Been thinking how to escape?
This strait-jacket of constraint
Been thinking what can be wrong?
With feelings that long to belong

- Stargazer, Siouxsie and The Banshees

Allison arrived at the school for Andy's match. When she walked in, she noticed how strange it was to be there when everyone had left, other than those who did sports or activities. It was more strange than being there on a Saturday morning, even. She walked down the creepy halls, where all she could hear was her footsteps. Then she found herself outside of the gym. She opened the door slightly, and looked in. She saw people sitting on the bleachers, and suddenly she felt really out of place.

She walked in, while feeling like everyone's eyes were on her. She hurried over to the seats, and climbed all the way to the top. She peered down at the people that were there. It wasn't full, but there were still pretty many people. She saw people getting situated on the floor, and pretty soon she realized she wasn't just going to be watching Andy. She rested her head in her hands, as she watched three wrestling matches, she wasn't even sure who the people were. When she finally spotted Andrew, she lifted her head and yawned. She leaned back on the wall, and watched. It looked like Andy was doing pretty good, but really Allison had no idea what was going on.

It's not like wrestling is rocket science, she thought to herself, then she shook her head, did I really just sound like Bender just now? She couldn't help but feel bad that she wasn't exactly enjoying this. It really was just a bunch of guys rolling around in tights. She found herself drifting off, but Andrew did well, and then it looked like it was over. She walked down the bleachers, and saw that Andrew noticed her. She smiled and waved to him. She went outside, and sat on the steps in front of school, waiting for him.

Allison heard the doors opening, and looked back to see who it was. She stood up, and waited for Andrew to meet her.

"Hey." Andrew greeted her, he had a bag in his hand with his wrestling things.

"Hey." Allison greeted him back with a smile.

Allison followed him, as he continued walking, "So, where are we going?"

"Wanna go get something to eat?" he asked.

She nodded her head almost violently, "I'm starving." she laughed.

"Me too." Andrew laughed.

They walked to a small diner that was near the school. They kept looking at each other and smiling, but nothing was said. When they got to the diner, Andrew set aside his things, and they sat down.

Allison put her arms on the table, and folded her hands, looking around. Andrew picked up a menu, and started to examine it, when he noticed what Allison was doing.

"I thought you were hungry." Andrew smiled.

Allison took notice, and became red. She had no idea what she was doing. They ordered their food, and sat in silence looking at each other off and on for what seemed like forever. She moved her lips to one side, looking like she was thinking about something, but in reality she was just nervous.

"So, where is your dad?" Allison asked, trying to break the tension.

"He couldn't come actually." Andrew answered.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"No, it's good." Andrew said rather happily, "That's probably why I did so well."

"Oh, well then I'm glad." Allison took a sip through her straw, and looked at Andrew.

Finding herself finally alone with Andrew, she of course, found herself unsure of what to talk about. The only thing she could think of, was the strange incident they had in the bathroom, "Hey, about the bathroom thing.." Allison began.

Andrew laughed, "Don't worry about it."

"Sometimes I just can't help myself." she admitted.

They both laughed, and for at least twenty minutes, they were able to enjoy each others company. Andrew looked out the window, and saw Alex, and a few other guys he knew from wrestling. He tried to cover his face, so they wouldn't notice him through the window, and Allison didn't take notice. She was enjoying his company, and was just glad she didn't have to go home and eat her mom's dinner.

Andrew became slightly twitchy when he heard the door open, and he knew his friends were probably going to notice him. He tried to make himself look less noticeable, but it also caught the attention of Allison.

Her face become somewhat serious, "Are you okay?" she asked, with a strange look on her face.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." Andrew replied, trying not to look around.

Allison noticed some guys sitting down, "Is it those guys?" she asked.

"No, what guys?"

"Are they your friends?" she asked.

"Who?" Andrew asked.

"There's guys over there, they are on the wrestling team, I saw them tonight." she said, becoming suspicious.

"Oh yeah?" Andrew said, trying to keep his cool, Andrew put his hands down, but became fidgety.

Allison saw Alex getting up from his seat, she was pretty sure he was coming over to them. She wiped her mouth, and tried to prepare for what was about to happen.

"Andy?" Alex asked, looking at Andrew, who still thought he could somehow hide.

"Oh, hey, Alex." He said, looking up at him.

"Hey man, what's going on?" Alex was about to sit down, but Andrew got up instead.

"Not too much, I was just leaving." Andrew looked over at the table Alex was at, all of his friends were there.

Allison looked at them both, and wasn't happy how things were panning out, not only that, but she had just prematurely finished her dinner.

"Oh, well I'll see ya tomorrow man, good job tonight." Alex congratulated him, and then looked at Allison with what seemed like a scowl. Allison could have stared a hole through him.

Andrew smiled to his friend, grabbed Allison's arm, and walked quickly out of the diner, Allison following closely behind. When they got outside, Allison tugged away from his arm.

"What is going on? Why didn't we stay?" She asked, angrily.

"We have to go." Andrew said, not looking back at her.

Allison just continued to follow him to his parent's car, it was back at the school. Andrew opened the door for her, and Allison plopped down angrily in the seat, shutting the door behind her. Andrew got in, and started the car. The only time they talked was when Allison was telling Andy how to get to her house. Other than that, it was complete silence. Allison had her arms folded, forcing herself to keep her mouth shut. Andrew pulled up to her house, and Allison sat there, not even realizing she was home.

"I'll see ya." Andrew said, looking at his steering wheel.

Allison looked over at him, giving him a look she hoped would practically kill him. He wasn't even looking at her. She got out, and without looking back, went into her house.

Andrew looked out the right side window at her house, she definitely wasn't coming back out anytime soon, he thought. Not like it mattered, what could he possibly say to make anything right again? He did the most hypocritical thing he could possibly do, and he felt like he couldn't even help it. He rolled his eyes, and drove off.

As Andrew drove off knowing he had ruined what could have been a great time, Allison was in her room, sprawled out on her bed. She was trying hard not to breakdown, while staring at her ceiling. All she wanted was a few enjoyable hours with Andy, and she was starting to believe it was never going to happen. She found the strength to get up, and walked over to her mirror. She wiped her face with her sleeves, and in a few minutes, she was running down the stairs, and leaving her house. She walked and walked, finally showing up at Bender's house. She knew he didn't want to be bothered with her and her problems, but she didn't really care. She walked around the house, looking into windows, hoping to spot him. She really did not want to knock on his door, if she had too, she was going to wait outside till she saw him. Eventually she found the window to his room, and saw him playing guitar. She lightly tapped on his window with her fingers. Bender saw the top of her head, peering in through the window.

He put aside his guitar, and walked over, opening up the window, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Um, nothing, just wanted to talk." Allison noticed a smell coming from his room, and knew it had to be pot.

"Isn't that what you pay your shrink for?" he asked, pushing back his hair.

"I don't have a shrink." she admitted.

"Go figure." John replied, he opened the window more, after all, he could appreciate her odd entrance. He walked over to pick up his guitar again.

Allison climbed in, and stood there. John went back to being in the same position he was in, and started strumming random strings. She looked around, but continued to stand there, afraid to sit down.

"Are you just gonna stand there?" Bender asked, pausing with his guitar for a moment.

"No." Allison said, slowly sitting down on the floor.

"So what's with you stalking me?" he wondered, "You know, I don't really appreciate it."

"I'm not stalking you." Allison became defensive, "Like I said, I just wanted to talk."

"Well, Allison, you're not saying much." Bender said, in his well known, sarcastic tone.

"Maybe I don't wanna talk, maybe I just don't wanna be alone." She was thinking out loud.

"Now, pick the one or the other." he continued being sarcastic. He stopped playing his guitar.

"I was hanging out with Andy today." Allison said, curling up her legs.

"Yeah? So?" Bender began, "Let me guess, you went to his wrestling match, his friends were there, it didn't work out."

Allison sighed, "Basically."

"What the fuck did you think would happen?" He stopped everything he was doing, and leaned over, resting his arms on his legs.

"I don't know, things were okay, and then his friends showed up." Allison was trying to hold back some tears.

Bender became annoyed. He was annoyed because everything he said in detention ended up being completely true. Not that he ever thought it wasn't, but even he had some hope that something would turn out differently.

They both sat, thinking to themselves, Bender noticed Allison becoming more upset. He wasn't about to bring it up, but he also didn't like seeing her like that.

Allison once again, wiped her face with her sleeves, "I thought things would be different." she said, putting a smile on a sad face.

"Yeah." Bender didn't know what else to tell her. He didn't have high hopes like she did, he knew better. It was awkward enough Allison was crying in his room, he just wanted it to end. He went to reach for something, as Allison watched.

He held out his hand that was holding a bag of pot, "Want some?" he asked.

Allison looked at the pot, and then at him, and laughed, "No. I don't want pot."

"Your loss." he said, as he took some out.

Allison stood up, it was time for her to leave, she thought to herself.

"Thanks for being home." she said.

Bender nodded, "See ya tomorrow."

Allison climbed outside, and walked back home, feeling slightly better.

A couple of blocks away, Brian sat at the kitchen table, just waiting for the right moment to tell his parents the bad news. Although most of the things that happened to him during the day, was overshadowed by the dismal sound of Mr. Vernon's voice hovering over him. There was something good that happened as well. He had talked to his shop teacher, and although it was too late to fix the stupid elephant, if he could make an extra credit project, it would help his grade.

"I found out I could do an extra credit project in my shop class." Brian said, with food in his mouth.

"That's great." His mom sounded too happy, he thought, in a few minutes, she would be hysterical.

"What are you going to do it on?" she asked.

"Um, I don't know, I haven't thought about that yet, I mean, I just found out today." Brian said, putting more food into his mouth.

"Well, you better get crackin'. Don't waste any time." His mom demanded, sitting down to join him.

Brian gulped food down, and looked at his plate nervously, "Uh, mom, I have to tell you something."

"What is it?" His mom and dad looked right at him, which wasn't making it any easier.

"Today, I kinda got in trouble." he said, hanging his head.

"What does that mean? Getting in trouble? What are you talkin' about here?" She was chewing her food viciously.

Brian thought quickly of how to handle this, he could either tell them what he told Vernon, or he could tell her the truth.

"I, um, lost this paper outside, and I really needed it, so I had to go back, uh, out you know, to look for it. When I came back in, Mr. Vernon was there, and he gave me detention." Brian explained.

"Excuse me?" His mom's voice became harsh, "I should call him up, that man shouldn't be giving you detention for that."

"Wa-wait I mean, it was my fault, I should have been more careful, and maybe I should have told someone I was going outside." Brian shrugged.

His mom looked at him, squinting her eyes, "That just doesn't sound right Brian, you can't just let him get away with that, I mean this is your life here."

His dad didn't say anything, which Brian didn't like, instead he sat there with his hand holding his chin.

"Mom, really, it-it's okay, you don't have to call him." Brian sighed.

"You really need to watch what you're doin' Brian, you haven't been right ever since this whole locker incident." His mom was shaking her head, looking rather frustrated with him.

Brian sat looking down at his food, his fork kept hitting the table.

"This is the last time I want to hear something like this, Brian." His mom pointed her finger at him. He looked up, feeling like he once again let his parents down.

"Okay." Brian replied.

That could have been a lot worse, he thought. He felt guilty for lying, and he was disappointed in himself for having detention, but he didn't feel as bad as he thought he would. He felt slightly angry instead, angry that he had to tell a stupid lie to his parents, just so things wouldn't get so overblown. He got up from the table, and went to his room. His room was typical geek. It had a bluish color, and he had a poster of the original Star Wars movie. Off to the side, he had a desk full of different books, some were for school, and some were for reading. He also had a lamp, and various office supplies. He sat down at his desk. Sure, he was going to have to face another Saturday in detention with Bender, but it wasn't going to be the end of the world. In his moment of optimism, He sat down and started brainstorming ideas for his extra credit assignment.