Waving to her friend, Diane patiently waited for Alexis to take her seat. The two of them were often seen eating at the Metro Court. After Alexis ordered her drink, Diane got down to business.

"Carly wants a divorcé, custody of Josslyn, and full interest in the hotels and Crimson," Diane stated.

"Well, she certainly wants a lot," Alexis laughed. "Did you tell her that it's not going to happen?"

"What does Jax say?" Diane inquired softly still hoping that Carly will change her mind.

"That he'll divorcé her when hell freezes over," Alexis stated. She sighed happily when the waiter returned with their drinks. "This is just what I need."

"She has Jax dead to rights on his extra martial affairs with Katie Howard, Skye Quartermaine, and recently Brenda Barrett," Diane informed Alexis, who looked amazed. "She has proof of his infidelity. She also has hard proof of several illegal business practices. I would call Jax and advise him to grant Carly her divorcé and all of her demands."

"Hard proof?" Alexis snorted not buying it for a minute.

"She sent over a copy of some of the proof she has," Diane whispered as she handed a plain envelope to Alexis. "He's looking at hard time and lots of it. This is just the tip of the iceberg."

Alexis pulled out several sheets from the envelope. Carefully she reviewed them, before putting them back. Reaching over, she grabbed her drink and chugged it down. "How serious is she?"

"Extremely, she wants what she requested and she has given a timeline of under two weeks to make it happen," Diane stated as she too chugged down her drink.

"Oh god," Alexis whispered as she pulled out her cell phone.

"God has nothing to do with it," Diane rebuffed.


"That's the last of it," Morgan announced as he plopped down on the couch. "So are we ordering pizza?"

"In a few minutes, Michael can you come sit down?" Carly requested. She waited until her boys were sitting next to her on the couch. "I know that Jason has called, but I can't seem to find any messages from him. Do either of you know anything about that?"

"Maybe the answering machine is broken?" Morgan offered as he looked away from his mother.

"How do you know? Jason hasn't come by to see you?" Michael deflected.

"Caller Id," Carly rebuffed their attempts at deflecting the blame. "Am I missing anything?"

"No, it all has to do with Sonny," Morgan answered defeated. "Jason wants to talk to you about him and Claire."

"Well, Sonny is a big boy and Claire knows the score. They can take care of themselves. Any other phone calls?" Carly inquired.

"A few calls from Sonny regarding Olivia. One from Sam, just asking you to call back," Michael gave up.

"We need a new answering machine. Put your clothes away, and while you're doing that I'll call for pizza and return a few phone calls," Carly offered as she gestured towards the boxes labeled cloths. "Expect dinner in an hour, so no snacking on anything."

"Yes mama," coursed both Michael and Morgan as they got up off the couch. Each boy picked up a box and race up the stairs.

Picking up the phone, Carly dialed Jason's number. She didn't have to wait long before his service picked up. "We're at my house, everything is fine. Need a new cell phone and answering machine. Bye."


Flipping open his cell, Jason noted that there was a message from Carly. 'Finally.' Pulling off his helmet, he hit the play button. Hearing her detached voice relay a simple message before she hung up, Jason knew that something was wrong. 'Short and sweet has never been her forte What the hell is she planning now?'

Silently Jason entered the house. Hearing Carly ordering pizza from the family room, Jason decided to check on the boys. At the landing, he heard Michael and Morgan plotting. Entering the room, Jason was shocked by the cold greeting he received.

"Told you," Morgan stated as he closed the bedroom door. "Has mama seen you?"

"No," Jason replied. "What's going on?"

"How's Sam? Maybe you should get back to her," Michael coolly stated as he gestured towards the door.

"Michael," Jason demanded softly as he slipped off his leather jacket.

"Why do you care now? Are you here about Sonny?" Michael hissed as his temper started to get the better of him. "Just go back to Sam."

"Morgan," Jason demanded gently as he placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Mama was attacked. She said that she called you but you were busy with Sam. When you called here, all you wanted to talk about was Sonny. You didn't even ask about her," Morgan replied as he shook off Jason's hand.

"How the hell do you think she got home? The motorcycle fairy," Jason snapped hotly. Seeing the boy he always thought of as his son, pale, Jason took a deep breath. "This is the last time I ever listen to your mother."

"Sure, you say that now. In fact you always say that," Michael snickered defusing the tension within the room. "Do you know who hurt her?"

"She fought the guy off. He was running away by the time I arrived on the scene," Jason plainly stated.

"Any ideas?" Michael questioned as he narrowed his eyes at the normally cool man,

"Some, but none I care to share," Jason bluntly informed both Michael and Morgan. Laying a gentle hand on Morgan's shoulders he forestalled the interrogation. "Has she been to the hospital yet?"

"Why? So you can blow it off?"Michael sneered as he crossed his arms over his chest. He took a step back, when Jason's eyes became colder. "She went to the woman's clinic outside of town yesterday. They preformed a ra…ah.. a kit on her, came back negative. Several bruised ribs, tons of soft tissue damage and her face… she might need plastic surgery."

"The two of you will have new guards come tomorrow. Do not lose them," Jason commanded. He watched as knowledge bloomed in Michael's eyes, as he swallowed down the curse word on his tongue.

"I've taken over the hotel for mama. I don't know how she handles that place. Sonny had to be escorted out by security," Michael replayed coolly to Jason.

"Why?" Morgan questioned confused.

"Fired Olivia?" Jason probed.

"Yes," Michael answered honestly.

"Good, maybe now she and Dante will leave," Morgan stated as she shook his head. "He's still after me to spend time with him."

"What are you not telling me?" Jason demanded softly.

"Dante said that if I didn't spend time with him, he wouldn't stand up for Michael at his parole hearing," Morgan whispered as his shoulder slumped. "I don't want to spend time with him. But I don't want Michael going back to prison either!"

"You won't have too," Jason reassured Morgan.

"Jason," Michael whispered scared. He observed the anger slipping out of Michael, leaving a scared little boy standing in front of him. Looking over to Morgan, he noted that he was just as scared if not more so.

"Trust me, I'm working on it," Jason answered. "Neither of us are going back there. Stay up here for a bit. I'm going to talk to your mother," Jason ordered.

"Where was her guard when this was happening?" Morgan wondered as he went back to putting his clothes away.

'Good question,' Jason thought as he softly closed the door behind him.


"Alexis, I don't care what evidence Carly thinks she has. I'm not divorcing her so come up with a better solution," Jax laughed snidely as he took his seat.

Signaling the waiter from another refill of her drink, Alexis hands him the same envelope Diane handed her. His smile slowly slips off of his face as he fingers the envelope. Opening the packet, a harsh breath escapes from him before he could contain it.

"All she is demanding is a divorcé, full parental custody of Josslyn, the hotels and Crimson. She doesn't want the house or alimony or any percentage of your other business ventures," Alexis stated after she took a sip of her drink. "This is the tip of the iceberg; she has much more damaging information. You're looking at thirty to fifty years hard time."

"I won't give up my child," Jax growled as he clutched the papers within his hands.

"But you're willing to give up your freedom?" Alexis wondered amazed.

"She won't put me in jail," Jax dismissed as he shoved the papers back into the envelope. "She wouldn't do it against Sonny; she's not going to do it against me."

"Stop deluding yourself! If you don't agree with her demands, she's already instructed Diane to give a Claire her copy of what is in that envelope," Alexis countered. 'Please forgive me; I just don't want you going to prison.' Picking up her drink, Alexis peers into the liquid. "She's even gave a time limit of one week."

"That bitch," Jax snapped as he crumpled up the envelope. "Fine, I'll sign."


Taking a slow deep breath, Carly momentarily closed her eyes. Sighing, she finally felt safe. "Hello Jason," Carly stated as she opened her eyes.

"I didn't realize that I was busy with Sam," Jason commented hotly.

"The boys asked with Sonny and Jax were. I told them that they were busy with other people and couldn't be bothered to be here. I also told them that Sam hurt her ankle. I honestly didn't know that they surmised that you were too busy to be here," Carly sighed. "They just told me that they were blocking your calls."

"Carly," Jason growled as he sat down next to her. "You tried to use the boys to push me away. I told you last night, I'm not going anywhere."

"How can you stand to look at me? I can't even look at myself," Carly whispered. Her chocolate brown eyes dulled in pain. "The doctor says that I have damage…"

"I love you," Jason answered her unspoken question. "The rest is just packaging."

"Jase, I'm scared," Carly stated as he pulled her closer.

"I have you. Just relax," Jason whispered.


"Damn it! You should have been mine, Caroline. But you had to ruin it," a cold voice hissed as their hand caressed a photograph of Carly with her sons. "Soon, I'll taste your nectar. No one else will want you but me."

Humming a softly, slowly the photograph is crushed within their hands. "It's too bad that your sons have to pay the price, such a shame. The older one was heading in my direction. I would have enjoyed the chance to mold him."