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He honestly wouldn't change a thing about them.

He wouldn't change their past or their current present. He wouldn't change the way he hugs her, with his arms all the way around her like he's protecting her from harm. He wouldn't change the way she would complain about him suffocating her when he hugs her too tight or the way they bicker after he insists he's not "crushing her to death".

He wouldn't change the way she's so willing to help him with all of his problems, especially when it comes to school. He doesn't want the way that that every time he doesn't pay attention, she smacks him in frustration and then they begin to argue all over again to change.

He likes that sometimes she'll bring him cookies and when he tastes them, he'll complain that they're burnt. Of course she'll retort that they aren't, so then they argue about that too.

They seem to argue a lot, at least every hour. But he wouldn't change that either.

Change is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes it brings in good things, most of the time it seems to bring in bad though. He's okay with that though, he can deal with, he knows he can.

The one thing he knows life will never change is their friendship. It's something special, something that only comes ever once in a blue moon. It doesn't matter how many times a day they argue or how much they insist they'll never talk to each other again. They both know that eventually they'll drift back to one another, and it'll be like nothing ever happened.

There honestly isn't a thing he would change about their friendship because he's happy with it, exactly as the way it was right now.

And he knows he'll stay happy with it for the rest of his life.

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