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Watching two of the men in her life snipe at each other, she moved just a bit further into the shadows. 'Brenda's back in town, what a whole day and it's already begun.' A nasty smirk formed on her face as the petty brunette stood between the two men. Hearing the verbal exchange, Carly sighed heavily. She didn't have to wait long before Jason and Sam walked into Kelly's. 'This just keeps getting better and better.'

Rolling her eyes, at Sam's exaggerated hobble, Carly forced herself to remain where she was hidden. Tampering down her emotions, she listened to what each person said as she noted everyone's body language. Twisting her wedding ring, Carly narrowed her eyes at the scene before her. 'What do I really want? Where do I fit in? Do I fit in?'

Hearing her name startled Carly, bringing her back to the present. Shock slammed her like a ton of bricks. 'Lorenzo was right. All this time, he was right and I didn't notice it.' Thinking back on the past few years, things started to become clearer for her. Nodding her head, she blinked away the tears that had started to form in her eyes. 'It's time to take your head out of the sand and face the facts.'

Twisting around, Carly slowly left the dinner. In a fog she walked. 'When did it all change? Where the hell was I?' Sinking down on a park bench, Carly blankly looked around her. Pulling out her cell phone, she checked for messages. There were only two, one was from Michael and the other was from her lawyer. 'When was the last time any of them called me?'

Slowly she breathed in and out, using the calming technique that Jason had tried to teach her. White puffs formed as she breathed out. Hitting the play button, she listened to Michael rant about Johnny before he demanded that she do something. Shaking her head, Carly numbly hit the delete button. Grumbling, she listened to Diane's message. 'She thinks I'm being unreasonable. I never should have married him.'

She wasn't prepared for the steel hand that covered her mouth nor the fear the paralyzed her. She felt her body being hauled backwards.


Staring blankly at her shower wall, she took shallow breaths. Clicking noises were starting to penetrate the fog within in her mind. Her body shook from the cold, no matter how hot the shower water was. The dense fog of steam did help to heat her either.

Her hands stung, her whole body ached. The clicking noises were getting louder as her heart started to pound with fear. Catching her breath, she placed her hands along her mouth. Only to relax as she realized that the clicking noises were her teeth chattering. Blearily she wondered how she was going to get of her soaked clothes, but she'll worry about that once she stops shaking.

She just couldn't seem to stop shaking.