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Draco's Desire for Mother's Love by HPFangirl71

The sound of lace on black taffeta swished alluringly as she entered the room. She was dressed head to toe in a French maid's uniform just as he'd requested of her. Her legs were shown off brilliantly in fishnet stockings and the short skirt of the kinky costume. He had an incestuous fetish for her and the sexy sight before him made his cock twitch with hungry desire.

"Master Malfoy… I 'ave come to please you." she said in a seductive fake French accent.

He smiled up at her and his need for her grew. She was lovelier than usual dressed up in the sexy maid's uniform. How lucky it was that father had been sent away to Azkaban leaving her here, alone and vulnerable. He was the man of the house and he would finally have his way with her as he'd always dreamed. She was perfect; all but her eyes, which appeared glassy and dazed by the effects of the Imperius curse he'd been forced to place upon her.

Draco watched as the woman who'd once tucked him into bed at night, now approached him in a purely sensual nature. He'd dreamt of this moment for so long, many a night spent wanking over the fantasy of his mother's blissful touch. She leaned in to rake her fingers lovingly through his silvery-blonde locks and her voluptuous breasts taunted him.

He pushed her down upon silken sheets and his lips descended upon her moist mouth. Her response was one of pure lust, making him want her even more. He felt a tightening within his jeans as his erection grew. He ground it hard into her thigh. She let out a moan of desire and her hands reached up to grasp at his naked chest.

Within moments he had her completely naked, her soft skin pressing against his own. He wanted her so badly and she was so perfectly pliable, ready to do his bidding. He felt her fingers wrapped around his cock as his own invaded her tender heat. Her ensuing moans only spurred him on in his evil endeavors

"Oh my… Draco… Please… I need you." she whispered breathlessly as her body writhed in the pleasurable pain of her impending orgasm.

At her begging, he sunk his cock deep within her tightness, gasping at the thrill of finally being one with her. He felt his pleasure building with each rough thrust within her moist confines. Inevitably, he felt the release of his cock into her lovely body and knew he'd finally won against his father. He smiled maliciously at the thought.

He again captured her lips as he cradled her within his tender embrace. She would no longer be his father's alone to claim. No, after tonight, she would truly belong to him. Yes, his fetish had gotten the best of him and the fertility potion he'd slipped her at dinner would make certain she stayed his forevermore….