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"Mahoni gave me these," Kitchi explained as he gently wrapped my side with cloth bandages, the side that had been tazed. My ears perked slightly, who was Mahoni? "She's the vet here."

Ah, is he a mind reader or something?

"So why is she workin' in such a swell place like this?" I muttered looking around our cell, from what the rest of the place looked like, seem they didn't stray too far from the grime and rust look. Probably can't get much business in a place like this.

He tore the wrapping with his teeth fastening it to my side and patting it gently for good measure before replying. "It's her father's business, it's more of a forced labor anyhow."

"So even humans get the crappy life here?" Kit nodded before standing up and hiding away the bandages. Probably wasn't allowed to have anything remotely human in here, the book must be a very large stretch, since they're disturbed by Kit wantin' to read.

"Yup, oh, you'll have to remove those before Henous returns. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you don't want to get into trouble."

I wanted to say anymore than I already am, but I figured it didn't matter and nodded. The bandages actually did ease off the pain, were they laced with green eco? Then something hit me.

"Ya mean that jackass' name is Henous?" Kit nodded and my eyes narrowed. Good now I actually have a legal name I can put down on my list. After a few minutes of silence, very uncomfortable silence, I decided to speak up.

"So what's Mahoni like?" I asked trailing off, looking up at the grimy ceiling.

"She's very kind," I heard Kit murmur as he went about his business tidying the place up. I'm sure it's something to do, to keep his mind off of where he is and just how crappy his life is now. Though I haven't heard him gripe. "She doesn't deserve this life. I'm surprised she hasn't complained about it yet, you know?"

Complaining…something I really wish I was doing on Jak's shoulder right now. The painful image of him laying motionless on the ground flashes through my mind's eye, taunting me. I swear I hear something say, those times will never return, he's dead… then for some reason it adds on, because of you…

The worst part is I think that tiny voice in my head is right. Those guys where after me…but, but I didn't know! I didn't know…it'd end this way. I feel homesick already…I just want to be home. But more than anything right now…I want to be human, 'cause if I was a human, I would 't be here.

"Hey Daxter, just how old are you?" I hear the labbit ask me as he sits next to me, breaking me from my trance.

"Eighteen, why?"

"Just curious," the rabbit stated fiddling with his very musty sweater. Why did he keep that nasty thing on anyway?

"So how old are you?" I decided to find out just how old my cell mate was. Might as well.

"Sixteen or seventeen, I can't remember," he murmured sitting down next to me. He's counting out on the ground but he seems frustrated, like his memory is suppressed or something. "In all honesty I have a hard time recalling."

"Well we'll just call ya seventeen," We both rocketed to our feet as we heard the large door scratching against the ground. I was quick to tear of the just newly wrapped bandages and shoved em into my pocket. My head snapped back to the door, they were coming in for someone, for one of us…to put us in that chair. I felt my whole mouth going dry, my fists clenched and shaking. I'm not scared! I'm not…Yeah, just keep tellin' yourself that Dax, all the while your shaking in your skin.

It's Sparky…oh great he's here for me. What is it this time? All his does is motion for me to come forward with his finger. Yeah like hell, if you're going to torture me you're going through the trouble of catching me! I shake my head eyes narrowing, and he narrows his with just as much venom. Bah, a stalemate, but I ain't crackin' first, come and get me Sparky!

He reached for me and I quickly dodge out of th' way, my ottsel prowess really helping me out now. Ok so maybe it's good to be an ottsel, I'm able to maneuver around the guy, but I know it's only a matter of time before he catches me.

I gag as I feel the noose suddenly tighten around my throat, when did he…? Oh he's good, which means this is bad. My claws frantically claw at the noose with instinctual fear, yup we've been here before, and every cell in my body is awake. Adrenaline is a nice thing, sometimes you can do stuff you normally can't do with it. Which is flippin' awesome.

Sadly I don't got enough adrenaline to get me outta this place. An at the rate these fun little torture fests are going the more and more that nifty little adrenaline will weaken. I have to make a move soon.

This time when we're going through the hall and too my special room, I take in a few more sights than I did last time. This place really is a dump. The walls are soil and metal honestly the place looks like it's going to fall down, I guess they don't have as much security in the hallways as they do in the cells. I better make a note of that. I could probably dig my way outta here if I ever get out of my cell; which happens to be very thick metal walls, you can tell by the window they're about one to two feet thick.

I'm quickly thrown in my chair, the shackles clamping down tightly. My wrists ain't that big, what'd they do? Measure to make sure I was as uncomfortable as possible?

Ranting is tiring, even if it's all in my head. But I have to rant in my head, y'know? Cause this chucklehead would zap me to death if I even thought of ranting about how all of this sucks. Before I make my escape…maybe I should say if? No! Before I make my escape, I'll rant cause that'll get his goat.

"Your friend is looking for you," Sparky didn't seem too happy as he paced. Wait what did he just sa-

Tap, tap, tap, tap, scrrrrch!

My ears twitched as he drug his metal tipped boot across the equally metal floor making the most irritating, ear drum exploding sound! My claws instinctively dug themselves into the arm rest they were forced to lay on. That made my brain go on the fritz, what did he say again?

"You know who I'm talking about," the man growled lowly getting into my face. Ok…once again I'm subjected to someone who clearly doesn't know how to brush! Also I don't know what your talking about because you decided to be irritatin'! "That blond fellow you were with?"

My eyes widened in realization. Jak...Jak was lookin' for me? He was alive? Wa hoo! I wanted to scream that but before I could do anything Sparky decided to whip out his namesake and zap me in the same tazer spot he favored.

It tore from my mouth finally, the scream I mean. My claws dig into the chair even more, tearing up the leather. Oh he's going to be pissy when he sees what I've done.

Any more than he already is? What else could he do to you?

I swallowed thickly at the thought of what else this psycho could do to me. How far he could torture me with that pleasured look in his eye. What did he have against me? I'm a man in an animal's body, I'm hardly a threat to him. Hell I didn't even know who the hell this guy was!

But he knows you…

Gee that little voice in my head is getting real annoyin'. The scary thing is though, it's right on the dot. How the hell does Henous know about me? I know me and Jak get around, in all our infamous glory, but what the hell man? I'm just the sidekick! Yes you heard me admit it, I know I'm the sidekick I'm not that conceded. Was it the time I was on my own looking for Jak?

No…this guy…I've never seen him before in my life. That's it I need answers even at the risk of getting zapped to death.

"How do you know me?" I slurred, glad he hadn't put the muzzle on yet.

"Hm?" Henous fiddled with the tazer and looked down at me. "I don't know you."

"Cut the bullshit," I hissed eyes narrowing. "You were after me specifically…"

"Don't think your so special," the man sniffed before bringing the tazer close to my abused side and allowing it to go off for a second. It wasn't pressed into my skin but I did get a good shock from it. I gritted my teeth waiting for it to stop. "I'm after all you wretches who think you're human."

"I was a human…" I snarled eyes still narrowed as I recovered from the slight shock of the tazer.

"And that's what makes you the worst of them all," Henous hissed finally digging his tazer deep into my side. I let out a gasp of pain as the tazer almost tore into the flesh on my side, but he didn't let it go off yet. He quickly turned the dial on the tazer, but I couldn't see what the options were. "You were human…and you chose to be an animal…"

"I'm still human on the-" I didn't finish, he let the tazer go and that's when I experienced a pain I had never felt before in my life. It tore at my very soul eating its way up until it reached my brain, drumming harshly against the back of my head. My cries didn't even sound human, I didn't know I could produce such noises, I sounded like a beaten crocadog.

Something almost snapped inside me…whatever it is I'm not sure, but I can hear it snap. Not physically of course…almost a mental snap. It stops…thank the precursors it finally stops. My body sags in the restraints as I lay there panting and looking at the satisfied grin on that bastard's face. As I lay in the aftermath of the pain, my body twitching reflexively I have one plea to the heavens, Please let Jak get here soon…

I hope the heavens are listening.

I'm tempted to kill someone off.