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Shippou took off his baseball cap to wipe the sweat from his brow. For the past hour, he'd walked around campus giving a tour to visitors and new students. It was a nice part-time job that he enjoyed doing. It gave him a chance to meet new people and see what everyone on campus was up to. The group stopped in front of Westwood halls. Shippou wanted to save the best for last. He stretched out his arms grinning excitedly as he showed off his favorite dorm which housed his friends.

"And here is the famous Westwoods Halls. It's the most expensive and popular dormitory on campus. Only the rich can afford to live in its luxury apartment like rooms. It has five floors with two elevators, over ten different floor plans to choose from, and every apartment has a balcony or patio. It also houses some of the most powerful, prestigious, and popular youkai on campus like Inuyasha Taisho, our star quarterback from the youkai football team."

"Inuyasha? The guy who's constantly on sports news every time I turn on the TV?" a guy asked. "Oh man, I watch his games every time Saturday morning. The guy is amazing!"

"We haven't lost yet with Inuyasha on the team," Shippou said proudly. "He's also my best friend," he bragged.

"Really? Inuyasha is so handsome of course he would have a cute little best friend like you," a girl standing in front said.

Shippou blushed. "Um thanks," he continued, "Sesshoumaru Taisho, Inuyasha's, half-brother, also lives there."

"Sesshoumaru!" An excited mumble went through the crowd. "I heard he's a senior and already has billions of dollars."

"He's like the richest guy on campus."

Shippou cleared his throat loudly to get their attention. "Sesshoumaru guards the campus and makes it safe for humans and youkai alike to live here. We've had a very low death rate since he's joined the youkai police force."

"Well, that's good to know," a guy said turning slightly pale.

"And last but not least on our famous person list is Miroku Sagura. Most you already know him from his off campus performances."

"Miroku!" A group of girls screamed at once. "We're his biggest fan club. He's like the hottest college singer out there."

"Forget singing, more like the hottest man out there."

"Oh my goodness I hope we see him."

"Actually girls, Miroku is a youkai. Most people think he's human, but he isn't," Shippou said.

"Miroku is a youkai? How hot is that? That's like hotter than the hottest!" The girls screamed.

Shippou rolled his eyes. 'Good grief,' he thought. He hoped they didn't decide to come here next year. Miroku had enough women chasing after him even though he was mated to Sango. He suppose it was all part of Miroku being an incubus.

"Oh…My...Gods..." a guy said putting emphasis on each of the words.

Shippou turned around to see a young man gawking up the long steps to the dormitory. Whatever had enthralled the young man attracted all the attention of the other guys in the group. They pushed themselves to the front and stared in complete infatuation.

Shippou knew exactly who they were watching. It had to be one or all of the girls walking down the steps. From the men reactions, he'd say it was all the girls. He slowly turned around preparing himself to see the vision of beauties. No matter how many times he saw them, they always managed to stun him. Seriously, the girls should have never been allowed to set foot outside after their transformation from bonding with their youkai mates. They had become far too beautiful for their own good and caused way too much excitement and trouble.

Kagome, Rin and Sango walked, no floated, down the steps. They were too engaged in their conversation with each other to notice the attention they were attracting. Shippou called them "The Goddesses" because they were the most beautiful women on campus, the nickname had caught on and everyone began to know the girls by that name.

Kagome was gorgeous. She had the body of a supermodel. Her legs seem to go on forever. Her hair was long and perfect. It hung down to her waist in a luxurious raven black with snow white highlights. Everything about her seemed to be perfect: her intelligent brown eyes, her glowing golden skin and her dazzling smile.

Rin was a petite little thing that looked so fragile; she almost looked like she'd break. Her beauty resembled that of an angel. She was exquisite with delicate features, pale white skin, long wavy black hair and beautiful silver eyes. She carried herself in a regal manner just like Sesshoumaru.

Sango was the most alluring beauty of the two. Everything about her - the way she moved and spoke - was filled with sensuality. She was slightly taller than the other two with all the curves in the right places and a body built perfectly to lure any man to her. Her eyes were dark, mysterious, and hypnotizing. She wore her long black hair in a high ponytail exposing her sexy high cheek bones, flawless white skin, and full red lips.

"Who are they? They are the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen?" One of the guys whispered as if he was afraid to speak too loudly.

Shippou always laughed at the reactions the guys- human and youkai alike- had whenever the girls passed by. He snickered. "We call them "The Goddesses" they are the mates of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and Miroku."

"I knew it," a girl said throwing her hands up in the air. "Women that beautiful always get the beautiful men."

"That's it, I've made up my mind. This is the university I'm going to," one of the guys said seriously.

"Um...if you're going just because of "The Goddesses" then you're better off at another university. Their youkai men are very protective and very possessive of them. You try to hit on those girls and you might just get killed on the spot, that is, if the girls don't beg them to spare your life. Look but don't touch people. And, make it a very quick look, staring too long tends to attract their mates attention."

"Scary..." a girl said.

"I wish I was a youkai's mate. It would be nice to have someone think I'm important," a soft feminine voice caught Shippo's ears.

He looked for the girl who had mumbled to herself. She probably didn't think anyone heard her since she spoke so quietly. He found her standing alone. Shippou could tell she was a human and a very pretty one at that. She couldn't have been no more than 5'2 and stood a few steps from the crowd, probably to keep from being knocked over. Her big beautiful amber eyes widen in surprise when she saw him watching her. Golden brown hair fell in soft curls around her shoulders as she quickly looked away. She wore a cute little yellow dress with lace around the arms and collar.

'She looks just like a living doll,' Shippou thought to himself.

"I can't believe he's going to do it!"

Shocked voices cause him to turn around to see what was going on. He groaned out loud in annoyance when he saw one of the guys making his way to the girls. "Idiot," he mumbled and began walking towards the guy. 'Why don't they ever listen?' he thought.

Kagome, Rin, and Sango were laughing over something they were discussing when the guy appeared in front of them cutting off their path. They stopped and stared at him in surprise.

"Hi," he said blushing deeply, his eyes going from one girl to the next. "I couldn't help but notice you from afar and I had to tell you how beautiful I think you are - all of you."

Rin giggled.

Kagome raised an eyebrow and glanced around hoping Inuyasha wasn't nearby.

Sango looked him up and down wondering what his spirit energy tasted like.

Kagome was the one who finally spoke. "Um, thank you very much. How sweet of you to notice. We'll be on our way now."

The girls smiled at him and tried to pass. The overzealous young man stopped them by holding out his arms blocking their path.

Shippou cursed. "He's going to die," he mumbled. If any of his group saw a human get killed, they'd probably change their minds about attending and the school council would blame him. He did not need this right now.

"Please tell me your names so that I may engrave them in my heart forever," the young man said looking completely love struck.

"Is he for real?" Sango asked.

"Look guy, you don't need to know our names, what you need to do is run away, very far away," Kagome told him in a no nonsense manner.

"But why would I want to run away from such lovely creatures?"

"You don't get it, you just don't get it," Kagome sighed.

"Let him stay," Rin said. "I want to hear more. Tell us, again, how beautiful we are?"

"Rin, you're going to get him killed," Kagome whispered to her.

Sango leaned over and sniffed him. "Mmm, you smell delicious." Her voice became low and husky as she gave him an alluring smile.

He stared into her seductive eyes. "You are so turning me on..." he whispered.

Sango smiled and circled around him as she ran a finger down his back. The young man shivered.

Shippou began to run when he saw Sango beginning to lure in her prey. Whenever she circled around a man and touched him, it meant she was checking out her next meal.

"What are you doing, Sango?" A dark voice suddenly asked behind her. Sango stiffened. She knew it was Miroku before she turned around. "Hi honey..."

"Step away from the human," Miroku ordered.

Sango pouted but did as she was told. "You never let me have any fun."

Kagome swallowed. If Miroku was here that meant...his best friend was somewhere nearby. She winced when she heard him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Inuyasha growled suddenly appearing between the girls and the guy.

"I'm Mark," the guy turned pale as he stared up at Inuyasha's towering intimidating form.

"Well Mark, why are you harassing the girls? I saw them try to leave and you stopped them," Miroku said crossing his arms.

"I couldn't help myself they're just so beau..." Mark didn't finish.

Inuyasha put his foot in his stomach and sent him flying backwards down the steps. "I don't give a damn what your excuse is. Stay away or die."

Sesshoumaru appeared beside Inuyasha. "Well done little brother." He turned to Rin. "How dare you enjoy compliments from other men."

"Oh boy," Kagome said dryly.

Sesshoumaru sent her a warning look. Kagome smiled at him sweetly. Inuyasha grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. He buried his nose in her neck to see if the strange man had gotten his scent on her. Satisfied, when he didn't smell anything different, he smiled and deeply breathe in her sweet scent.

Shippou caught the guy before his head hit the steps below and sighed in relief. "Didn't I tell you those girls were dangerous? You're lucky their mates didn't kill you."

"I..I.." Mark stuttered and ran back to the group who stared back in shock and awe.

"Sorry guys," Shippou told the angry youkai. "You know how new people can get..." He waved at them and ran away before Sesshoumaru, Miroku and Inuyasha turned their anger on him.

"Tourists, how cute," Rin said watching them leave.

"You will stay away from them!" Sesshoumaru demanded. Tourist. He hated tourist. They were always doing stupid things like this.

Kagome shivered with pleasure as Inuyasha pulled her hair back and licked the teeth marks that permanently stayed between her neck and shoulder. They never seemed to fade because he kept biting her whenever their lovemaking got out control. Rin had the same mark in the same spot. The only one that didn't have it was Sango. They figured it was a dog youkai thing. It was Sesshoumaru's and Inuyasha's way of marking their territory despite the telling symbols on the girls' foreheads. "Inuyasha," she blushed and tried to pull away from him as he purred in her ear. She suppose he was pleased that she tried to chase away Mark. The other girls had wanted him to stick around for their amusement.

"Mine," Inuyasha whispered in her ear sending erotic shivers down her spine.

Okay, she had to get away from him. She did not need to go to class all hot and aroused because of him. He chuckled softly. She knew he was reading her mind.

"Sango, were you about to feed on that guy?" Miroku asked although he already knew the answer.

"What am I supposed to do when you're not around? Starve?" Sango asked crossing her arms. "We agreed that if you couldn't get to me when I'm hungry then I could snack, remember?"

Miroku growled. "Yeah, but only if you called me and I wasn't able to make it, you didn't call me."

Sango gave him a guilty smile. "Oops, sorry, I keep forgetting that part. Besides, you snack all the time."

"That's because I have to feed you as well as myself," Miroku reminded her.

"Well you wouldn't have to if you'd just let me find my own food."

"Never! I'm the man, I provide."

They stopped when they noticed everyone staring at them with strange looks on their faces. Sango and Miroku had the most interesting arguments. Kagome didn't think she'd ever get use to them discussing people as if they were food.

Rin tilted her head. "Why don't you ever let her feed on her own, Miroku?"

Miroku turned to her, his dark eyes becoming intense with anger as he spoke, "because, men tend to want to have sex with Sango while she's feeding on them. It's a very erotic experience for them and Sango can't stop once she starts, which means, she'll more likely end up having sex with them just to get more of their energy and that's something I cannot allow."

"Yikes," Rin said with a sour expression, "too much info!"

"Come on, I'll walk you to class." Inuyasha said grabbing Kagome's hand.

"No, go away, we're having girl time here," Kagome told him.

"Feh," Inuyasha said dragging her with him. "Girl time is overrated."

"Hey!" Kagome said and sighed as she watched the other girls get dragged away too. "I'll talk to you later!" She told them. They all waved good bye to each other as they were pulled in different directions by their mates.

Kagome glanced up at Inuyasha as he walked down the steps with one arm draped lightly around her shoulders. She smiled softly. Three months had passed since she became his life mate. She was still learning new things about herself and Inuyasha. She couldn't believe she had such devastating effects on the guys on campus. Even the girls stopped to stare at her with envious admiration. They had labeled her and her friends "The Goddesses." She shook her head at the silly nick name.

Before, she was a normal student that people hardly knew; now she was one of the most popular girls, other than Rin and Sango, on campus. Everywhere she went people knew her name and spoke to her as if they were excited to see her. When she was alone, people constantly wanted to talk to her and become friends with her. When she was with the girls, she was admired and watched constantly. And, when she was with Inuyasha, she heard people going "Awww don't they make the cutest couple." She and Inuyasha had been labeled in the school's newspaper as the hottest couple on campus. Kagome felt like a nobody who had suddenly turned into a movie star overnight.

Inuyasha gave Kagome a smile when she glanced up at him. He picked up a lock of her white hair and admired the way it gleamed in the sunlight. Never in his life had he been so happy to finally have someone that belonged to him. Everything on Kagome's body, everything about her personality, belonged to him. She was so gorgeous that every guy on campus noticed her no matter where she went. Hell, even he had to stop and stare whenever she passed by. All the girls either wanted to be her best friend or worst enemy. He knew Kagome thought she was only popular because she was his mate. He tried to tell her that being his mate might have gotten people's attention, but it was her wonderful, friendly, personality that made people want to be around her. He knew she would eventually become very popular the first few days he'd known her. Kagome had a smile that could light up the room and she had a way of making people feel good by just being herself. She had a light inside of her that shone brightly and that was what made people want to get close to her and it annoyed the hell out of him when everyone tried to get her attention when he was with her.

"Inuyasha, I forgot to tell you that my class is taking a trip today to visit chefs at some very fancy restaurants. I'm so excited."

Inuyasha frowned. He never liked the idea of Kagome leaving campus without him.

"Will you stop that," she said reading his mind. "I'll be fine. Besides, you know every move I make and I got superhuman strength now. You should cut me some slack."

"The only time you are ever safe is when you're with me," Inuyasha said. "I could care less about your superhuman strength or that I can see where you're at. There are still youkai in the city that can hurt you."

"You are never going to change are you?" Kagome asked laughing softly. She would have gotten annoyed if she didn't love him so much.

"Never, so get used to it," Inuyasha said grumpily. "How long will you be gone?"

"I don't know," Kagome shrugged.

"It doesn't feel right when you're not near me," Inuyasha admitted.

"I know, I get the same way," Kagome said. "But it's for the sake of my cooking career. Hey maybe I'll learn something new and cook it this weekend."

Inuyasha's face lit up. He loved Kagome's cooking. He knew she was going to be a famous chef one day. After eating her food, nothing he ate ever measured up to it. "Well, okay, I guess it won't be so bad."

Kagome laughed.

"Just be careful and let me know if something happens and you need me to pick you up. I'll be checking in on you."

"Inuyasha could you try not to do that when I'm with my classmates. They still haven't gotten over the time I nearly passed out when you first did it."

"Don't ask me not to do it. I can't help myself. I have to know where you're at when you're not around me. I need to know you're okay."

Kagome sighed. When he said it that way, she knew she had to give in. "Okay, just don't do anything to make me embarrass myself. I'm still getting use to all of this."

They stopped in front of her building. Inuyasha smiled and kissed her on the cheek. He slapped her affectionately on her behind. "Go on to class and behave. I'll be watching!"

Kagome walked away grumbling about missing the days when she had privacy. Inuyasha only laughed as he watched her go into the building. Yep, the days couldn't get any sweeter than this. He turned around whistling happily to himself as he walked away.

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