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BOAS Epilogue

"I don't wanna be here," he pouted, glaring out the window at the leafy trees and students on the sidewalks.

"You'll love it," I promised. "I thought the same thing when I first came, but you'll learn a lot, and more importantly, you'll make the best friends of your life."

A strong hand squeezed my thigh.

"Keep your eyes on the road," I whispered, glancing in the rearview mirror to make sure that our passenger was oblivious.

Edward smirked; he liked to tease me, and the panic I felt at the prospect of getting caught was a turn-on for him.

Fortunately, teenage boys were, as a rule, clueless. My son continued to steam up the back seat window of the Volvo with all his huffing and sighing.

"They look like a bunch of Super-Geeks," he muttered.

"Bite your tongue!" Edward said, raising an eyebrow and turning around to give a reproving look to the boy that had my eyes and Edward's hair, his running skill and my tendency to blush. "Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper – we met them here, and do they look like a bunch of 'super-geeks'?"

"Well, no," he flushed, sinking down in his seat.

"Yeah, E. J., are you calling your own parents 'super-geeks'?"

Maybe, he mouthed.

"I saw that, E. J."

The Volvo rolled to a stop, and Edward hopped out right away, unloading boxes and bags. I stayed in the car, just as hesitant as E. J. was.

"You'll love it," I repeated softly. "This is where Dad and I met."

He glanced up from his iPod, and I took the opportunity to smile at him encouragingly, and get out of the car.

I stood and walked around to the trunk where Edward was hoisting the suitcase out onto the asphalt. I slipped my arms around his waist, kissing his neck.

"It's good to be back," I whispered.

"It's good to be back," he agreed.

The last time we were here was on our wedding day. A year after Edward Blammoed me, he knelt in Central Park and proposed with the very same spoon and a diamond ring. I had to retract my former statement about plastic spoons vs. jewelry then.

We were married a year later in the chapel on campus on the first day of nerd camp. Esme and Carlisle, also newly married, found replacements in order to attend. Our reception was held in the town park, and instead of a wedding cake we had gelato. Our gelato-topper was an engraved silver spoon.

A few years later we settled down in a house not too far from Emmett and Rose, and Alice and Jasper. Jake and I stayed in touch, and after Edward and Alice, he became my best friend. When I got pregnant, he was the third person I called.

I had really wanted a girl. I spent all nine months thinking of all the frilly dresses Alice would buy, refusing to let Edward tell me the gender. It was a good thing I had Alice around; Edward was the best husband anyone could ever ask for, but his response to my hormones was limited to be scared – get Bella icecream. Alice was the only person who had enough balls to try to talk me out of the name Renesmee and live. I settled on Alice Rose instead.

When Edward Jacob popped out instead, I was surprised as anything, but Edward and Jacob were overjoyed, and even Alice was so enamored with my tiny baby that she wasn't disappointed by the fact that she couldn't put bows on him. My son was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Literally.

And now, sixteen years later, he would begin his own journey, with his own spoon.

"This is dumb," he grumbled, dragging his suitcase across the road.

"E.J.," Edward warned, juggling three boxes, so I was only left with one little one. I stuck my tongue out at him. To this day, he was just as stubborn as ever. Then again, I was also just as clumsy.

"I don't want to be stuck here – these dorms are old as f-"

"What would Grandpa Charlie say if he heard you using that kind of language?" I said sternly.

"Laugh, probably," Edward whispered.

I stepped on his foot, fighting to hide my smile.

We passed under the archway, our little family continuing years of history.

"See, those girls are pretty," I said, nodding at a cluster gathered around my former dorm.

"I guess," he mumbled, trying to play it cool, but he blushed when they smiled and giggled at him. He'd do just fine – with his excellent genes and good looks, his tendency to blush made girls fall for him even harder. It was a good thing he was shy – otherwise, we might've had to have The Talk with him in the Volvo on the drive down. Edward and I were all for the creation of new little nerds – just not for years and years to come.

"He'll be just fine," Edward said happily, as we let E.J. go and get acquainted with his roommate on his own.

"I know," I said, leaning into him. "I'm gonna miss him, though."

"I know," Edward echoed, kissing me on the nose, and then just behind my ear to whisper, "think of all the things we could do with the free time, though…"

My cheeks colored until I matched my son. I pulled away when he came bounding through the doorway to the boys' dorm. I was suddenly very ready to go.

"Hey – my roommate is so cool! He can solve a Rubiks cube in ten seconds flat, and he hooked up with Natasha Denali already. This camp might not be so bad after all."

Edward ruffled his hair, and I rolled my eyes. My son may have been more highly evolved than his peers, but he was still a teenage boy.

I followed his gaze over to a leggy blonde who was being kissed goodbye by her oh-so-familiar mother. Tanya…like mother like daughter. Of course I wasn't jealous after all this time…I was the one with the ring on my finger. But just incase, I threw my arms around Edward's neck and sucked his face off.

"Ewww," E.J. complained loudly, his face puckered in disgust.

"Wow," Edward breathed, pulling me closer. "Preview?" he whispered.

"You bet," I replied evenly. Take that, Tanya!

"So…I'm gonna go now," E.J. informed us.

"Play nice with the other kids," I said.

"Unless they're your target, in which case you Blammo their ass," Edward put in helpfully. I smacked his arm.

E. J. gave each of us an awkward, perfunctory hug before skulking off.

"I'll call you tonight," I yelled after him.

Edward smiled down at me. "Awkward parents: camping stage complete!"

I laughed, looping my arm through his. "What do we do now?"

"Well," he scooped me up and ran with me to the car while I shrieked, forever humiliating E.J. "Sex. Three weeks of nonstop, dirty, dirty, smoking hot sex." He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a couple of plastic spoons. "And by sex, I mean we go get gelato first, and then we have sex."

Sounds perfect to me.

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