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Katara's fingers grazed over the mirror in front of her. It was several feet wide and reached upward toward the ceiling. The woman staring back at her smiled softly. Her blue eyes shone brightly contrasting against her dark skin. Dark wavy locks were loose and cascading down her shoulders. She wore nothing but silk underbindings.

"Zuko will love those." Suki's voice brought Katara back to reality.

"Sure, if he doesn't burn them." Katara smirked. "He has issues with underwear."

"Who doesn't?" Toph smirked. She wriggled her toes along the marble floor.

"You excited?" Suki grinned.

Katara nodded while fiddling with her hair. "I feel kind of sick though."

"Totally normal." Suki laughed. "I thought i was going to throw up when I married your brother."

"You think it may have been because of the fact he's Snoozles?" Toph giggled.

"I think we should rethink the frills for the bridesmaids." Suki crossed her arms.

"Whatever you say, Milky." Toph laughed. Suki's hands immediately shot up to her breasts.

"That's not funny!" Suki turned red.

"Speaking of: Where is the baby?" Katara asked.

"Taking care of his son." Suki smirked.

The three of them laughed.

"I think Sokka took Koda to see his grandpa." Suki grinned.

"No." Gran Gran walked in carrying a bundle of cloths. "I believe Chief Sokka has left his son Koda with the Fire Lord."

"Why?" Katara raised an eyebrow.

"I believe his words were 'worry about this instead' and then he ran." Gran Gran began to undo the bundle. "We must get you dressed, you're getting married in just a few hours."

A jolt went through Katara. It was a mix of joy, happiness, and scared crapless.

"You have taken your bath?" Gran Gran asked.

"Scrubbed raw." Suki answered for Katara.

"Here, help her into this." Gran Gran handed the light blue gown to Suki.

"So, how is Zuko?" Katara asked as she pulled the dress up, it got caught at her hips.

"We may have to sew you in." Suki giggled.

"Sparky's seems to be more static-y than usual." Toph grinned. "Apparently he's been quite tempermental these last few months."

"Well when you're not even able to see your fiancee." Suki frowned. "I think i'd go nuts."

"You were able to talk to him." Gran Gran pulled a needle and some thread from a nearby bag.

"Yeah until Dad stopped that." Katara frowned.

"You should have known better than to put things like that in a letter." Gran Gran began to sow the back up.

"He wasn't supposed to see it." Katara blushed. "What is with men and going through other people's mail?"

"Just your mail." Toph snickered.

"How bad could it have been?" Suki asked.

"Your father gave me a few details..." Gran Gran frowned as she pulled the thread tight.

"I pretty much spent the rest of the time training." Katara blushed.

"You finally back up to speed, cuz i want to take someone on Sugar Queen." Toph grinned.

"What about Aang?" Suki smirked.

"I think there's only one type of training she wants to do with him." Katara giggled.

"Can you move alright?" Gran Gran asked, ignoring the tell tale blush on Toph.

Katara wriggled a little. "Yeah."

"Hmm, i didn't do it tight enough." Gran Gran frowned.

"Where's Sokka?" Zuko stomped through the halls. He growled at anyone who dared cross his path. He looked down with his most evil sneer and was greeted by a giggle. "How did I get stuck with you, Koda?"

The little boy blew a drool bubble.


"I like it." Suki twirled slightly. The light lavender gown reached the ground, a darker purple belt pulled the dress tight. It had a halter top, designed with the fire nation's heat in mind.

"It's kind of tight." Toph frowned as she moved around in an identical dress. Her hair was designed in extravagant loops that mimicked Yue's.

"Come here sweetie." Gran Gran motioned for Suki. Suki sat on the chair in front of the old woman, giving better access to her hair. "THere's not much we can do..." Gran Gran sighed.

"We could leave it down." Suki shrugged.

"Are you getting married?" Gran Gran asked.


"Then up it is." Gran Gran pulled the top part of her hair back into a ponytail, mimicking Sokka's wolftail.

"Mine has to be down." Katara smiled. "After Zuko marries me i get to put it up."

"Does he get to pick your hairstyle too?" Toph rolled her eyes.

"Traditionally speaking-" Gran Gran started.

"I'm wearing it like I used to before the comet. Like when we were in the Fire Nation. It has to be up so i can be crowned Fire Lady."

"So when does that take place?" Suki asked as Gran Gran braided some of her hair hanging by her face.

"About an hour or so after the marriage ceremony." Katara ran her fingers through her hair.

"So why the hair down?" Toph asked.

"The bride should be freshly bathed, clean and unadorned by make up or any beauty enhancers. She must be pure." Gran Gran frowned. "Sometime the bride can break a rule or two but the men are quite adament about it when it's a princess."

"So...Zuko's bracelet?" Suki turned to Katara.

"I told Pakku and Chief Arnook if they really wanted to get it from me then they could try." Katara crossed her arms, her bracelet glingting in the light. "And that i did need to practice my bloodbending."

A gentle breeze blew through the crowd. At the top of the alter stood the Fire Lord in his ceremonial robes. To his left stood Chief Sokka in a similar red robes. The Fire Lord stood rigid and stoic while the Chief grinned.

"You want me to go get a bucket?" Sokka whispered to Zuko.

Zuko shook his head slightly. He eyed the crowd of people before him. His mother seemed to have invited every person in existence.

"Who would have thought that after all these years I would be standing by your side as your best man." Sokka continued to grin.

"Your lucky I couldn't find Haru, after you dumped Koda on me." Zuko whispered.

"Speaking of," Sokka looked through the crowd. "Where is my son?"

Zuko shrugged.

The sound of a lone sunghi horn announced the beginning of the ceremony. Everyone rose from their chairs and turned to see several young girls in violet robes walking down the pathway that led up to the alter. The young girls spread petals of fire lillies and panda lillies. A few moments later Toph and Suki walked down the aisle. THe top part of Suki's hair was pulled back while two braids framed her face. Their violet robes were accented by jewels adorning their ears and braided in their hair. A few moments later Katara came into view, her arm interlooped with Hakoda's. She wore a light strapless blue gown that had a train of four feet. A white fur shawl clasped just underneath her necklace and draped down to her midback. At her waist was a fur belt that also descended downward to midthigh. Her Hair was down with a veil held in place with a single piece of thread that was nearly invisible. Hakoda wore a ceremonial blue robe. White fur was adorned around the collar and belt. Katara's eyes looked forward to the man she hadn't seen for almost a year.

Zuko's eyes widened at the image in front of him. His heart beat wildly in his chest. He was going to get married today, to Katara. He gulped and was immediately elbowed by Sokka; who grinned at him. Zuko took a deep breath and tried to calm himself.

Katara nearly giggled to herself. Zuko looked about ready to faint. She felt her cheeks tense from the strain of smiling overlong but she couldn't help the silly grin. She looked over the crowd to see so many familiar faces. King Bumi was giving her a thumbs up in his purple robes. Aunt Wu nodded at her in a knowing way. Toph's mother was wiping a tear away, while Gran Gran held a giggling Koda. Hue had managed to don pants for the occassion. Longshot nodded at her. Teo grinned. Ty Lee waved energetically almost bowling over Haru. Mai shook her head at the energetic girl. Azula seemed almost bored with the situation until prodded by her mother. Tam just nodded at her.

Zuko walked down the steps of the alter, stopping feet in front of Hakoda. Hakoda and Zuko bowed at each other. Hakoda took Katara's hands and kissed her forhead. Zuko took a step forward and Hakoda placed Katara's hands into Zuko's. Katara smiled up at Zuko and he tried to take a deep breath. A silly grin filled his face. Zuko gripped Katara's left hand and led her up the steps of the alter where a Fire Sage waited for them. The sage began to speak about family, and two cultures coming together but Katara barely heard a word of it. She held onto Zuko's hands. His fingers were caressing her own as he smiled down at her.

It took a moment for Katara to realize the Fire Sage had stopped talking. She turned with Zuko and faced the Fire Nation and their guests. They both bowed. She was now Fire Nation. She was now Zuko's wife.

It was less than an hour later before she stood at the alter again. THis time her veil was gone and her hair was pulled into her old Fire Nation style. A Fire Sage was standing over her; Zuko standing next to her. She knelt before the Fire Sage.

"All hail, Fire Lady Katara!" The sage announced as the crown was placed in her hair. Katara stood and immediately Zuko's hand found hers. She squeezed it as she looked out upon the crowd.

"SIS!" Katara turned toward her loud brother. "I can't believe you're married!" He pulled her into a tight hug and whirled her around, the train wrapping around them. He wobbled for a moment and set her back down.

"And to think, you have relatives in the Fire Nation now." Katara giggled as he tried to unwrap the fabric.

"Hey, this is enemy territory," Sokka grinned. "You're an enemy sister now."

"What does that make me?" Zuko walked up eyeing Sokka who had finally managed to unwrap himself.

"Enemy brother." Sokka straightened up. "Though i'm thinking that has more to do with the fact you were scr-"

"Fire Lord Zuko." Chief Hakoda nodded as he walked past a few other guests. "I need to borrow my daughter for a moment."

"Do i get her back in the next year?" Zuko smirked.

"It's the father daughter dance." Katara smiled as she picked up her train.

"The what now?" Zuko watched as they walked out toward a part of the floor designated for dancing.

"Father-daughter dance." Sokka explained. "It's the first dance after being married. Then you and Katara dance."

"Sounds fun." Zuko grimaced.

"Oh, and before I forget." Sokka pulled Zuko close. "You hurt my sister and you have to deal with me."

"I wouldn't." Zuko stated. He paused. "What in the hell can you do that Katara can't."

"Sic a whole Water Tribe on you." Sokka grinned.

"She can." Zuko said.

"Not officially."

"Oh there you are!" Toph's voice came from behind them. "Hide me from Twinkletoes, will ya?"

"Why would we do that?" ZUko asked as she shoved past them.

"He's been soooo lovey dovey today. And touchy!" Toph turned toward them.

"I'm gonna have to say it's your outfit." Sokka snickered. Zuko turned red.

"What's that supposed to mean Snoozles?" Toph pinched onto a few hairs of Sokka's small beard, pulling him down.

"OW!" Sokka tried to pull away. "Ask Zuko!"
"Why do you keep putting things like this onto me?" Zuko grimaced.

"Spill Sparky." Toph turned her head in his direction.

"You've grown up and the dress shows it." Zuko tried.

"What's that mean?"

"You look hott." Sokka pulled away from her grip.

"Really?" Toph smirked. "Look out world, the world's greatest earthbender is hott!"

"Toph!" Aang's voice floated over the crowd.

"Oh brother." Toph sighed.

"Toph!" Aang sped toward them at unnatural speeds. He pulled her into a tight hug, his orange Avatar robes billowing around them.

"Avatar." Zuko nodded at him. Aang turned toward him.

"Fire Lord." Aang nodded.

"Chief." Sokka did a dramatic pose while pointing at himself.

"Will you two grow up already?" Toph sighed.

"I think we are being civil enough." Zuko frowned.

"Oh please, i've seen cat-badgers and dog-coons get along better." Toph laughed, punching Zuko in the arm. "Cheer up, in two hours you will be far away from here."

"What do you mean?" Sokka asked.

"We're going to Ember Island for the week." Zuko grinned.

"Good times." Sokka smiled.

"Yeah..." Zuko smirked.

"Quit thinking about my sister!" Sokka turned red.

"I think i'm allowed to." Zuko let out a rare chuckle.

"Toph let's get something to eat." Aang grabbed onto Toph's hand. "See you Sokka..." he paused as he looked at Zuko. "see ya Zuko."

"Bye Ava-" Sokka elbowed Zuko. "Aang."

"I realize that things suck between the two of you, but maybe you can cut the guy some slack." Sokka frowned.

"Are you serious?" ZUko asked. "The jerk-"

"Yeah, he's a jerk, we all know it and believe it or not, we have given him all sorts of hell about it. Actually Toph has been running him ragged about it." Sokka walked over to a table. "He's finally over Katara and really making a difference lately." He handed a cup of wine to Zuko.

"I won't forgive him." Zuko ground out.

"I wouldn't either." Sokka took a drink. "But it doesn't mean you guys can't get along."

They both turned to see the dance ending. Hakoda gave a small kiss on Katara's forehead before letting her go.

"I mean, things worked out in the end." Sokka said as Katara turned to look for Zuko. For a moment Zuko caught Hakoda's eye. He barely saw the tear before Hakoda turned and gave his daughter one last hug.

Sokka grinned and elbowed ZUko. ZUko turned to see Aang and Toph making out in a corner.

"I think i could have gone all night without seeing that." Zuko grimaced.

"It seems like forever since we were last here." Katara sighed as she sat on the beach watching the waves roll again. The waves were a dark blue against the orange dusk.

"It has been forever." Zuko sat next to her, pulling her close.

"I should thank Toph for that firewhiskey sometime." Katara smiled as she leaned in, kissing Zuko's lips.

"I think that's a good idea." He kissed her slowly.

"Maybe we should get her some Firewhiskey." Katara pulled Zuko into the sand.

"Ugh, please. I do not need to be thinking about them right now." Zuko rolled onto his back.

"How about we think about something else." Katara crawled on top of Zuko, her long dress covering him.

Zuko's hands wrapped his hands around her waist. "Like what, Fire Lady?"

Katara smiled, a faint blush going across her cheeks. "About how i'm now your wife." Katara layed against his chest. "And to the Southern Water Tribe that means I have certain duties."

"But now you're Fire Nation." Zuko held her cheek. "So that means you should just be happy."

"I am." She kissed him deeply. His hands massaged her hips, moving up and down from her back to her butt. She sighed softly against his lips.

"We should get inside." Zuko smiled.

"I thought no one was allowed on this part of the beach." Katara smirked. Zuko's eyes widened. She ground into him lightly to prove her point. Zuko turned his head both ways, attempting to see in the darkening light. He pulled her even closer and kissed her lips. She pulled at her dress, as Zuko's fingers travelled up her legs.

"Are you wearing anything underneath this?" Zuko asked, touching bare skin.

"I took them off when we were on the boat earlier." Katara winked. She began to pull at his robes. It wasn't long before she was straddling him with him inside of her. She moaned while her inner walls tightened against him, adjusting to his length and girth.

"...Katara." Zuko moaned. Katara looked down at him with hooded eyes. Her hips moving in a slow and steady pace. She gasped as he seemed to grow bigger inside of her. Zuko grasped her hips in an attempt to get more friction. She grasped the edges of his robes as a wave of pleasure rolled over her. Zuko tossed his head back in the sand, his topknot coming updone. Katara's thighs tightened against his own as another wave hit her. Zuko's nails began to dig into her hips. He looked into her blue eyes, his golden ones shining. He pulled her head down to his to kiss her.

Katara gapsed again as she felt him pull her hips down against himself. She grinded into him in an agonizingly slow pace. Zuko groaned.

"Katara," He began. She kissed him, smiling. She allowed him to guide her hips to his peak. He came with a loud groan, warmness spreading inside of her. She continued to ride out her own peak.

She slowed on top of him, coming to a halt. Katara ran her fingers through his loose hair.

"Can i keep you?" Zuko asked in a whisper.

"Forever and ever." She whispered as she kissed him.

The End.

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