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Dreaming Of You

The room was dark, the only light coming through the drapes over his window. The city lights provided little illumination, but combined with the moon Magnus had just enough light that if he got out of bed he wouldn't have had any trouble making his way around. Of course he could see very well in the dark anyway, but he disliked pitch black rooms as a rule.

No, it wasn't the light keeping him awake, nor was it that he wasn't tired.

In fact, Magnus mused, he didn't recall ever being quite so worn out in body and mind. The battle he'd fought in earlier had only last ten minutes, but the exhaustion he was feeling likely had more to do with the fact that he'd been exerting a lot of magic recently without enough time to recharge and relax. The White book Clary had given him had been too much of a temptation and than sharing his power with Alec through the bonding rune had worn him out to a very annoying degree. And he hadn't even made a dime off his time and labor. Talk about your disgrace of a warlock, he thought with a yawn, his eyes closing again. He was so, so tired, but he just couldn't nod off, probably because of the other reason he was so mentally worn out.


Wearily Magnus scrubbed his face with his hands, as if he could erase all thoughts of the Shadowhunter who'd somehow managed to capture his heart without even trying. One look into the man's baby blues and he'd been sunk before he'd even realized what was happening.

Alec knew how he felt…and had yet to say what his feelings were in return.

But Alec had kissed him in front of all the major members of the Clave and the Downlanders, Magnus reminded himself sternly, clinging to that fact. He wouldn't have done that, risked that, unless he cared. But how much did he care? And would the Shadowhunter have done it if he hadn't backed his love into a corner by threatening to cut all ties with him?

Wrapping his arms around himself for comfort Magnus wished that it was Alec he was holding. He'd give up more than he wanted to admit for the Shadowhunter to be with him. It wasn't even sex that he wanted, though he wanted that quite a bit. He just needed, after all that had happened, to hold onto the other man and know, to his bones, that they were safe and together.

Needing someone was more hellish than he'd previously imagined.

Cursing the weakness Alec inspired in him Magnus chose to tell himself that he was simply jealous of the fact that Alec was probably camped out in the medical center with the rest of his family, standing guard over Jace until the boy recovered from his heroic exploits. But no, that just inspired his treacherous mind to imagine all sorts of horrible scenes where Alec looked down at the battered body of his first love and suddenly decided that it didn't matter that Jace was in love with Clary and would never love him in return. The man he loved could be, as he thought it, holding Jace against him, promising to never leave his side again and-ugh.

Wincing, Magnus called himself every kind of fool there was as he stared up at the ceiling. And he had to stop or he was going to do something stupid, like visit the medical center and finish his rival off once and for all. He was a warlock after all, he could stoop so low as to kill someone while they were unconscious and unable to defend themselves.

Okay…that was a lie…he'd feel obligated to wake Jace up first.

Disgusted with himself, Magnus silently ordered his brain to cooperate as he got ahold of his exasperating thoughts. He was being as emotional as a mundane, and that had to stop before he couldn't look at himself in the mirror.

And he loved looking at himself in the mirror.

Closing his eyes determinedly Magnus was almost sliding into slumber when his sensitive ears picked up the sound of his door handle being moved.


The door opened with nary a sound, Magnus sensing rather than hearing it open and close as he kept his eyes shut, his mind struggling to engage. All thoughts of sleep leaving him the drowsy warlock remained loose but ready to pounce as he concentrated solely on evaluating his new arrival, his breathing slow and even. Whoever it was remained near the door, letting his or her eyes adjust to the dimness. His sense of self preservation wasn't kicking in so Magnus considered the possibility that perhaps it was simply someone who wanted to sneak a peek at a warlock of his renown. Or a thief perhaps, looking for the new spell book he'd so recently acquired.

Please, like he'd be stupid enough to leave that lying around.

Senses in tune with his visitor Magnus silently tracked his guest as the individual walked through the dark room, showing no interest in their surroundings as the shadowy figure walked over to the side of the bed.

Opening his eyes as soon as the figure stopped beside his bed, Magnus's golden eyes glowed hauntingly in the dark as he stared up at the man he'd recognized in some part of him right away.


"Oh. You are awake."

Blinking sleepily, his mind too tired for banter or flirting, Magnus was blunt and to the point as he guessed at the only reason Alec might be visiting him so late at night. "What's wrong? Is it Jace?"

Alec shook his head. "No, he's fine. Or at least he was when they kicked us out of the center. Well, all of us except for my mother. They're afraid of her over there and they knew better than to think she could be budged. The fact that he just needs to relax and rest hasn't quite computed with her yet."

"Then why are you here?"

There was a long pause, and Magnus heard the Shadowhunter take a deep breath before the Shadowhunter answered him.

"I wanted to…may I stay with you tonight?"

Alec's words registered, but Magnus automatically dismissed them as wishful thinking on the part of his overtaxed brain, asking Alec to repeat himself.

Again with the couple deep breaths before Alex repeated his earlier request.

"Of course." Magnus blurted out, even as he struggled to understand how this could be happening. Why this was happening. But Alec was sitting on his bed, his bed, and appeared to be removing the shoes from his feet. Alec was willingly removing an article of clothing in front of him. Then the answer came to him.

He was probably asleep and dreaming. Damn.

After the shoes were removed Alec looked over his shoulder as he took off his socks. "I wanted to say sorry too, for what my sister did. Isabelle told me that she tricked you into finding Jace for her by telling you I wanted you to do it. Not that I didn't want Jace found of course but…it was wrong of her to do that to you and I've told Izzy that she has to apology the next time she sees you. Let me know if she doesn't, okay?"

Magnus winced at the reminder of how easily he'd been tricked by Isabelle. That Jace's life had been saved as a result of his actions made it that much more annoying. Not that he didn't like the smug bastard, but he'd like the Shadowhunter a hell of a lot more if Alec didn't like Jace so damn much.

Another thought occurring to him, Magnus's eyes narrowed. "Do your parents know where you are?"

"I'm not a child who needs to check in with them." Was Alec's curt response, his voice softening with his next words. "But yes, they do know where I am. I didn't want to risk them checking in on me tonight and finding me gone. They've been through enough without them thinking something might have happened to me while they were unaware."

Huh. Well that proved his dream theory conclusively. And explained Alec's actions perfectly, Magnus mentally added. This was all a dream, so why shouldn't Alec be quite willing to tell his parents to their faces that he was spending the night in a bed with a warlock?

And then all thoughts left Magnus's head as he watched Alec pull off his shirt.

In the past the best he'd ever managed was to get his hands under Alec's clothes, the Shadowhunter always pulling away whenever he'd tried to take things further. And now here Alec was, stripping off his shirt…yup, he was definitely dreaming.



Rising to his feet Alec was glad he wasn't facing Magnus as he reached down to undo his belt. He had no doubt that he was blushing like an idiot, especially since he felt like one. Magnus was exhausted, he could hear it in the other man's voice. Not to mention the fact that his warlock would have made several sexual remarks by now if he were more awake and aware. Which meant yeah, Magnus was pretty much out for the count.

The irony was not lost on him.

He had spent their entire relationship holding Magnus off, and now that he'd finally decided to let Magnus have his wicked way with him the man wasn't up to it. Alec supposed it was only fair that he would spend this night particularly hot and achy, since he'd been leaving Magnus in that state for the past few weeks too. Then again, he'd spent those weeks just as turned on and frustrated, not that Magnus would believe that. His warlock struck Alec as being under the delusion that he was just too cowardly and embarrassed to go all the way with him and that that was his hang up. As if. Any celibate person would tell you that people not getting sex thought about it way more than the people getting it on a regular basis. He'd even be willing to bet that some of the dreams he'd had about Magnus would have the warlock blushing if he'd told him. Okay, maybe not blushing, since this was Magnus, but surprised as hell at the very least.

The thing that had actually been keeping his lustful urges in check had been the fact that he hadn't been able to reconcile his need for Magnus with his feelings for Jace. In his mind you couldn't love two people at once, so he'd been very confused and unwilling to use Magnus just for mindless sex. Call him old fashioned, but having sex with someone when you were in love with someone else had struck him as very wrong.

He now knew that he loved them in different ways and Magnus the most, which was one of the things he'd intended to tell the warlock before getting naked with him. But what was the point of confessing his feelings to the man if Magnus was too tired to comprehend what he was saying?

Damn but he had seriously lousy luck.

Alec considered just being up front with the warlock about his sexual availability, but that seemed both crass and rude considering Magnus's present energy levels. After all, it was partially his fault Magnus was too tired to rock his world and the bed the warlock was currently lying on.

But he could still sleep beside the man, Alec decided, which would fulfill the other need he had. The need to be close to Magnus now that the battle was past and they were both safe and together. He needed to feel together with Magnus, after coming so close to losing him through his own stupidity and war.

And so, with much blushing, Alec let his pants slide down his legs to pool at his feet. Stepping out of them, clad only in his boxers, Alec forced himself to turn and pull back the covers, sliding in beside his man.

Resting on his side Alec stared into Magnus's half closed, glowing eyes, wondering just how well the other man could see him. It was probably better that he didn't ask. He already felt horribly exposed and he was covered with blankets from his shoulder down.

Okay, Alec silently acknowledged, maybe Magnus wouldn't be completely wrong in thinking he was a little nervous about getting physically close to him. A little.

"You know you're tired when you don't have enough energy for sex even in your dreams."

Puzzled at Magnus's muttered words Alec blinked into the darkness. "What?"

"Well here we are, in my dream, and I'm so bloody exhausted that I don't even have the energy to feel you up. Talk about your lousy dreams. This would be G rated if it weren't for the fact that we're both men and your people are such homophobes."

"Wait…you think this is a dream?"

"You stripped in front of me and crawled almost naked into my bed. Yeah, this is a dream."

Part of Alec was annoyed that Magnus would think that, even as the other part of him said that Magnus had every right to believe that of him and that it was pointless to feel offended by it. But since he was feeling a little annoyed Alec carefully reached out and hoping his aim wasn't completely off placed his hand against the other man's flat stomach. "You aren't dreaming, Magnus." He pointed out wryly. "You can feel that right?"

Alec's eyes widened a little as Magnus's fingers wrapped around his wrist and returned the hand to Alec's side.

"Go to sleep, Dream Alec. Lying here beside you like this is torture enough without you touching me."

"It's torture for you to sleep beside me?"

"It is when I can't shag you deaf, blind and brainless."

Okay, now he really was seriously annoyed. Obviously Magnus didn't love him as much as the warlock claimed to if he didn't want to sleep with him if sex wasn't involved. Eyes flashing dangerously Alec sat up, glaring down at the warlock with fierce heat. "Well if it's such torture for you I'll leave you to your peaceful slumber, you ass."

Throwing aside the covers Alec was shifting to slide out of the bed when Magnus sat up as well behind him, wrapping his long, thin arms around Alec's waist as he cuddled up against the man's tense back, placing a tender kiss on Alec's bare shoulder.

"Don't go away." Magnus pleaded softly, placing another kiss beside the first. "I don't like you leaving me, even in a dream. You leave me too often. Stay, please." The please was punctuated with a yawn that reinforced just how sleepy the warlock was.

Going all mushy over the request and the sincerity in it Alec sighed. "Okay, lie back in bed. I'll stay."

When Magnus was once again lying on the bed on his back Alec turned and stretched out on his side, pressing up against the man's side so that he could have at least that much contact with his love. Adjusting the covers over both of them Alec leaned forward to place a brief, butterfly kiss against the warlock's cheek before settling in to sleep too. "Go to sleep now. I'm not going anywhere."

"Good." Was all Magnus said as he slipped unknowingly into sleep.


The next morning Magnus yawned long and hard as he stretched out, his arms above his head as he enjoyed the feeling of having had a good night's sleep. And thinking of the strange dream he'd had Magnus automatically looked in the direction of the empty place beside him. He'd dreamed Alec had crawled into bed with him, and it had been a surprisingly nice dream considering all they'd done was exchange a couple kisses.

Sighing, Magnus made a mental note to seek the Shadowhunter for some real kisses as he rolled over and onto his stomach.

Face buried in the pillow, Magnus's brows furrowed at the scent that teased his nose. Alec's scent. Coming from the pillow. A pillow that felt warm against his cheeks, not cool and unused.

Propping himself up on his elbows Magnus stared at the pillow and then shrugged it off as coincidence. It had been a dream, he reminded himself sternly. It had to have been.

Getting out of bed Magnus blinked when he spotted a folded piece of paper on the bedside table. A piece of paper that had definitely not been there when he'd gone to bed the night before. Reaching out for it with great curiosity, Magnus unfolded the paper and recognizing Alec's handwriting began to read.


I wish I could have stayed to prove to you that you weren't dreaming, but I was asked last night to join one of the search parties looking for Sebastian's body. Hopefully I'll be back before supper. I'll come looking for you.


P.S. Look in the mirror

With growing trepidation Magnus hurried over to the nearest mirror, studying his reflection in the glass for a clue.

It didn't take him long to see what Alec had been referring to.

Before he'd left the Shadowhunter had marked his neck with the biggest hickey the warlock had ever seen.