Challenge 5209: You're my what?

This is a challenge focusing on a crossover between NCIS, of course, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and should contain the following:

1. Buffy and Dawn find out Hank isn't their father and that they have a brother, Tim McGee, and a sister, Sara McGee, that live in Washington D.C.

2. Buffy and Dawn along with Xander travel to D.C. to meet Tim and Sara. But while there and before the actual introduction the Scoobies are caught up in the middle of an NCIS investigation with Buffy and Xander as the prime suspects in the murder of a Navy officer. With Dawn looking good as an accessory.

3. Should be set during the current season of NCIS.

4. Painful memories for the Scoobies should be brought up by NCIS such as the fall of Sunnydale, the death of parents and loved ones, criminal records never expunged or corrected when they were supposed to be.

5. Help should come in the form of Willow who is the only other person that knows why the three are 'vacationing' in D.C. She can also enlist the help of Sara, after explaining everything, in trying to clear the Scoobies.

6. Ziva should feel connection to Buffy and since Buffy is now Alpha Slayer maybe Ziva can be one or maybe her little sister was one? But either way she should know about Slayers and Watchers from her time with Mossad.

7. And finally try and keep the characters true to form and away from oocness.

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You're my what? By: Fire Wolfe

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS. Both belong to their respective creators and the corporations that bring them to life for us. This is an answer to the challenge 5209.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Timeline: After the fall of Sunnydale. Buffy and Dawn have been in Italy a year. Xander has been to Africa and is back. Willow is back from South America.

Rating: G-NC-17

Pairings: Unknown at this time.

Part 1 The best laid Plans...

Dawn Summers sighed with relief. The final box was packed and they were ready to head to England. It was not that she had not loved it here in Italy she did. The weather was fabulous and the guys were all very drool worthy. She even loved the food. Well she had until she had to start working out an extra half hour everyday to keep her trim form. It was so not fair that Buffy got the slayer strength and metabolism. I mean really she was the Key to the universe surely those wonderful pastas should not stick to her thighs? Well there was a plus side to England. The food was something she was familiar with so she would not feel the need to binge as much. Maybe she could cut back on the workouts a bit. Ok who was she kidding she was actually starting to love to run and swim. Heck she even like the thrill of pushing past her normal limits. Dawn smirked because she had been able to beat Rachael last week on the run. Rachael was a watcher trainee who had come to them from Mossad so Dawn was feeling rather happy with this. She might still be a regular human but now she ranked up there with the best. So, the extra workouts were of the good even if she was mentally bitching. She picked up the box and headed toward the door when she slipped on a loose rug. She went tumbling down with a loud thump.

Buffy came running up the stairs. "Dawn are you ok?" She was concerned but it passed quickly as she listened to her sister curse rather creatively in several languages. Dawn would have been impressed if she realized Buffy actually understood her. Willow joined them within a few minutes.

"I slipped. Damn it all I am such a Klutz. Oh no! I broke mom's desk."

Buffy looked down and sighed. She picked up her mother's portable writing desk with a sad sigh. "It look like the hinge just came lose. Not a big deal Dawn. Mom dropped it several times. We just have to put it back together and tighten the hinge. Or maybe Xander can put a new one in."

"Did someone call?" Xander said coming in. "Dawnstier are you ok?"

"Yeah Xan, I just slipped and fell. Hey can you fix this. I broke it. It was mom's."

Xander took the desk from her hands with loving care. He had come back from Africa to help Willow move Buffy and Dawn to England. Buffy was going to be helping Giles and Dawn was planning on testing out of some classes at Oxford. "Let's see what I can do." He carefully turned the desk over and as he did a hidden compartment slid open dropping out a rather think packet. Hey what's this?" Xander looked at it and frowned before handing it to Buffy. "Isn't that Joyce's handwriting?"

Buffy took it from him and nodded. She looked at Dawn."Its addressed to both of us."

Dawn felt a sudden sense of apprehension but curiosity got the best of her so she said. "Maybe you should open it?"

"We can leave you to alone..."Xander said.

"No, stay, please. Mom loved you both like her own. Besides we need you."Dawn said. She looked at Buffy who was clearly freaked and nodded. "Yeah, what Dawn said. We are family."

Willow and Xander nodded.

With shaking hands Buffy opened the packet. Everything was forgotten. Dawns twisted ankle the scattered papers the move. Everything as Buffy opened a package from their mother.

My Dearest Children,

If you are reading this then something has gone terribly wrong. I know the surgery was a risk but, I had to take it to stay with you. Failing to try was a definite death sentence. I have something to say to all my children, but I will start with my eldest. Dawn be patient. If I know you Buffy then you will have blamed yourself. Oh, not for my illness that was natural. Well as natural as such a thing can be. You are feeling guilty because you have been busy slaying. The thing is you once told me you had a duty. At the time I did not understand about that. However, time and experience changes a woman. We begin to see the bigger picture. I think, I finally understand why you tried to protect me. I guess I am guilty of the same thing with both you and Dawn. I know the true risks of this surgery and to be frank the odds were stacked against me from the start. The thing is sometime you just go ahead because there is no real choice. Buffy for what is it worth. I understand now. I am sorry I was not as supportive as I could have been. I am very proud of the woman you are becoming and know you will take great care of Dawn and your family. By family I mean you, Dawn, Willow, Xander, Rupert and of course Faith along with whoever else you choose. I hope you bring in your sisters and friends partners when the time comes. Family is about more than shared blood. Even as it is about that as well. I will come back to this in a little while. I guess I am stalling.

Dawn, you are a great joy to me. I don't know if it is true that you just came into our lives or not. In the end it really is of no importance. My heart and soul claim you as a part of my family. Giles has explained that you are made from Buffy. I guess it may be true though I hope you will always think of me as your mother. I love you as my own child. Though it might explain why you always wanted me to make cookies when you were young. I am guessing that is what proper grandma's do. Then again I am way too young to be a grandmother. So, if it is all the same to you and Buffy You will remain my daughter. So now that that part is clear to both you and your sister on to the lecture part. Listen to Buffy. I understand that you are close in age but, Buffy will have the primary responsibility for you. Be good and listen to her. She has a lot to deal with. Be there for her as well. She will need your love and support as her night job is demanding. Know I love you and am proud of the young lady you are becoming. I know you will do great things. Never forget you are as unique as your sister. Your talents may be different but, like all things they are equally important. Stand up for the right to protect those you love. Know I am proud of both my children and frankly I am in awe of you both. Please look out for the others.

Willow and Xander, Oz and Cordelia, and Rupert, I love you all. I know you took a chance befriending Buffy and later Dawn. I am so glad that you did. It has been a joy to have you both around. You are so good for them. Thank you for your support and love. If it had been possible know I would have claimed you both as my own. I love you as my children. I am proud of the way you turned out and of the hard work you have done to keep Buffy and Dawn safe. Willow you became my daughters friend and helped her stay sane and graduate. You learned new skills to help her and still treat her like a friend. You reminded her that she is Buffy as well as the slayer. Xander, you crashed at my daughters' feet and have been her man, as in Knight ever since. Never doubt your humor has saved lives. It helped us all through many dark times. Your skills as a carpenter are a God send. Cordy, your bluntness has been missed. You tell it like it is and damned the results. I am glad you have been there to help the others stay straight. Never change that honesty. I also have seen your growth and like the others I wish I could have claimed you as my own. Oz, your calm and quiet manner is soothing to the beast. The slayer needs you to help her stay focused. Never doubt your place as part of this family. Though I know you have loving parent's I hope you will at least accept us a cousins. In Willow's case kissing ones. Grin. Your wolf is a part of you just as the slayer is a part of Buffy. Accept it and maybe life will be more bearable.

Thank you is never enough.

Buffy paused for a moment and pushed back a tear.

Faith, I love you. I loved you for coming to help Buffy and for your joy in life. I know I failed you and for that I am truly sorry. I hope that in time you, Buffy and Dawn and the others can repair your relationships. Life is hard and sometimes we make bad choices. The question is do we learn from them or do we keep repeating them? Faith I ask only that you think about things. Look over your choices and see what made you reckless. I think it was a lack of family. I cannot go back and fix the mistake of not taking you in. However, as a last request to my children I am asking that they give you another chance. Because, we all messed up and failed you. This does not excuse your mistakes or our own. However, we can forgive and move on. When you turned yourself in I was so proud of you. I know full well that no prison could hold you if you chose to run.

Rupert, I hate you. I hated you for changing my family forever. I hate you brought the darkness into our lives. Ok rant over, I loved you Rupert. I love that you became a part of my children's lives. I love that you cared for them and forgot to be a stuffy watcher. I watched the relationships change over the years. And, Rupert the band candy thing. Well, it was worth it. So stop beating yourself up over it. Just remember I kept feeding you chocolate. Smirk.

Ok now that my daughters and their friends are blushing or gagging. I beg you keep an eye out for my children.

Ok now that the formal stuff is out of the way I guess I cannot stall anymore. If you have notices I did not include any endnotes for Hank Summers. Note I said Hank Summers not your father Buffy. Confession time is never easy. So, here goes. Hank Summers is not your father. Your father was a Naval Commander named Timothy McGee. Buffy I am not too proud of my behavior that night but, know it was worth it to me a million times over. I got both you and Dawn from it. I suppose I should explain. Well back before you were born your father worked on a lot of defense contracts. We had to go to this big party in Washington D.C. Hank was cheating on me and I was ready to leave him. Only, we had agreed to go to this party. The couple hosting it were casual friends of your father and close friends of my family, and I did not want to leave them with an open table spot. Plus Sandra was sick and asked me to help out. She could not host the party and knew I was the only one she could trust to do so. That was sadly a mistake on her part. Hank and I went to the party. Well he flirted with his mistress all night long. I got angry and had a few too many drinks. I am afraid the commander and I feel into bed together. Fortunately for us no one noticed. When we realized what happened we both freaked out. I liked Tim he was a great guy but he had a five year old son Timmy Jr. and Sandra was pregnant with Sara. I liked her and I am ashamed I cheated with her man. I was never sorry to get you as my child Buffy. Only that I betrayed a friend. Well long story short we decided never to over step again. Tim genuinely loved his wife and a scandal would ruin his life and career. Hank decided I had only stayed late out of duty to clean up. I guess having a father that was a Marine was enough of a reason for Hank to assume I would stay and clean up. Never mind we had it catered. Tim and I decided never to tell our spouses. I agreed because Sandra was a good friend and frankly I felt Tim did not deserve to have his marriage busted up over a drunken mistake we both made. Now you might wonder why I am telling you all t his. Well Timothy Sr. and Sandra are both gone now. Sandra died in an accident when Timmy Jr. was 11 and Sara 6. Tim called me when it happened. It was that trip back east I took when you were starting first grade. Timothy Jr. let me know when his father passed. We have exchanged Christmas cards and the like for years. The thing is, they are your family and you should check up on them. Timothy works for NCIS and Sara is in college in Washington. There is no one left to be hurt by my mistakes. I know Tim told them the truth a year before he died. He set up trusts for you Buffy to help with school. Tim will have the information on that. Now for the part you won't like. They both wanted to meet you. However, Sunnydale being what it is...I could not ask them to come here. I had hoped to take you both out to meet them when I get better. However, if you are reading this my plans fell through. So, forgive me. Look them up and protect them please. They are good people and maybe they can help you both stay grounded.

Please look out for each other.

Buffy Angel was not right for you as he is to dark Riley is too weak to keep up with you. That is to say he will always resent your strength.

I love you all dearly,


P.S. Buffy Timothy has some other papers for you to check out. Please do not tell the others about those just yet.


"Buffy what do we do?" Dawn asked.