Deepwater, Connecticut extends out from its center, a tourist town on the shore of the Atlantic, through homes ranging from merely moderately-expensive to ultra-expensive and onto more private stretches of beach. It was in one of those more secluded spots, an area that had belonged to a limited and related number of families for generations, that the woman, a mere girl really, no more than twenty, strode towards the sea. By the expression on her face, it was clear that fury gripped her heart as tightly as her white knuckled-hand clenched her bag.

A few feet from the shoreline she stopped, so lost in her misery that she didn't even notice how her hand had started cramping. Her jaw tightened as she gazed out over the water. "Bastard." Her scream was echoed by the cries of the gulls flying overhead. Undressing quickly as if her clothes were scalding her, she discarded them were they fell. Putting her hands to the bun on the back of her head, she let the pins drop onto the beach until her auburn hair hung down to her hips. The wind picked up and wisped her hair about as though snakes were writhing around her head.

Kneeling down, she pulled a candle and a knife out of a bag. At the edge of the shore, where the waves washed against the sand, she lit the candle and left it behind. She was hip deep into the water before she stopped to slash a cut across the palm of her left hand. Yanking off her engagement ring, she dropped it on top of the wound. "Be'thatet" she cried out, chanting in a tongue that hadn't been a living language in over a thousand generations. The candle flame flickered wildly and then went out. She opened her hand, and the ring was gone, replaced by a comb showing three waves before the sun. The stones, making up the three stylized waves that decorated the comb, shifted in color so that they seemed to ebb and flow with the waves at her feet. As the comb's red sun darkened, she thought of a setting sun. "Perfect, the end of the day to reflect the end of his life."

As she pinned the comb in her hair, whiteness snaked out from the comb, bleaching her hair. She screamed, arching forward as she fell into the sea. Twisting under the waves, she writhed under the water, as if scrabbling for escape. Her hand reached upward but was unable to break through the surface. With a final grimace, she relaxed into the sea's cold embrace. As her feet touched down to the bottom, white locks drifted in the current. The moon drifted across the horizon and was close to setting before she moved again. Her eyes opened and looked up from below the sea.

As she crawled out onto the shore, one final wave washed over her, leaving her dressed in a gown as dark as the sea. She stood uncertainly, as if she wasn't sure what legs were for, and then she began walking over the dark, wet sand. After she'd traveled a bit over a mile, she spotted a man sitting on a rock, smoking something sweet smelling. "You're not him, but you'll do for a start," she whispered before calling out with a sound that wasn't quite whale song. It sank into him, drowning any part of him that might fight her until he couldn't resist her call. The song reeled him in. When she saw the terror in his eyes, she smiled, showing teeth so sharp they weren't even close to human. Reaching her cold hands out to him, she pulled him into the sea with her, dragging him down under the water until the last of his air bubbled its way to the surface, vanishing in the crashing of waves.