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Finally Yours

Both Magnus and Alec stared at Isabelle as she cried, the girl's chest heaving as she choked on her noisy sobs. Without having to be asked Magnus sat back up and than rolled over to lie on his back, cursing the fates as he felt the mattress move as Alec got off the bed.

Turning his head Magnus watched as Alec hurried over to stand in front of his sister, drawing her into an awkward hug that made it clear that hugging wasn't something he and Isabelle did often. But Isabelle didn't seem to care, she wrapped her arms around her big brother and added a waterfall of tears to the sweat that glistened off Alec's skin. Sweat he'd put there and now couldn't lick off, Magnus thought bitterly.

But the anger didn't last long. He understood. And so Magnus settled back in bed and watched Alec do the there, theres with some success. The mood was certainly lost, and Alec's parents would expect Alec to come see Jace for himself. That's what families did when a member of their group was in the hospital.

Once again, the fates had intervened.

Obviously no one had told them that he and Alec were the good guys.

Finally Isabelle had cried herself out, lifting her head from her brother's shoulder with much sniffling. Her cheeks were streaked with mascara and her eyes were red and puffy, but Alec thought it was good that she'd gotten it all out of her system. She'd been holding too much of it in and he'd been afraid she'd jump Simon or some other guy to try and deal with her feelings that way. Crying couldn't get her pregnant at least.

"Sorry." Rubbing at her eyes Isabelle really looked at her brother for the first time, noticing now the lack of shirt and the fact that there were several fresh hickeys decorating her brother's neck and chest. Slowly it dawned on her just what she'd interrupted before. "Opps."

"We're getting used to it." With one more pat on her back Alec turned her loose, struggling to find the right words without a lot of luck. "I need a quick shower and then we'll head to the hospital. Mom sent you to get me right?"

Isabelle nodded, sharing a look with her brother that conveyed their shared knowledge that he had no choice but to go with her now. Putting off the visit for even a half an hour would be out of the question in their mother's eyes.

Alec turned to give Magnus a rueful look, taking some comfort in the fact that Magnus seemed as resigned as he was.

Grabbing his clothes from the night before Alec headed for the bathroom to shower while Magnus got out of bed to help Isabelle repair the damage done by her crying jag.

Once she'd removed all of her make up Isabelle finally worked up the courage to apologize to her brother's boyfriend. "Sorry I ruined your plans for getting my brother naked this morning. Since you're still wearing the pants you were wearing last night…I'm right in assuming I ruined last night for you too?" Though at least both men had been bare chested, that was some progress, right?

Magnus gave her a rueful look as he handed her his mascara. "No, he recovered by the time we got back here. Unfortunately I got called away and by the time I got back from the meeting…well rolling around naked was out of the question."

"Ouch." Isabelle winced in sympathy. "I'm really, really sorry. Again."

"Fate just seems to be working that way." Shrugging his shoulders, Magnus tried to find the whole thing funny instead of painfully frustrating. The way things were going, the next time he got Alec in bed he was going to lose all control and say to hell with foreplay. He had skills, he could get Alec wet enough to take him without that much effort. He'd make it up to the other man later in very pleasurable ways afterwards. Surely once the deed was done the fates would give up screwing with them every time he and Alec got naked together.

It better work that way, or he was going demon on some asses, Magnus thought darkly. The fates wouldn't know what hit them.


By the time Alec came out of the bathroom Isabelle's make up was fixed and it wasn't brutally apparent that she'd cried her eyes out minutes before. Walking over to them Alec reached out to give her hair one quick stroke before giving her a questioning look. "You okay now?"

"Yeah. Sorry for losing it like that."

"It's okay. What's happened the last few weeks, well we all have quite a bit to deal with." Alec softly replied, deliberately not saying Max's name in case that set her off again. Lord knows just the thought of his brother was enough to make him want to do some weeping of his own.

Isabelle nodded, the lump in her throat keeping her from saying more.

Alec understood her expression, they were Shadowhunters after all. They did not express their emotions well in private, much less public. Repressing ones emotions was something that was taught to them from the cradle. Anything that would interfere with their duties was to be controlled and discarded whenever possible.

"Izzy, can you head out without me? I'll catch up to you, I just need to talk to Magnus about something first."

"Sure." Isabelle gave him a rueful look. Giving them a couple minutes alone was certainly the least she could do after all the problems she'd caused them. "I'll head Mom off and tell her you're on your way. See you later, Magnus. Thanks for letting me use your make up and stuff."

"Until the next interruption." Magnus worked up a grin, waving her off as she headed out and closed the door behind her. Turning his attention back to Alec, Magnus reached out to run his hands soothingly up and down the Shadowhunter's arms. "I just realized that you haven't mentioned Max once since he was killed. It's not good for you to bottle that sort of thing up, you know. It will always come back to haunt you if you don't deal with it."

"Bottling things up is one of the things Shadowhunters do best." But Alec leaned forward, placing his forehead against his man's. "And I am dealing with it in my own way. You're helping a lot. What happened with Max is actually one of the reasons I found the courage to take a risk on you, even knowing that the odds of me having a happily ever after with you were slim to none. Losing Max, knowing what it felt like to lose someone you love…I couldn't handle the thought of losing you too. Having you in my life makes it bearable. You make it worth facing another day."

"Alec." Unable to say anything more Magnus wrapped his arms around the Shadowhunter, holding the man close as he absorbed Alec's words and the love behind it. He could feel in his heart that Alec meant it, and that made his own love feel that much huger.

With a sigh, Alec returned the hug, thinking that their timing continued to suck royally as he realized what he'd just done. "I meant to tell you that I love you in a more romantic way, sorry."

"All that matters is that you feel it." Was Magnus's heartfelt response. "And FYI, you couldn't get rid of me now. Just not gonna happen. You're stuck with me now."

"Sounds good to me."

The kiss they shared was slow and loving, the two men holding each other close as their eyes reflected their love for each other. Neither wanted the kiss to end, and it did seem to go on and on before they finally broke apart, knowing that they couldn't keep kissing if they didn't want Alec's mom interrupting them shortly.

The last thing they needed was for Maryse Lightwood to decide that Magnus was a bad influence on her son. They had enough problems without adding unnecessary ones.

Magnus framed Alec's face between his hands and kissed the man's forehead. "You better get going before I forget why I can't throw you on the bed and have my very wicked way with you."

Voice going soft and seductive, Alec's blue eyes glowed with promise as he placed his hands over top of Magnus's. "I have to head for the hospital, but I shouldn't be gone more than two hours at most. While I'm out you're going to use all your warlock powers to barricade this room so that when I get back we'll both know that there isn't a chance in hell of anyone getting through to interrupt us again. We are going to spend hours making love to each other and not even another war is going to stop us, got it?"

Magnus grinned, liking the idea very much. "Sounds like a plan."

"And just to give you some added incentive." A purr coming into his voice Alec called upon his well known stubbornness to say what he wanted to say without hesitation or embarrassment. "You asked me what you forgot last night. Have the room ready when I get back and I'll show you what you forgot you did."

Moving forward Magnus gave the Shadowhunter a final, heated kiss. "It's a deal."


Alec leaned back against the hospital wall, doing his best not to glance at his watch or the nearest wall clock. His mother had made it clear the last three times she'd caught him at it that she didn't appreciate his eagerness to leave. He felt like pointing out that Jace, the man they were all there to see, had said he could go, but Alec knew better than to think that that wouldn't make things worse. His mother was not to be toyed with at the moment.

"If you want to make a break for it I'll come up with an excuse for you." Isabelle whispered from her seat at the side of Jace's bed, understanding her brother's agitation.

"As good as you are at coming up with believable excuses I think I'd better just bid my time. Thanks though." Turning his attention back to Jace, who was propped up on his pillows, Alec gave him a looking over. "How long are visiting hours here, anyway?"

Jace shrugged, not at all happy to be in the hospital either. "How should I know? I've been unconscious since I got here."

"Which is your own damn fault." Isabelle pointed out, giving her honorary brother a dark look. "So just lie there and let Mom fuss over you. She's been harassing the staff here since you arrived and the least you can do for the men and women who saved your life is to heal quickly so that Mom will leave them alone."

"I feel so loved." Was Jace's sarcastic reply.

"You should." Alec told him softly, his gaze piercing as it met Jace's. "Because you are."

"Even though I can be a complete assehole?"

Alec gave the other man a small smile, understanding that Jace was asking if he was forgiven for his callous treatment of Alec's feelings for him before. "I think it's safe to say that we've all become very accustom to your assehole tendencies. We love you anyway." And now Alec's smile widened a little more. "I'd love you more if you could tell Mom that you need to sleep and that we should all leave you to it."

"Leave it to me."

And sure enough, in less than ten minutes Jace had convinced Mrs. Lightwood that they should all head out so that he could sleep in peace. He was a very convincing liar after all. The elder Lightwoods headed out to get some lunch while Isabelle headed off to take to Aline to see about getting a dress for the party that was apparently going to be held to celebrate the victory over Valentine.

Alec covertly pretended interest in hanging out with Isabelle and Aline, ditching his sister as soon as they were out of sight of their parents. After a quick good bye to his sister Alec headed straight back to the inn Magnus was staying at, walking a great deal faster than was entirely necessary.

Knocking on the door when he arrived at his destination Alec's heart was beating loudly in his chest as the door opened to reveal a wickedly smiling Magnus. "Sorry it took so long."

Magnus just held out a hand, pulling the Shadowhunter into the room.

While Magnus sealed the door off with is magic Alec stared around the room in a daze, taking in the changes Magnus had made to the room in his absence. The drapes had been pulled so that no light came into the room, the light provided by the various sized white candles scattered throughout the room. The bed had been turned down and there was music playing, something low and romantic sounding.

The whole scene was romantic.

Turning around to find Magnus smiling at him Alec moved into the man's arms with a contented sigh, exchanging several slow, heart stirring kisses. There was no hurry now, they both knew somehow that there would be no interruptions this time. That nothing and no one would now or ever be able to stand in the way of the love they had for each other.

Undoing the buttons of Alec's shirt Magnus slid the material off the Shadowhunter's shoulders, Alec letting the man go just long enough to let it slide off him and onto the floor. Magnus's shirt soon joined his and the two held each other close, fingers moving to stroke the other's bare back.

Moving together they headed for the bed, separating when they arrived to do away with the rest of their clothing. Alec blushed the whole time, but Magnus had always found the flush to be sexy as hell. Especially since he knew he was the cause of it.

Then they were both completely naked for the first time together and neither could think of anything else.

Taking a seat on the bed Alec turned and stretched out in the blankets, looking up at his lover with a mixture of nerves and complete trust. Lifting his arms, Alec silently asked the warlock to come into them, a smile crossing his lips when Magnus did exactly that.

Bracing himself up on his arms Magnus leaned down to take possession of Alec's mouth, kissing the other man long and deep as he used his tongue to explore the inside of the Shadowhunter's mouth.

Refusing to play the passive role again Alec dug his fingers into the warlock's back as he subtly rolled his hips up against Magnus's, panting at the pleasure that caused as their erections rubbed up against each other's.

All put purring his approval Magnus broke off the kiss to move to Alec's neck, speaking in between kisses. "You said that you'd tell me what I forgot from last night."

"So I did." And calling upon all his nerve Alec kept one hand on Magnus's back and slid the other around the warlock's waist, trailing his hand downward before the other man realized just what he was up to. Wrapping his fingers around his lover's erection Alec's dark blue eyes heated as he heard Magnus give a surprised moan at the contact. "This is what you forgot doing to me last night."

Burying his face against the side of Alec's neck, Magnus's eyes closed as he concentrated solely on the feel of Alec's calloused fingers against his erection. Years of using the bow and arrow had given the pads of the man's fingers a very appealing texture that felt incredible against the sensitive skin, driving Magnus crazy as the man's fingers subtly worked him over.

"Keep that up and I'm not going to be of any use to you." Magnus whispered hoarsely, knowing that he had to call a halt to the pleasurable torment.

"We've got hours." Was Alec's husky reply.

Groaning at that Magnus forced himself to sit up, staring down at Alec's passion filled face. Reaching out he stroked the man's cheek, biting down on his bottom lip when Alec's fingers squeezed him in response. Fighting to keep himself in check Magnus's cat eyes burned with passionate intent. "We'll use every one of those hours, but right now I need to spread your legs, Alec. I have to be inside of you."

Quivering at the man's words and the heat behind them Alec reluctantly let the warlock go and spread his legs, his blush growing as Magnus moved between them, the warlock's long, slender fingers moving down to position the Shadowhunter's legs.

"Trust me, Alec."

"I trust you. I love you."

Eyes meeting, the two lost themselves in each other's gaze, Alec's hands moving instinctively over Magnus's shoulders and back while Magnus's moved to stroke and prepare the Shadowhunter's body for what was to come.

And when both of them were ready the two joined their bodies to become one, moving slowly and tenderly into each other as they discovered the physical power of their love for each other. Fingers digging in as their passions flared hotter and hotter, they kept their eyes on each other as they lost themselves.



Both came with a passion that stunned them, power and love meeting with explosive results that had them both reeling and hanging onto the other for dear life.

When he could speak Magnus braced back up on his hands, looking down at his well satisfied lover with a very similar expression on his face. "Worth the wait?"

Alec smiled back, drawing Magnus down for a kiss. "Yeah. You are."

The End