Title: You're My First, My Last, My Everything
Author: Sapphire Smoke
Beta(s): tamswitter on LJ & alassante on LJ (chapter 5 only)
Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles
Rating: M (for future chapters)
Pairing: Jane/Maura
Summary: The first time is always the easiest to remember, but the hardest to get to.
A/N: First Rizzoli & Isles fic! I found there just isn't enough 'first time' fics for this fandom (that I've seen anyway - most tend to have an already established relationship between our two girls) and since that is my writing fetish I decided to give it a shot. I'm incredibly long winded though and like to draw shit out, so this will probably be a long one lol. And I know the title is sap!fest but my creativity in titling is lacking today, haha.

First Attraction

The first time Maura looked at Jane as anything other than a friend, was at the Fourth of July picnic.

The entire Boston Police Department held the event and it was filled with good food, great games, and even better drinks. The sun beat down heavily on their shoulders as a light, yet persistent breeze washed through the trees, reminding them all that summer was in its prime. It was a beautiful day.

Maura's sitting on a blanket that's spread out on the crisp grass, one leg tucked underneath her while the other lay by its side, her heel on the verge of slipping off her foot entirely. She squints through her sunglasses as she sips her margarita, eyes searching the field for any sign of Jane. She was supposed to meet her there.

It has been almost an hour though and so far the brunette was a no show. Maura sighs a little, feeling the disappointment settle in her chest from her friend's absence. After putting down her drink, she starts fishing through her purse in attempt to find her phone. Maybe something happened.

She dials Jane's number from memory before gracefully moving her hair off her shoulder and placing the phone to her ear. Jane picks up on the first ring. "I'm almost there," she answers without a hello.

"Did you get lost?" Maura asked, a hint of a tease behind her voice. She can almost hear Jane smile on the other end of the phone.

"There was this strange phenomenon called traffic."

Maura smiles, cradling the phone between her shoulder and her ear while she settles her back against the tree behind her, "That does sound strange, considering no one else found themselves stuck in it but you. The traffic's all at the waterfront right now."

That makes Jane pause, and Maura congratulates herself on rendering her friend speechless for a moment while she calls her on her lie. "Where were you, really?" Maura asks.

The pause is longer this time, then finally: "Ma forced me into shopping. It was horrendous."

Maura tries to stifle a laugh, but finds she can barely contain it. Jane's mother taking her shopping always ended in Jane wearing things she normally wouldn't be caught dead in. "Oh, I can't wait," she teases her.

"Shut up."

Maura blinks as she hears an echo of that last sentence and she turns around; looking around the tree to see Jane standing there, looking like she feels very awkward in her brand new sundress. Jane narrows her eyes and points a finger warningly at Maura, "Don't. Say. A. Word."

But if Jane was expecting her to laugh or make fun of her, she was mistaken. In fact, the first thought that came to Maura was 'Wow.' The dress showed off her long, slender legs and the color even complimented her toned thighs, showing every ripple of muscle as she struggles to sit down on the blanket next to Maura without flashing the entire field. The dress hugged her curves in a very complementary fashion, accenting both her hips and the curve of her breasts. Maura found herself staring before she could help herself.

"Can you quit looking at me like I'm a freak of nature? I've already gotten to that page," Jane asks, annoyance filtering through her voice.

"I'm… not," Maura struggles to say, almost fumbling over the words. It must be the sun, because Jane looks like she's glowing. She could very well be the most beautiful thing Maura has ever seen.

That thought makes her flush a little though, not knowing where it came from, and she averts her eyes and picks her margarita back up, trying to not make it obvious that she just checked her out. "You look nice," she tells her, then takes a sip of her drink to try to stifle anymore stray thoughts that might feel the need to fall out of her mouth without warning.

"Very funny."

"No, I mean it," Maura insists, looking back over at her. But when their eyes catch, Maura suddenly feels a little strange and decides to break the eye contact again. She clears her throat, trying to get out of the awkward phase she had found herself in. "What's the occasion?"

Jane sighs, rubbing her temples like she's trying to stifle a forthcoming migraine. "Take a guess." But before she allows Maura to answer she reaches out, grabbing the medical examiner's margarita. "And give me some of that."

Maura lets her take the glass, watching Jane swallow what's left of the frozen cocktail like it's a shot. "You're going to get Spheno Palatine Gangleoneuralgia that way," she informs her.

"What?" Jane asks, right before wincing and holding her head. "Shit, ow."

"Brain freeze," Maura explains, though obviously a little too late. "It's the result of your blood vessels in your stomach constricting when put in contact with cold fluids too fast. Which is interesting, actually, because the pain is diverted from your stomach to a nerve in your head which—"

"Maura," Jane says flatly, still holding her head in pain. "Please shut up." She was obviously in no mood to hear any medical facts at the moment.

"Give me your thumb," Maura tells her, holding out her hand.


"Your thumb; give it to me," Maura repeats as she takes Jane's hand before guiding her thumb into her mouth. "Press and hold the roof of your mouth. The heat from your fingertip should warm the sensitive spot that can trigger it."


"And don't talk," Maura tells her with a pointed look as she holds Jane's hand still, knowing her friend's tendency to be stubborn. Jane's response is the narrowing of her eyes, but she relents and lets Maura help her. They make eye contact, Maura's hands wrapped around hers, and Maura feels her stomach do a little flip. She clears her throat again, and after thirty seconds, she let's go of Jane's hands. "Feel better?" she asks, averting her eyes for a moment while she picks invisible lint off of the blanket.

Jane makes a face at having to have had her own hand in her mouth and grabs a napkin to wipe it off before responding, "Yeah. Thanks." She crumples up the napkin and throws it onto the blanket carelessly, which makes Maura make a face and daintily pick it up with two fingers before placing it in a bag she's already designated for trash.

She's trying to distract herself from the endless theories about her newfound reactions to Jane that are running rampant in her mind, seemingly only drawing to one, logical conclusion that Maura really doesn't want to dwell on at the moment.

"So," Maura starts, trying not to seem at all awkward as she gets back to the conversation prior to the brain freeze incident, "Your mother is hoping you find a man at this picnic, I take it?" Maura wishes that didn't come out sounding so bitter. What is happening to her?

She also wishes she wasn't becoming so aware of what's going on. Ignorance is definitely bliss; there is no question about that after today.

Jane scoffs, adding a slight eye roll for effect. "You know my Ma; she's always on my case about that. No matter how many times I tell her I'm not gonna date a man from work, or a man from her church, or a man who's seen what her 'bottom line' is before my own—"

"Wait, what?" Maura interrupts, eyebrows rising in slight horror. "Did she try to set you up with someone she dated before her and your father got together?"

"What? No! Maura, that's sick," Jane responds, pulling a disgusted face. "I meant her gynecologist." There's a pause as she weighs that up against the previous assumption. "Not like that's any better."

Maura's inclined to agree.

Jane continues her rant though, "I mean, so what if I'd rather be working than at home, raising a family? I have a hectic life because of my job and the last thing I even have time for is a man and the many ways he'll need his ego stroked." Jane scoffs a little at the mere thought of it and reaches into Maura's picnic basket, taking out a grape and popping it into her mouth. "Besides," she goes on, still chewing the grape, "she goes on and on about how I need someone to love and protect me, when frankly I got all the protection I need right here." She pats her thigh, which makes Maura notice the distinctive bulge.

"You strapped your gun to your thigh?" Maura asks, though she shouldn't be surprised.

Jane smirks and hikes the bottom of her dress up a little to expose her firm, supple thigh that's holstering her weaponry. "Well where else would I keep it?"

Maura doesn't have an answer for that, but probably because she's staring at Jane's thigh. Probably for a bit longer than she needed to be, too.

"Maura?" Silence. "Maura!" Jane snaps her fingers in her friend's face, who shakes herself out of her staring contest with the curves of Jane's legs and instead looks up her face, a bit sheepish. "You spaced out on me," Jane tells her, amusement in her voice. "The sun getting to you?"

"Yeah, I guess," Maura replies, deciding that the heat was more than likely affecting her sense of perception, which is causing this whole ordeal in the first place. Not that Jane is aware of the ordeal though, seeing as it seems to only being running amok in Maura's head. "Sorry," she apologizes, looking up at her friend and giving her a reassuring smile. "I knew I should have worn a hat or something," she finishes, subconsciously touching her hair.

"And completely offset your entire outfit?" Jane asks, her voice higher than normal.

Maura narrows her eyes. "You're mocking me."

"A little," Jane answers, a teasing grin forming on her lips. Maura purses her lips together, trying not to smile as she lightly shoves her.

"Here," Maura says, reaching into her picnic basket to grab her a sandwich. She hands it to her and says, "I made you your favorite."

"You spoil me," Jane says with a grin as she grabs it, unwrapping the foil from around it before taking a bite.

"Well, you don't want a man to do it so I guess that responsibility now lies on your friends' shoulders," Maura tells her with a little half smile, looking at her under her eyelashes. She then realizes how flirty that could be construed and quickly averts her eyes as she grabs her own sandwich.

Jane doesn't notice Maura's behavior though. She holds up her sandwich to accent her point as she says, food still her mouth, "Exactly. I don't need a man; I have you."

Maura wishes her stomach didn't do a tiny flip at that sentence.

"Hey Rizzoli, what's with the dress, you got a date after this?"

Jane's response to Korsak's friendly teasing was with her middle finger as she chews her food. "Eat me," she responds after she's swallowed.

Korsak holds up his hands in surrender. "Hey, it was only a question." He nods at her in acknowledgement, "You look nice."

"Ha, ha."

"She doesn't know how to take a compliment," Maura tells Korsak, feeling like she needs to explain Jane's self conscious behavior.

"Hey, I can take a compliment!" Jane protests. "I just resent being mocked."

Korsak and Maura share a look, but neither says anything, not finding it worth it to argue. Changing the subject, Korsak tells her, "There's a softball game starting soon. Frost wanted to me to check on the teams."

"I'm in," Jane says. "Maura?" she asks, looking at her.

"Yeah, I'll play."

"Alright, I'll let him know," Korsak says, but he pauses before turning to walk away. "You do look nice, Jane."

Jane rolls her eyes. "Whatever," she mumbles, a bit agitated.

Korsak looks at Maura again, who just shrugs helplessly before he finally turns and walks away. Jane takes another big bite of her sandwich, stuffing her mouth and looking a little irritated. Maura doesn't say anything for awhile, and they both eat in silence. Once they both finish their sandwiches though, Maura decides to ask something that she's been wondering ever since Jane said her mom made her wear the dress.


"Mmm?" Jane acknowledges, looking up at her as she shoves her trash into the bag.

"Now, don't get mad… but I have a question."

"Well that's a great opener, Maura," Jane responds sarcastically.

"I mean it!"

Jane just sighs, once again irritation setting in. "What?"

"Your mother made you buy and wear the dress to attract a man, right? But you don't want a man, so why are you still wearing it if it's making you feel uncomfortable? I know you keep a spare change of clothes in your trunk."

Jane opens her mouth to respond, but nothing comes out for a moment. Maura raises her eyebrows and Jane closes her mouth and begins to look increasingly uncomfortable before she snaps defensively, "It's hot out, alright?"

"Alright," Maura starts in a voice filled with surrender on the subject, seeing as it's obviously a sensitive one for some reason. "I was just—"

"It's too fucking hot for slacks," Jane snaps again, interrupting her. "I don't want to be analyzed."

"I wasn't analyzing you!" Maura hastily responds. "Why are you getting upset with me?"

"I'm not upset."

She's obviously upset.

Actually she's… embarrassed? Maura notices a slight blush coloring Jane's cheeks and her eyes widen a little. Did Jane actually dress up for someone? Who?


"Stop what?" Maura asks, perplexed by the request.

"Stop looking at me like that."

"I'm not looking at you like anything, Jane. I was just looking at you," Maura tells her, starting to get a little irritated as well at Jane just snapping at her like that over a simple question.

Jane doesn't say anything, but she doesn't look at her either.

Maura takes a breath, trying to calm this whole situation down. "Hey, Jane? Look at me," she says, reaching out and putting her hand on top of the brunette's, which is resting on the blanket. Jane looks down at her hand, and then back up at her face. Maura looks her in the eyes and says sincerely, "I wasn't trying to analyze you. If it's too hot to wear slacks than that's fine. And… I'm glad you wore the dress. You…" she pauses, a little hesitant of what she's going to say next, but decides to continue being sincere and tells her, "You look really amazing right now."

Jane looks a little shocked at how honestly that came out of Maura's mouth, but then she makes a little face of defiance before looking down at the blanket. "It's just a stupid dress."

"Yeah? Well you look beautiful in that 'stupid dress'" Maura tells her honestly, but firmly. She isn't about to take any more back talk about it.

Jane's silent for a moment as she looks at Maura's hand on top of hers. When she does finally look up and meet her eyes, she gives her a little apologetic smile and mumbles, "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Maura says, squeezing Jane's hand a little before letting go of it. "Can you stop being cranky now?"

"Yeah. Sorry," Jane says, still seeming a little uncomfortable as she tries to shrug it off. She purses her lips together before she looks out across the field. "We should probably go see what's up with the softball game."

Maura looks out at the field, then back at Jane. "You go. Let me clear this away and I'll catch up," she tells her, motioning to their little picnic area.

"You sure? I can help."

"No, it's fine. Really. I'll see you out there in a minute, okay?"

Jane wrinkles her brow, but relents. "Alright," she says, getting herself off the ground. "I'll save you a spot on my team," she tells her with a smile.

"You better," Maura says, returning her smile before she watches Jane walk off in the opposite direction.

Maura sighs a little to herself, watching the sun illuminate every ridiculously attractive curve of Jane's body as she walks away. God, she's in so much trouble right now.

She knows how attraction works; how all of a sudden you can look at someone one way, and then the next day they're something completely different in your eyes. It's random and it's spontaneous and it sure as hell isn't planned, but it also can't be stopped. And it's hard, it's so hard especially when that person is your friend; when they're your best friend.

All Maura can hope for right now is that she'll be able to suppress it, because even if Jane doesn't want a man, it definitely doesn't mean that she'll want a woman instead.