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"I saw you smile. And my mind could not erase the beauty of your face." Richard Marx

Yugi Motou walked down the hallway of Domino High. A smirk played on his lips. The young boy wasn't actually young. He had vibrant amethyst eyes and tri-colored spiky hair. It was a mix of the darkest ebony, sunshine blonde, and a light purple. He was 17, even though he looked like he was 13. He was also the world game king. He and Atem Atenkaten had won the title years ago. Atem looked just like him, except he had more blonde in his hair, and the tips were crimson instead. His eyes were also sharper, and a beautiful blood red color. He also had a yearlong tan. That was one of the numerous things that made girls swoon over him. He was the perfect gentleman. He was always nice and polite to everyone around him. Reserved. Just like the pharaoh that he used to be.

When Yugi and Atem had first met, the ancient pharaoh was locked inside the Millennium Puzzle, a small upside down pyramid type necklace. The two had many adventures together and when it came time for him to say goodbye, he refused to go to the afterlife. He chose instead to stay and so gained his own body. They had come back to Japan and Atem enrolled in school. He quickly became one of the most popular people, as well as one of the smartest. He still hung out with Yugi and the others. After all they were his best friends.

Well… that was until Tea decided that she didn't want to be friends anymore. She wanted something more. Atem had practically begged everyone to help keep her away from him. It had been very amusing until she had threatened to hurt Yugi if he didn't go out with her. It took all that Joey, Yugi, Seto, and Ryou had to prevent both Yami and Bakura from sending her to the shadow realm. Over the months, he and Yugi had gotten to know each other better and now Bakura viewed Yugi as a "little brother" of sorts. From then on, the gang avoided her and made sure to protect both of them.

Yugi walked into his history classroom and paused. The entire gang was inside and they were sitting in various spots around his desk, and sitting directly on his desk was Yami. He felt his heart flutter when said person looked up and smiled at him. Yugi had known for a while now that he was in love with the older look-a-like. He had fallen in love with the other's courage, strength, and protectiveness over him. Oh, yes, he had helplessly fallen in love. But he knew he didn't stand a chance with the other. The most obvious part being that Yami was as straight as the next guy, and the next guy happened to be Seto. And seeing as Seto was dating one of the girls in a different class that meant that he was straight. And so that made Yami straight. It was all completely logical in Yugi's mind.

Sometimes you're rational scares me, a little voice inside his head said.

Oh, go away, Yugi told his conscience.

Well, it's true! And how exactly do you know that he's straight? it asked, for that matter, how do you know that Kaiba's straight?

Oh, how about the obvious? HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! Yugi replied as he rolled his eyes and started to make his way over to the group.

So? He could be bi… it replied.

Shut up, he thought. His conscience was really starting to get a mind of its own lately.

I'm just saying... it said, And besides, you know you want his hand down your pants and…

"Be quiet!" Yugi muttered angrily.

"What about being quiet?" Joey asked.

Yugi looked up. He hadn't realized that he reached his friends. He blushed and smiled, "Oh, nothing Joey. I was talking to myself."

"You were telling yourself to be quiet?" Joey asked as he tilted his head to the side. He looked even more like the puppy dog that Kaiba repeatedly told him he was.

Yugi's blush intensified, "…Yeah."

Joey looked at him for a moment before shrugging. He startled the smaller one with a growl as he turned around and glared at Kaiba, "Will you stop poking me?"

"No," Kaiba replied with a smirk and poked him again.

Joey growled and proceeded to get into another argument with the Kaiba Corps CEO. Yugi merely shook his head and sat down at his desk. He pulled his books out of his backpack and set them on the only part of his desk that Yami wasn't sitting on.

"What took you so long Yugi?" Yami asked.

Yugi glanced up and thought he saw something like triumph in the other's eyes, but it was gone as quick as it had come. He dismissed it as his imagination as he pulled some more books out, "Mr. Bolton wanted to ask me about how Grandpa was doing."

"Oh," Yami said. He sighed.

Yugi heard the sigh and looked up at the other and saw the concern in his eyes.

"I just worry about Tea," he said, "I'm just afraid that she'll try something if we're not with you."

Yugi smiled up at the other, "I know, Yami. The same goes for you. She might do something horrible to you."

"Don't worry about me, hikari," Yami said with a small chuckle, "She won't be able to do much to me."

Yugi sighed and pouted, "I know, but still…"

POV shift. Yami's POV

Does he know how delectable he looks when he pouts? If we weren't in school, I'd pounce on him right now. I'd smother him in kisses and soft touches. I'd make him go absolutely wild with want. So much so that he'd beg me to take him… uh oh… he's looking at me like he's expecting some sort of answer… what were we talking about again? Oh, that's right, Tea.

"I'll be fine, hikari," I tell him.

He sighs but nods. His eyes closed and he shook his head before smiling at me. Gods how I want him! But it's too soon. Much too soon. The bell rang and I slid off his desk and into my seat. I was sitting behind him one row over, so I had a great view of his back. I sat there studying him as the class began. I saw him shift, almost as if he was sensing my gaze, and I grinned as I whispered to no one.

"Soon, my little one, soon."

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