This is actually suppose to be a multi-chapter fic, but it depends on how I feel and if I can get it to really go anywhere. I have the middle and ending pretty much thought up but it'll probably change as I go on. It all depends on how the beginning goes. Well enjoy and reviews are much appreciated.

Beyond Broken part 1

(Daxter's POV)

The acidic air really sucks here, I'm used to it, I really shouldn't be complaining but the thing is I have to complain about something. It's encoded into my very DNA y'know. So I'm sitting up on my side kicks shoulder just complaining, and thankfully he ain't getting' pissy yet.

With how today's been going I'm surprised I haven't been slapped on the back of the head in scolding at least once already. Jak, the real hero is walking along gun drawn while I chatter away in his ear. We're on another pointless life threatening mission, joy, joy.

We've been in worse places at least, so I can't complain too much about it, that's why I decided to set my sights on the air around us.

No one has bothered to attack us yet, must be afraid of Orange Lightning, or the big ass gun Jak has. I think they're more afraid of me though.

"Mmmmnnn…" I mutter my body laying over his shoulder plate my arms draped down lazily. "This is boring Jak, when can we go home?"

"Not till we get that device," Jak stated trekking along without a complaint.

"Jaaaaak…" I whine slipping off his shoulder to land on my feet gracefully, cause I'm just that good. I stick my hands in my pockets and trail after him. If I don't walk I'm going to fall asleep on his shoulder then slip off and face plant on the ground, and probably break my nose. "This sucks, I at least want a little action for once."

"You hardly ever like going into the battle field Dax," Jak stated his blue eyes scanning the area ahead as he gave me a side long glance. "It's as if we've somehow ended up in a different dimension."

"Weird isn't it? We must be in the Twilight zone…an I don't mean the book series…" I muttered taking in the sights around me, ain't much to gawk at here neither. This place is barren and completely void of life, I'm pretty sure Jak coulda left his gun at home.

My ears suddenly perk as I hear something move, an it sounds like claws are scrapping against the earth. My fur rises up just at the mere sound, sounds like something's stalkin' us…

Now I really want to be by my pal's side, on all fours I rush to his side leaping up and landing on his shoulder. "Jak…"

"I know…" He murmurs back to me. His finger on the trigger of the gun and I feel his muscles tense under me, he's ready for it.

"It's big Jak," my voice hissing out of my throat as my ears twitch nervously. "It's a big bugger…an we're being stalked by it…" He knows, I know he knows but I have to tell him, I have to know that I'm not gong crazy.

Whatever it is, it's big…real big I gulp and duck right behind his ear, half burying myself in his short strands of green-blond hair. Every part of me that is animal instincts is screamin' at me to hit the high road and get the hell outta Dodge.

It never made an entrance, not at first and not for a while. We'd managed to cover quite a bit of ground before that monster busted outta the brush roaring and salivating ready to eat us both. I screamed when I saw the thing, it had just busted out of nowhere and just when I was calming down again. Jerk.

My claws dug into Jak's scalp but he was to busy blasting at the beast to really pay attention. I hung on as best as I could my claws eventually slipping from his goggles. I slammed down on my usual perch my insides bouncing together. Aghhh…my mouth hung open wide as the air whooshed from my lungs, I gagged pupils shrinking I claw weakly to get a grip on his shoulder plate but I couldn't manage it. Pathetic right?

Hello ground, oof! I face plant, something I'd been trying to avoid all day. Just can't go my way can it. My limbs fall to my side as I lay there and gasp. Jak's too busy to notice and the monster is too busy trying to kill Jak. At least that gives me enough time to get moving, my limbs numb and my lungs burning.

"What a wonderful distraction that beast provides…" New voice, new very scary and threatening voice! With eyes as big as saucers I turn to look at who'd said that. Towering over me is a guy with jet black hair going just past his ears in length, some o' the long strands of hair are pulled back slightly to keep it outta his face. There's one strand however that arches over his forehead and in front of his eye, the tip barely resting against his cheek, I hold in a laugh. Doesn't seem like a guy I wanna piss off. The rest o' him doesn't look as funny, he's wearing a simple green tunic really, but the thing latched to his hip is what's got me extremely troubled. That's the part that doesn't look so simple.

Latched to his side was a noose attached to a stick…a restraining device for animals. My throat suddenly becomes dry, there ain't nothin' out here but that big monster my pal's still fighting right now. Like hell he could catch and restrain that monster with that wimpy thing, he couldn't even get it around the freakin' things neck! No as I stare at it, it seems to get more and more ottsel sized. That noose would fit just right over my head an' then tighten around my neck, my fingerless-gloved hands unconsciously go to my throat and I rub there in worry.

"Ah, you ain't a dumb one I see," the man stated grinning at me wickedly. Move legs move! Dammit where is Jak! Oh yea still risking his life to kill that giant monster. I'm on my own whether I like it or not at the moment.

He advances before I'm able to even scurry an inch back. "Don't try to run…" he had a very sad look on his face, too bad cream puff, puppy dog eyes don't work on Orange Lightning, especially when you trying to capture me! Everything is still numb though, my lungs still haven't been able to get a good amount o' air into them.

My teeth gritted as he unlatches that fiendish device resting so prone at his hip. I hate him already…an' I'm not going with him if I can help it! Forcing myself to stand I begin to back up keeping him just within my sights to not run into him. The other thing in my sights is Jak, he seems to be doing just fine. The monster is on the ground right now pawing at it's face where it's been hit.

Nice try! Tryin' to get me while I'm distracted you jerk! He lunges again, not even fazed by his failure and slams the device just next to me. I eep and take off scrambling around the musty ground and dogging left and right to and fro. This guy's a pro though where I zag he zigs and almost gets me each time. Definitely been around the block more than once already, I'd been impressed if he wasn't trying to capture me for who knows what!

Jak's too busy to ask for help and now I know I really need it. This guy's a pro and I'm not match for him. Hey, I know half the time I BS that I'm the most amazing freakin' thing ever since bottled water but I need help dammit!

I yell in horror as I see the loop just in front of me, which untimely means it's all around me, the actual shout that came from my throat sounded more like an animal than me. A trapped animal. I freeze up in horror and that's when he tightens it around my throat, tightly too tightly, I gag and gasp.

"Sorry," your not sorry! "Forgot how frail yer tender throat is." I'll show you tender throat! He jostles me suddenly, laughing his ass off. When Jak gets done with that beast over there he'll totally kick your ass, so just laugh it up.

"You'll be sorry ya asshole!," I hiss clawing at the device around my throat. I jerk back and forth helplessly and all he does is tightens the muscles in his arm to stop me from even moving an inch in any direction. Great, I'm screwed.

"Daxter!" I look over to Jak and I'm pretty sure my eyes must be sparkling in happiness. Then I realize he's still fighting the monster and can't get away from it to save my skinny ass. I get jostled again for good measure and I gasp in pain as the stick prods my throat viciously. I betcha it's going to bruise…good thing I got fur, won't be as noticeable. Then I had the sudden sinking feeling that this was going to be the first of many bruises…and scratches…and pain in general.

"Jak look out!" he's too busy staring at me to notice the monster coming in for a killing hit with it's huge freakin' paws. It wasn't enough and my pal goes flying through the air his head slamming into a nearby rock. My eyes widened and I pull against my restraint so viciously and with such blind panic I almost knock that a'hole off his feet. He even had to use his other hand to stop me from going any farther. "JAK!"

He doesn't move, doesn't even look like he's breathing and my ears droop. I shake my head, Jak can't be dead. He can't! He's the flippin' protagonist for Pete's sake! He can't die! Not like this…a voice in my head whispers to me. He can't die like this..My breath gets caught in my throat as the monster approaches him, it's hungry…it's going to eat my pal, cause it's hungry! I can't let that happen! I know I'm no match for that monster but…I yank at my restraints, I have to do something!

"LET ME GO!" I scream at the top of my lungs when Jak doesn't respond to anything. "YOU BASTARD LET ME GO!" White hot light pumps through my vision as electricity dances across my fur and into my body. I scream as my knees buckle and I fall to the ground. Everything twitches, this a'hole actually shocked me! But at the moment it isn't about me…it's about Jak, Jak who's not moving and looks dead. Who could very well be dead…

"Wow, feisty, didn't think I'd have to use the shock on ya," the man stated with awe, I wanted to punch his freakin' face in right now as I lay there. "Ya have such determination to reach your master don'tcha?"

My brow furrows at that, nobody's my master, not even Jak. The blond is my friend! My best friend! Not my master! "He's my friend…" I hiss through clenched teeth as pain still rears through my body. My eyes suddenly dart back to my fallen pal and they widened as I begin to scream my lungs off again. That monster is poised over Jak ready to eat him, no! My claws scrap against the ground as I try to pull myself up.

"Oi! Beast, get over here, leave that alone, y'don't know where is been!" the man ordered the beast, his beast…this was all a set up! It listens obediently and trots up to us, where I get a full view of just how huge this mo fo is…'bout the size of a small house. Then I feel myself being dropped into a cage before I can really 'appreciate' just how large and intimidating the beastie is.

My hands clench the bars as I watch Jak get tinier and tinier in the distance. I perk my ears and my eyes widen, was that just a sign of life? No…My ears can only droop as I watch the wind ruffle his hair, the only thing that looked alive and it was just mother nature playing a prank on me…She totally went to the same bitchin' school as fate and karma…