Serenity snuck glances over at Yugi every now and then, she had been pleased that Joey had let her go with Yugi alone. When she had first met Yugi she had been impressed to learn that he had given Joey the money that had paid for her operation.

She had never thanked him for that and had always hated that fact, "Uh Yugi, I just want to say thank you for everything. I mean if it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be able to see right now on top of that you helped me clean Joey's apartment." She glanced over at him nervous and apprehensive but Yugi was giving her his undivided attention.

Yugi smiled, "Well it was my pleasure to help you and your brother out any way I could, and your brother earned that money in my opinion anyway." Serenity grinned relieved that he hadn't been condescending to her, "I'm sorry I never said thank you when I first met you, it's something that's really been eating at me for the past year. Can you forgive me?"

Yugi looked downright surprised but a small smile hovered around his lips, "You are forgiven." He said mock formally causing Serenity to giggle. They continued their small talk until they reached a small ice-cream shop and got some sunday's.

On their way back they found a park bench to sit on and proceeded to regale each other with childhood memories of similar activities. "I remember when I was five or was it six? But Joey had been saving up money for the past month just so he could treat me with some ice-cream. When we got back it was to find my dad had come home drunk, he got really mad when he saw how happy we were and yelled at us." Serenity bowed her head and stared at her empty sunday cup and sighed, "He punched me and was about to hit me again when Joey intervened, he took the punch that was supposed to hit me. I remember yelling at my dad, something I never did and then I slapped him and it was almost as if realized what he had just done and then he grabbed his coat and left. My mom separated me from Joey the next day and I never really saw him again except for the occasional phone call."

A few tears escaped her eyes and she half-heartedly wiped them away. "I'm sorry Yugi, I didn't mean to ruin everything it's just I don't know how Joey survived with that creep for a dad for so long. I mean I got away scot free compared to him."

Yugi was slowly absorbing this new information and was surprised to find that his respect for Joey had gone up a few notches. His other half appeared next to him in spirit form Yugi perhaps we could tell her about the Millienium Puzzle.

Yugi stared at him in shock, Are you sure Yami? Yami nodded then added I can help explain the harder parts Yugi slowly faded back into reality and twisted to look over at Serenity, his thoughts were in a jumble but on this he and his other half were united.

"Uh, Serenity did your brother ever tell you about the puzzle I'm wearing?" Yugi asked nervously, his hands clasped the Millenium Puzzle tightly. Serenity looked surprised at his abrupt question but shook her head, "No, he never really mentioned it."

Yugi sighed and then looked her in the eye, "About eight years ago my grandpa gave me the pieces to this puzzle and gave me a challenge to finish it. No one has ever been able to solve the secret to the Millenium Puzzle until one night I finally finished it. That was the night Yami became a part of me, you see there are seven Millienium items and this puzzle was one of them, and inside it houses an ancient spirit In fact I think he wants to talk to you."

And without further ado there was a flash of golden light and there sitting in Yugi's place was an older looking more assertive version of Yugi. When he looked at her, Serenity felt a shiver of anticipation for what she didn't know.

At first they just studied each other in silence and then Yami spoke, "I assume you have many questions?" Serenity shivered, his voice matched his older counterpart and she was pleased to learn that his voice was a rich deep sound that she instantly enjoyed.

"Just a few, how exactly did your spirit survive inside the Puzzle without escaping?" she blurted out and then bit her bottom lip embarrassed man he must think I'm stupid I mean what kind of a dumb question was that? She thought.

Instead of looking annoyed however Yami looked thoughtful, "I am not entirely certain, all I remember of life before becoming Yugi's protector was being able to observe people working on the puzzle. I never directly communicated with any of them until Yugi finished it."

Serenity nodded also thoughtful, "What exactly do you do to protect Yugi?" Yami's eyes darkened and it was here that Serenity noticed another difference, Yami's eyes were shaped differently. Serenity jolted when he spoke, "Whatever it takes."

She blushed and looked down, biting her lip feeling confused about the feelings that Yami stirred in her. While her head was down there was another flash of golden light and when Serenity looked back up in confusion there was Yugi smiling at her sheepishly.

"So does the whole switcheroo thing happen automatically?" she asked bluntly, at this Yugi frowned and shook his head, "No I have to willingly let him use my body, although if he really wanted too he could just take control if he wanted too." Serenity raised an eyebrow and nodded not pressing the subject.

She pursed her lips in thought, "Does it hurt?" she blurted and then blushed when she realized that she had spoken out loud. Yugi looked more amused than anything else but shook his head, "No it's a little disorienting at first but then I get used to being corporeal." Serenity nodded feeling relieved and then smiled at him.

"Wow." She whispered and then stood up, "I think I need to sleep over this and when tomorrow comes we'll face it together as friends." For some weird reason she felt like Tea when she said that last part.

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