Chapter 1: I am brought to Half-Blood Hill

I closed my eyes as I ran for a nanosecond. That caused my salty tears to fall down my cheeks, then drop to the ground. I decided to make a sharp right turn at the last minute and I run right into this guy and his girlfriend. "I am so sorry." I say as best as I can while I keep my head down as low as possible.

"It's alright, Percy you okay?" the girl asked with a worried look on her face. "Yeah Annabeth, I'm fine." Percy murmured with a face of pure arrogance. When we all said that we were fine, I started to walk around them but Percy grabbed my arm. "Hey why were you running? Or is it private?" I looked away and squeaked the answer "Little louder?" Or you can tell me in my ear." I started to cry, feeling the tears welling up quickly." My families were killed by some kind of monsters. There was only one that I recognized .It was a Minotaur."

I noticed that Annabeth was freaking out and Percy was perfectly calm. They talked about it and I hoped that they didn't think that I was crazy or something. No straight jacket for me please . "Come on let's go." Percy said. "Where?" I asked them. "Home."

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