Title: kith and kin

Fandom: White Collar/Leverage

Chapter: i

Disclaimer: not my characters

Warnings: early on during Leverage; anytime during White Collar

Pairings: none stated

Rating: PG
Wordcount: 320

Point of view: third

Prompt: White Collar/Leverage, Eliot & June, family ties

"How are you, dear?" she asks, offering him a mug of warm tea. "My sister said that you work with a team now."

His grin is small and shy, a gentle expression she hasn't seen in… oh, must be years now. Does her heart good to see it. "I do, Aunt Junie. They're good folk." His grin widens. "Almost as good as you."

She pats his hand, grinning back. "Tell me about some of your adventures, Spence."

He settles back in the chair, and she knows anything he tells her will be heavily edited. The boy doesn't want to worry her, never has. He's sweet that way. She still worries, of course. She'll always worry, and so will her sister, the saint who took in a starving child two dozen years ago.

"Okay, so Hardison has a smart mouth, right?" Spence begins, and she listens. She will always listen to him, because she remembers how silent he was, those first harrowing months. She also soaks up any detail about his team, because she will have them researched. If she can eliminate any threat, she will.

He's happy, her sister's boy. Her boy. And this team will watch his back, or they will suffer her wrath.

Neal wanders in, hat at a jaunty angle, and June smiles at him. Spence stands, but she waves him back down. "Neal Caffrey," she says, "this is my nephew, Eliot Spencer."

"So you're her latest stray," Spence says. Neal smiles. "Try connin' her," Spence continues, "I'll cut you up and bury you in a dozen different places."

Neal keeps smiling. "Break her heart," he counters, "I'll only bury you in one."

June sighs. "Boys."

Neal tips his hat and saunters upstairs. Spence watches him go, then turns back to June. "He's dangerous, Aunt Junie."

She nods, a small smile twisting her lips. "I know, Spence." She sips her tea, meeting his eyes. "But so am I."