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Serenity bit her lip and stared out the window , she was headed back to Domino City to stay with her brother and go to the same school as him. Yugi and Tea were going to meet her at the train station because Joey had work and wouldn't be able to pick her up.

She remembered the last time she had come to Domino City with Tristan, that had been a year ago. She had kept in touch with Joey through phone and email, and the occasional phone call from Tristan or Duke.

A mechanical voice came through the speakers, "Now entering Domino City." Serenity grabbed her carryon bag and waited for the train to stop. She ran a hand nervously through her auburn hair, and mentally chastised herself for being so nervous.

The moment that the train stopped moving, Serenity hopped off, looking around for Yugi's tri-colored hair. It didn't take long for her find him or Tea, due to the fact that Yugi was hopping up and down and waving at her frantically.

Serenity smiled and hurried over to them, "Hey you guys." She said warmly, hugging Tea and giving a one-armed hug to Yugi. Tea grinned, "So how was your summer?" she asked. Serenity sighed, "It was awful, mom's been dating some creep. I can't tell you how relieved I was to get Joey's offer to attend the same school as you guys."

Tea chuckled and Yugi beamed, "Well we're happy to have you join us." He said. "Is that all your stuff?" asked Tea. "Well, all my other stuff is being shipped, but it should be here in two days." Serenity replied.

"Well that's a relief, if you had had heavy stuff that would have been a disaster for Yugi." Tea teased, Yugi rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at Tea, causing both Serenity and Tea to giggle. "Anyway my car's outside, so if you want to head on out we can."

Serenity laughed, "Sure why not?" And with that she headed outside with her friends not noticing the tall white haired man who stood in the shadows , watching them go with a little smile on his face.

(at Joey's apartment)

"Well here we are." Tea said gesturing around Joey's small apartment. Serenity stared at the mess that surrounded them in horror. "Does it always look like this?" she asked eyeing the empty pizza boxes and the tangled mass of clothes that surrounded them.

Tea bit her lip, "Sometimes its worse." She admitted looking down at Yugi who had a sheepish expression on his face. "Yeah I mean I think he was planning on cleaning up, but I don't think that worked." Yugi said with a grin.

Serenity laughed, "Guess that means I should clean this place up." She headed over to the kitchenette and placed her carryall bag down on a fairly clean area. "I'll help out." Said Yugi from behind her.

Serenity smiled and turned around , "Ok but only if you want too." She looked over at Tea who grinned at her, "I'd totally help out, except I have a dance class that starts in fifteen minutes. Good luck guys." And with that Tea slipped out the door and was gone.

Serenity smiled, "I kinda don't blame her for leaving so fast." She joked, Yugi laughed "If the living room's this bad, I'm afraid to see what Joey's room looks like." Serenity groaned, and started looking through drawers to find trash bags.

She finally found an unused box of them, and set out to clear everything that was an empty container of food. Yugi meanwhile was sorting Joey's clothes and straightening the pillow's on the couch.

She smiled, "Thanks a lot Yugi, I'll treat you to ice cream later." Yugi smiled at her, "That sounds great, I look forward to it." She tried not to smile like an idiot, as they cleared up the rest of the living room.

By the time they were finished, two trash bags had been filled and a mound of Joey's clothes had been sorted. Serenity headed for one of the three doors and pulled it open at random, it was an empty bedroom.

She smiled knowing that she was looking at her bedroom, then shut it and headed for door number 2. As soon as she opened it a noxious smell hit her causing Serenity to double over clutching her nose.

She shut the door as fast she could, Yugi who had noticed her reaction headed over to see what was wrong when a whiff of the scent reached him. "Oh man, what is that smell?" he groaned in disgust. He waved a hand in front of his face to clear the air.

"That was the bathroom." Serenity said her face getting slightly green. "I think I'm going to need a gas mask before I go in there." She said only half-teasing. Yugi grimaced in sympathy , "Well seeing as how there's only one door left let's look at Joey's."

He suggested. Serenity nodded in agreement looking relieved. Joey's room was even worse than the living room, if that was possible. Serenity took one half of the room and Yugi took the other, even with Yugi helping her it still took them an hour to clean it.

Serenity smiled as she took in the welcome sight of the clean room, then looked down at Yugi who was also smiling. "I bet Joey will be shocked when he sees this room." Yugi said warmly. Serenity chuckled, "I can hear him now, What happened to my room? What happened to that slice of pizza I was looking forward too?" Serenity said imitating her brother's thick Brooklyn accent.

Yugi snorted, "I can hear him saying that." He muttered. That was when they heard the door bang open, "Hey Serenity you home-what happened to the living room?" Serenity and Yugi laughed, then headed out to where Joey was looking at the living room in astonishment.

"Hey Joey." Yugi said brightly, Joey jumped and turned around "Yug what are ya doin' here?" he asked bluntly . Serenity spoke up from behind Yugi, "He helped me clean up this place." Joey scratched his head, "I hope you don't mind me asking sis but uh what was wrong with it before?"

Serenity smiled, "It looked terrible, your room was worse." She added. "My room? What did you do to my room?" asked Joey anxiously. Then before she could answer he hurried past them to his room.

Serenity and Yugi watched in amusement as Joey opened his door, "My room! What happened to that pizza I was looking forward too?" both Yugi and Serenity laughed at that. "So Yugi, do you still want that ice-cream?" Serenity asked.

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