily

"Sweet Dreams, Luka"


Hi, AfterxThexRain here! Yup, that was one looong kissing session, and I'm sorry about the lack of a lemon, but alas, the rating is T. If enough people request it, I'll write a lemon in the sequel. I wanted at least this fic to be devoid of outright intercourse and focus more on the feelings. Then again, leaving it out makes the tension higher sometimes! It's what I was going for! Thank you for reading my story. It means a lot to me. I promise to start work on the sequel right away! :D Thanks again!

Sidenote: I said Yuki's eyes are emerald, because they resemble hazel in the anime, but I think If Yuki was real, his eyes would be closest to green. It's just a guess, plus it gives a certain credibility to Luka's worship of them ;)