Quick as a Whip

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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"Like a pawn

on the eternal board

who's never quite sure

what he's moved towards

I walk blindly on"

Depeche Mode, "The bottom line"


You've done it


You've done it

&& it's something

of which you can be proud

be very proud

very, very proud

You're in the limelight now, boy…

No…No, you're a



More…More of a man than your brother could

ever hope to be

because you went right to the source

With your cleverness, you solved the puzzle

&& completed a fraction of the


So go on

Accept your reward

You've earned it

Go on home

Act like nothing too



it'll all be

a l l r i g h t

Because she'll be the first one there

The first to see you

The first




It's hitting you now,

slowing you


Your mind's going fuzzy…

Wait! Get out of the bloody cave first

If he sees you there

If he sees you there…!

You know you won't stand a chance

Sure, there's not

much of one, even if

you return home

But at least if you leave this

a c c u r s e d

place, then

you'll get to see her one more time

You both remember one last shared


before you left, sure you'd


as soon as you arrived here

But that wasn't the case

It wasn't it at all

You weren't expected to be there

(at least He wasn't there)

But the barriers put up

couldn't stop you

You worked it out



H o r c r u x e s

One by one

Seven of seven

(actually, one out of seven)

but still

You've helped the world

even if it was at the cost of your li…

Ugh, don't think about this anymore…

Just go home, go

She's waiting for

y o u

Apparate back…

Hmm, you didn't Splinch yourself

(a lucky bastard to the end, old boy)

The castle's in view

(but you have no need to see that place again)

You traipse through your favorite haunt—


You're finally getting…

somewhere in life…

Might as well have a butterbeer…

To-To celebrate…


No, nooo…

Forget it

Don't let her see you like this

Your former master's really cunning, you realize

Instant death is too


But this slow death…

as you try to get back to your love…

This is what really kills you

You can't bear to have her see you like this

But you want to see her so badly

(the first wins out)

You turn away, thinking

Maybe it'd be better…

Let her think you've died there

(like you both thought would happen


too late…

She's found you

&& you've seen the one thing you regret the most—

her painful tears she cries for


So you give her the locket

Tell her to get it to Kreacher


knowing you can trust

h e r

You let yourself find peace

& it clicks.

You fought to get home

&& you did,

Knowing that "home"

is that place

right in her

a r m s


O.O! I can't believe it… I mean, I have another idea to do about the last moments in Reggie's life, but this one was just perfect. This really sums it up, I think. And I could totally see this fitting into canon—don't you? :D

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-mew-tsubaki ;)