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"Now I need you to see, this love was meant to be…" Eric Carmen – Hungry Eyes

Yugi slowly padded into the school with Yami by his side. They were holding hands and both wore soft smiles on their faces. Despite the serene, in love, look they both wore, they were also very nervous. If everything had been normal, with just the gang around them, they wouldn't have cared. But there was Tea… she wanted nothing more than to have Yami proclaim his everlasting love for her. Like that would ever happen. After everything that happened, she gave Yami the creeps and he hated being around her period. She would cling to him and start spouting off on whatever new topic managed to catch her eye. More often than not it would be something that Yami had no interest in whatsoever, like shoes or celebrities (why would he care about that? He was a guy, so shoes didn't matter, and he was a celebrity himself). It annoyed him and frustrated everyone else. Including Bakura.

"Well. If it isn't the Pharaoh and his little shrimp," a voice sounded from their left. They both looked over and saw a grinning white haired thief standing there.

"I'm not a shrimp, Bakura," Yugi said as he turned and pouted.

Bakura walked over and ruffled Yugi's hair before giving him a one armed hug, "You're shorter than me, kid. That makes you a shrimp."

"Give it a rest, Bakura," Yami said as he tugged Yugi back to his side and wrapped his arms around the smaller one's waist."

Bakura smirked widely as he placed his hands on his hips and said, "So. You two finally admit you like each other?"

"Yeah…" Yugi said as he looked down and blushed heavily. Yami chuckled softly into his ear and tightened his arms around Yugi's waist.

Bakura bent over laughing at that and it took several minutes for him to calm down. When he did, he managed to mutter, "Oh, just wait until the Bitch finds out. I wanna be there when you tell her."

"Just don't send her to the shadow realm, please," Yugi said as he watched Bakura.

The white haired thief stopped laughing and reached out to ruffle Yugi's hair again as he said, "Can't promise that, kid. If she tries to hurt you, I won't hold back."

Yugi sighed and nodded as he straightened his hair back out, "Fair enough."

The bell for class rang and the three went their way. Yug and Yami to their classroom, and Bakura to his. The day passed by slowly without a hint of Tea anywhere. Joey and Kaiba both congratulated them on finally getting together and they were floating on their love. They walked hand in hand with the gang to the lunch room, enjoying the hum of conversation around them. Bakura and Ryou sat down at one end of the table, whispering furiously about something. No doubt Bakura did something to make Ryou mad once again. Joey and Kaiba started another argument at the other end about something petty as usual. Yugi and Yami just sat in the middle of it all, eating their lunch peacefully. All in all, it seemed like another day in life. That was until they heard a screeching noise approaching them.

"Yami-kins! Oh Yami-kins!"

All six boys groaned heavily and sank down in their seats. There was only one person in the school who would call Yami by that name. No one was quite sure who hated it more. Tea came into sight wearing the ugliest outfit anyone could imagine. The top was sickly green color that barely covered her stomach, and her skirt was a vibrant orange. It clashed so horribly even color blind people winced in pain. The heels she had on were so high, she seemed to teeter in them as she made her way across the lunch room. The boys desperately looked for a way to leave before she noticed them, but it was too late. She spotted them and, quicker than any of them could imagine, she was standing right next to Yami, who looked as if he wished the floor would suddenly open and swallow him up. She sat down ungracefully next to him and all but purred, "Yami! I've been looking all over for you!"

Yami growled as he turned to her, "How many times do I have to tell you, Tea, not to call me Yami. Only certain people are allowed to call me that."

She waved her hand, dismissing him as she said, "Anyways, Yami, I just totally heard that there was going to be a dance coming up in a couple of months. Want to go with me?"

All six boys looked at her in disgust as Yami spat out, "No. I already have a date."

"You do?" she asked dumbly. No one ever turned her down.

"Yes. Someone I love with my entire being," he replied as he stood up and walked around the table. He wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist and continued, "I'm going with Yugi. He and I are dating."

"WHAT?" she screeched as she stood up, teetering dangerously on her heels.

"You heard the man," Bakura hissed at her as he also stood up, "He and Yugi are dating."

"Impossible! You're supposed to be dating me!" she screamed as she lunged across the table at the two boys. Yami quickly pulled Yugi out of harm's way and Tea fell flat on the floor. Both he and Bakura snarled in anger as she tried to get back up. Bakura prowled around the corner of the table and sneered down at her, "That's it, Tea. You're finished. You tried to hurt my little brother and his boyfriend. I may not get along with the Pharaoh all that much, but you don't mess with them. There's no stopping me this time, Tea. You're going to the shadow realm."

"Wait," she pleaded as tears began to slip down her cheeks, "Yugi, please, tell them I didn't mean it."

Yugi simply turned around and buried his face into Yami's chest. The Pharaoh glanced at Bakura and nodded. A shark like grin crossed the thief's face and he turned back to Tea. Her loud scream was cut off abruptly as the shadows engulfed her form, taking her with them to the shadow realm. Yugi gave a shuddering sigh and gripped Yami's shirt tightly. The taller look-a-like nuzzled Yugi's hair as he murmured quietly, "You okay, aibou?"

"Yeah…" he replied softly as he took a deep breath. Yami's scent enveloped him and he felt himself calming down greatly.

Yami pulled back slightly and gazed down at the younger duelist and said, "She's gone, aibou. She won't be giving us any more problems."

Yugi looked up into Yami's eyes and smiled slightly, "I love you."

Yami pressed a tender kiss to Yugi's lips, a smile gracing his features as he replied, "I love you too, my hikari."

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