Okay this is kind of late ... well really really late and the truth is i got caught up with reading other peoples fanfics and not concentrating on my own so I will try my hardest to make that up to you guys and thanks to everyone who still reads this and who still favorite... u guys r the best.

Chapter 4: What Now!

Just then the elevator doors dinged and Cyborg was walking out pulling a Neon green cloaked Raven along with him " Guys did something happen to Rave-" Cyborg stopped mid sentence looking up to the room and seeing all of the other Ravens. His eyes rolled back into the back of his head and he fainted falling to the ground. The neon green cloaked Raven gave a light kick to Cyborg.
"Well that was anti climatic." The Neon cloaked Raven said.
Knowledge sighed "Every one this is Mischievous."

With the exception of Beast Boy the rest of the gang watched as Mischievous used her power to float a cup of water over Cyborg's head. Splash...
"What the hell!" Cyborg exclaimed. Mischievous laughed. Cyborg looked at her for a minute. Then he looked around the room.
"What is going on? Why are there so many ravens?" Then he pointed to 'happy'. "WHY IS RAVEN WEARING PINK?!'Knowledge' then used her powers to create a black orb that covered Cyborgs mouth. "If you would be so kind please shut up. It will all be explained if you be quiet. Will you stop screaming?" Knowledge asked Cyborg. He nodded his head up and down. Then the black orb dissipated from Cyborg's head.
"Now I will answer any question to the best of my ability as long as the questions are asked One. At. A. Time." Knowledge said the rest of the gang excluding Beast Boy.
" Do you like going to the mall of shopping?" Starfire asked. Knowledge raised her eyebrows... "Ummm... no." Knowledge said and Starfire sighed. "Ok..." Starfire said dejectedly. (Is that even a word? I think I have heard it used before but I'm not so sure.) Cyborg asked "Why are there more than one of you and which one is the real one?" "That is more than one question but in any case- We are all real forms of Raven but that Raven-" Knowledge pointed to the dark blue cloaked Raven standing by Robin. "Is the one that you have known since you started the team. And as I was saying before you stepped off the elevator Raven's mirror that is on her dresser broke resulting in all of us being here- Mischievous put the pie down."
Robin Raven and Cyborg turned so that they were looking at Starfire about to get smothered by a pie that Mischievous held behind her back. Starfire turned around to look at Mischievous who had an innocent look on her face and her arms behind her back. "Ahhh you just ruined it Knowledge. Come on have a little fun." Mischievous said pouting and putting the pie on the counter. She flew over to Knowledge. "Lighten up sis." "Will you go play with someone else" Knowledge said holding a hand to her head. "Whatever..." Mischievous said walking past her sister and towards Beast Boy. Knowledge sighed and said "Now where was I?" "Mirror broke..." Cyborg said. "Yes... resulting in us being transported to this world." "Oh" Cyborg said shifting to stand on his other leg.
"Any more questions?" Knowledge asked the group. "Yes! How man-" Robin got cut off by the sound of the elevator going up to the roof.
"Oh what now!" Cyborg shouted.