Tsukumo and Sasha walked through the ship until they found Nai and Gareki and Yogi sitting in a large room eating. She smiled and walked in, her eyes landing on Gareki, who had a doughnut in his mouth. She giggled before sitting down next to Nai, who was munching on a twig. Again, she laughed and pet his head.

"Welcome to the Circus, Sasha-chan!" Yogi exclaimed

"Thank you, Yogi." She said blushing a little. "Hirato said I have to do anything that comes to your mind, seeing as how you're Lieutenant and all." Yogi smiled proudly and nodded.

"Don't worry, I'll let Gareki tell you what to do." He smiled at Gareki, who stared, eyes wide, doughnut hanging out. Sasha laughed a little, cheeks still pink, and nodded.

"I wouldn't mind doing what Gareki said." He looked away, nibbling his doughnut.

"EH! I was kidding! You have to follow my orders. Gareki-kun isn't as cool as me!" Yogi shouted, glaring at Gareki.

"Whatever.." said Gareki, looking at Sasha from the corner of his eye.

"You're going to stay, Sasha-chan?" She nodded at Nai's question and he jumped on her in a hug. "Yay~!" She laughed and hugged him back.

Everyone finished off their snacks and while Yogi and Nai were playing a game, Gareki came to sit next to her.

"Congrats, I guess." He muttered, making her look at him.

"Ah, thank you, Gareki-kun." She said, smiling. "What is a guy like you doing in a place like this anyway?"

"Nai is looking for his brother...I tagged along to look after him."

"That's so sweet!" Sasha exclaimed, making Gareki wince. "You're such a sweet boy, Gareki-kun. No wonder I like you so much." She said. He looked at her, his cheeks a pale pink.

"Sasha-chan!" Yogi called. "Come play with us!"

"Ok!" she called back.

"That damned Yogi..." Sasha heard Gareki mutter. Grinning she kissed his cheek and stood.

"It's going to be great working with you, Gareki-kun."

"Uh...yeah, really..." he paused to smile a little. "Really great." She gave him another smile before going to Yogi and Nai to play a game with them.