Ivan took the girl to his house. She had blond hair, and eyes as blue as the morning sky. That is why he picked her, of course. Anything less would just not be good enough.

She was simply unconscious. He had found that keeping them alive until he had what he wanted worked much better than killing them straight away. Not that it had worked at all, so far. He always used humans, taken from wherever. But they all died, too weak to fulfil their purpose. It was then Russia knew he needed a nation. Someone who couldn't die, someone who was stronger than most. Someone... who was the world's super power.

Once inside, he dragged the unconscious body to the room he had prepared earlier. There were two tables, one ready for her, and one with another unconscious figure. He was perfect for this, of course. A strong body, but smaller than Ivan so he could still be easily restrained. His own laws dictated that harmful drugs were illegal, so obviously he had never had any. Yes, America was the perfect choice for this.

Placing the girl on the table, the large nation went to work, his big fingers masterfully handling the scalpel. He had done this many times before, but this time would be different. This time it would work. He cut open her lower stomach, making sure to not get any of her internal organs. Most of them didn't matter to him, but a few key ones did. They were the whole reason for this, the reason it had to be her.

Donning gloves, Russia peeled back the layer of skin. She had nice skin, no visible stretch marks, no pimples. Her hight was taller than normal, for a female. All of her physical qualities were good. Feeling her warm insides, Ivan looked for what he needed.

Pushing her intestines out of the way, the nation finally found what he needed. Yes, perfect condition. Quickly, he cut them out, placing them in a tray sitting beside the bed. One more thing, and he would be done with her, the filthy female. The next part he was more careful with. He needed this completely intact. It was a little more difficult, given the placement, but soon that was in the dish as well, and he left the girl on the table. She was going to die anyway.

Going to the dish, Russia separated the items. He cut two of them open, because it was what was inside that he needed. He mixed them with a sample he had taken earlier that day. He had to work fast, because the uterus had been out of the body for a full minute already. Quickly injecting the egg/semen mix into the tissue, he then went to America, still unconscious. He made an identical incision, just below the stomach.

Half an hour later, Ivan was stitching up the long cut, pulling at the slightly bloody skin. He looked over at the girl, seeing blood still fall from her stomach. Damn, that meant she was still alive. Russia took a syringe, quickly injecting clear liquid into her system, which would kill her quickly. Then he was back at his true patient, knowing he would have to take care of him for a while.

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