/Author's Note: This is an assignment I had to turn into my creative writing class turned into a 100 theme challenge. We had to write a small story where we utalized the golden writing rule of showing, rather than telling. I actually wrote this with Tai and Sora in mind, I've been watching too much Digimon. I was writing it as I browsed through my writing notebook when I found a 100 theme challenge list and decided to just do it for this story. I figured why the heck not and meanwhile, maybe it'll give me some inspiration for some of my other stuff as I write. Anyway this first one is Sora's POV. The POV's will probably change to whatever I see fit for the current theme I'm writing for. Enjoy.

Show Off

"Would you stop that already? It's getting so annoying."

I twisted my mouth into a frown, to show how much I didn't appreciate his constant need of attention. Apparently he didn't think much of it, or he was used to it, because he kept doing it. Juggling and throwing those stupid rubber balls into the air, as if he were some sort of circus clown. Not only that, he had this over jovial grin plastered on his face that greatly contrasted mine. He let out another cheerful laugh and I winced slightly. At the moment, that sound was like a screaming banshee to me. At the moment I hated all things cheerful and happy.

"Come on, smile. So what if he said no? I'm still here!" He said catching another ball in his hand and throwing it back up in the air. However, for a second he couldn't spot it because he had thrown it a little too high in the air and it became camouflaged within the bright glare of the sun. His eyes narrowed as he tried to spot the ball but then-

BONK! It hit him square on the head.

Both of us sat there for a moment, blinking and trying to take in the moment. I was trying my best to suppress a building laugh inside of me, but when it reached the point when I felt as if I was going to burst underneath the pressure, I let it all out. The raucous laugh shook my entire body, as if I was going through an earthquake, and tears prickled at the side of my eyes. I wiped the tears away, but laughter just continued. Soon enough, it became too contagious for him and he joined in too, the booming baritones of his laughter moving the ground beneath us.

Miraculously, I was (somewhat) able to get my laughter to down a chuckle. I reached out and grasped his arm around my petite fingers and said, "Come on, show off. Let's go and get some ice cream."

He gave me another one of his overly cheerful grins again but this time, I honestly didn't mind it so much.

/Author's Note: So that's it. As for the incident mentioned in the one-shot... I'll leave that up to your imaginations. There won't (probably) be any Taiora in this but you are always more then welcome to interpret it any way you'd like. If you think you see mentioning or hints of it, more power to you. As always, reviews are greatly appreciated and thanks for reading.