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Chapter 1 Fighting the Emotions.

It was a normal day at the Titans tower. Well on a Saturday. Raven was on the couch reading on of her famous books ( as Beast Boy puts it), Starfire was in the kitchen eating something that had this really disgusting moldy blue color, that she had made for one of her many festivals from her home planet Tameran. Robin and Cyborg were playing a Halo tournament and Beast Boy was getting some aspirin. All of a sudden red lights were flashing and the alarm was going off.

"Titans, trouble!" yelled Robin as he dropped the controller on the couch and ran to the computer.

" Not now man, I was just going to finish you off." Cyborg complained.

" It looks like Mumbo is up to his old tricks again." Robin said turning around to face the team.

" Great." Raven said in her monotone voice as always.

"Looks like he's robbing Jump City bank, lets go titans" Robin said as he and the others ran to the garage. Robin jumped on his motorcycle, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy flew and Cyborg drove his car. When they got there, Mumbo was floating the money into his sack.

" Titans, GO!" Robin shouted and the team sprang into action. Beast Boy changed into a fly as Starfire shot star bolts at Mumbo. "Alakazam!" Mumbo sucked the starbolts into his hat and shot the star bolts back at Starfire.


"Starfi-!" Robin tried to yell before he was hit with a unconscious Starfire. Cyborg shot at Mumbo, and Raven threw cars at him with her black magic. Mumbo just kept dodging and throwing Cyborg's attack back at them.

" Mumbo Jumbo! Alakazam!" But then Beast Boy transformed into a wolf and tackled Mumbo.

" Mumbo Jumbo!" Mumbo yelled and sent Beast Boy flying into another building.

" Beast Boy!" Raven shouted, as Beast Boy hit the building. Robin and Starfire, got up and Starfire took Robin and threw him at Mumbo. " Fools you cannot defeat the great and powerful Mumbo. Alakazam!" Mumbo said as he pointed his wand at a car that Raven threw at him and aimed it at Robin. Beast Boy got up and transformed into a pterodactyl and grabbed Robin and flew up. " Thanks Beast Boy." Robin said as Beast Boy let Robin down on the ground and transformed back to his human form.

" How the heck did mumbo get so strong!" Beast Boy shouted.

" I don't know but lets end this." Robin said.

" Sorry kids but I have to go." Mumbo said as he waved his wand in the air. "Mumbo Jum-" Then a star bolt knocked the wand out of his hand.

" You are not getting the way, Mumbo." Starfire said aiming more star bolts Mumbo's way. Mumbo just smiled and reached in his pocket and brought out another wand.

"I have learned from you titans. Mumbo Jumbo!" Mumbo shouted and white energy gathered at the tip of the wand and then it shot out and aimed at Starfire. Starfire dodged but then it shot at Raven. "Raven!" shouted Beast Boy and Starfire. The impact of the energy caused Raven to go flying through 4 buildings and cracked her head on the wall of the 5th building.

" You have harmed friend Raven!" Starfire said with her eyes glowing and star bolts covering her hands.

" Mumbo your going down!" Cyborg said aiming his sonic canon at Mumbo. They both shot at the same time hitting the shield and sending the attacks flying back at them. What he didn't expect was Robin coming up from behind and cracking his bo staff against Mumbo's head, knocking him unconscious. Robin then took the wand and broke it in half.

" Is everyone alright?" Robin said, looking at Starfire and Cyborg.

" I'm fine man, just need a quick recharge and I'll be good to go." Cyborg said and he was typing in something on his arm. " I am alright, Friend Robin." Starfire said looking around, " Friend Robin where is Beast Bo- RAVEN!" Starfire shouted just remembering that Raven was unconscious. Starfire flew above looking for Raven and found Beast Boy with her.

" Friend Beast Boy is Raven alright." Starfire said looking very worried. " I'm not sure go get Cyborg she's not bleeding or anything but she won't wake up." Beast Boy said.

Back at the tower

A strange light is coming from Raven's meditation mirror. You can see the light coming from under the door. Then the door swooshes open…

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