"Nai, get up." Sasha heard. It was a boy, his voice soft yet agitated. Stopping, she looked down an ally and rose an slender eyebrow.

"Gareki-!" Protested a small, adorable child. "I'm so hungry!"

"We have to find that damn Yogi..." The boys' stomachs growled and she look down at the basket of fruit she had just bought.

"Uh...excuse me..." she said, starting into the ally. "I..I have fruit, if you'd like it." The older boy looked up at her, goggles over his thick black hair, which covered his black eyes. He started to protest, but his stomach -along with Nai's- stopped his objection.

"That'd be great," he said, flashing a grin that made her lips pull into a smile that was timid and shy.

"Would you like a mango?" she asked the small boy. His big red eyes widened as he looked down at the fruit.

"Gareki doesn't this look yummy?" he asked. "Thank you very much, Lady!"

"You're welcome." She replies, smiling brightly.

"Thank you." Replies the Gareki, his smile one that makes her cheeks turn pink. "I'm Gareki, this is Nai."

"My name is Sasha. Where are you two headed?"

"Little Nai! Gareki!" A tall boy of maybe twenty two ran over to the two other boys, his blond hair falling around his purple eyes. He, too, was handsome much like Gareki but he had a cute part of his face that was like Nai's. "Oh, who is this?"

"My name is Sasha. Nice to meet you." she replied smiling. "You three are just a bunch of cute guys huh?" she asked, smirking at the three men's expressions. "Well, here's another mango for your older friend." She handed Nai the mango and he smiled. "See you~!" She said, waving to the three boys while walking away.