Keep Awake

Opening Performance

"The Spread"

[16:34 PM Dead Zone; Dusk]

"AHHHHHHHHHH! DIE YOU BASTARDS!" a blonde teen ran through the darkening streets of Toronto; equipped with nothing but a crowbar and his backpack. He passed dozens; hundreds of the living dead, smashing in their heads if they got too close.

Blood… it's scent and it's stain; everywhere. The country was in disarray… and no doubted the rest of the world. He had no idea if he was alone or not, but he was desperately trying to find any sign of real life.

He ducked into a nearby alley, thoroughly checking it for 'them'. There was no time to feel safe, ever. Only relying on his instincts, the deep primal urge to kill had he been able to survive for the past three days.

'Sleep, I need somewhere safe to sleep…yeah.' the blonde quickly scanned the area; blue eyes darting back and forth. He spotted a boarded up apartment, quickly checking the streets again before running across the road.

He kept in the shadows; sneaking up to the building. He constantly checked over his shoulders, creeping up to the door. He grasped the knob, slowly twisting it until it jammed.

"Tsk.. Locked.." he growled, placing the end of the crowbar between the door and frame; prying it open. The wood cracked and splintered; but nonetheless he pulled harder on the door, gritting his teeth at how difficult it was to get this door open.

He looked around again, his breathing becoming ragged; turning his attention back to the door he gave one last hard tug before the wood splintered and pulled off the frame enough for him to open the door.

He held his crowbar back up to him, quickly peeking inside the apartment for any of them. He crept in, doing a quick search of the room he'd come into before calling it safe by his standards. He hooked his weapon in his belt, going to the cupboards in the kitchen to raid.

He opened the doors hesitantly in case they squeaked. Fortunately they didn't, so he opened them fully, gazing at the non-perishables and canned goods. Little food, but still there was some in the apartment.

He slung his backpack off his shoulder, beginning to fill it with the canned goods. He looked back to the door to see if there was anything coming; when there wasn't he returned to filling his knapsack.

His hand reached up for one of the last cans in the cupboard when a soft click was heard behind his head; his hand freezing.

"Touch anything more… and I'll gladly blow your head off." He slowly turned his body to face the barrel of a sniper rifle; wielded by a short red head, who frankly didn't look too amused. "Didn't your parents ever tell you breaking and entering was bad, let alone robbery at the same time?" the red head smirked, still pointing the gun at the blonde's face.

"My parents are dead," the blonde scoffed, standing upright. "Didn't YOUR parents ever tell you it's not nice to point guns in people's faces, un?" He crossed his arms and began to tap his foot impatiently; waiting for this man to lower his weapon.

"I'm obviously not the threat here mister, yeah. I'm a living breathing human that is no where's near dead, or dead and back. So can you please get your damned rifle out of my face?" he growled at the man before him, stroking the top of his crowbar.

The other complied, slowly lowering his weapon to his side; eyeing him suspiciously. He watched as the taller blonde zipped up his bag and threw it over his shoulder.

"Put my food back." he glared at the teen in front of him. "You may be a human and not one of them, but you sure as hell are invading my space, property and rights, if those even still exist in this hell."

"I will if you offer me a safe place to stay the night, hm." the blonde retorted, keeping a firm grip on his bag. The shorter man was about to harshly reply back to the blonde, when they both turned to hear a bucket being kicked; and the low ominous moan of 'them'.

"Shit… they're coming…" The red head hissed, grabbing the blonde's wrist. "Come with me," he snapped, pulling him down the dark halls of the apartment, before ducking into a bedroom. He quietly closed the door, locking the five different locks on the door.

"You just had to break my front door didn't you?" the red head snapped, glaring at the blonde. However, the blonde was distracted by all the medical equipment stored in this one small space. He turned back to the red head, giving him a questioning look.

The red head sighed, "I was a doctor before this whole pandemic broke out." he rubbed his hands through his hair, sitting himself on his bed; the blonde following suit and sitting next to him.

"Doctor?" the blonde questioned again, as if he didn't quite understand the term. "You look too young to be a doctor though, un." he looked at the doctor confused.

"Kid, I'm thirty-five." he chuckled, pulling his shirt over his head. The blonde stood, turning back to face the elder male.

"Well, then. I guess this means I have a place to stay for the night, yeah?" he smirked, pulling his hoodie off, but keeping his grey wife beater on. The red head snorted laying down on his bed; holding his rifle close to his chest.

"Deidara, un." the blonde stated, the other rolling over to face him.


"That's my name, yeah. Deidara, now this is when you tell me yours." Deidara smiled looking back at the red headed male lying on his bed. The doctor rolled his eyes turning back to his stomach.

"It's Sasori." he grumbled into the pillow, waving his hand around. "Now that we know each other that doesn't mean we can get all friendly. You did break into my home after all."

Deidara frowned, looking around the crowded room. Almost on impulse he walked to the door, pressing his ear against it. He listened quietly to see if they had gotten in. Deidara remembered that he didn't leave the door too open, so hopefully if one of them… or more happened to walk by they wouldn't notice that there was a now slightly ajar door. He continued to listen, but couldn't hear anything. He sighed in relief turning back to look for a place to sleep.

Sasori spoke up once again, lazily. "Sleep anywhere you can find." Sasori was almost half asleep already, until some added weight to the other side of his bed woke him. He turned over glaring at Deidara. "What are you doing on my bed?"

"Well you didn't say it was off limits, as I recall, you said 'Sleep anywhere you can find', un." Deidara retorted, laying down; facing the red head, who grumbled something under his breath. "What was that, hm?" Deidara questioned, grinning.

"Just go to sleep brat." he clutched his gun tighter, closing his eyes.

"Heh, what ever you say Sasori, un." the blonde grinned, pulling his crowbar from his belt, and holding it close as he drifted off.

[06:00 AM Sasori's Apartment, Dead Zone. Dawn]

The blonde squeezed his eyes shut. There was this annoying thumping and scratching noise and it was keeping him from sleeping. He rolled over a couple times, disturbing the red head from his sleep as well.

"What, what do you want?" Sasori groaned, rubbing his face. He too then heard the scratching and thumping; and it was at the bedroom door. His eyes widened, shaking Deidara hastily, "Deidara, wake up…" he whispered urgently, still looking at his door, beginning to clutch his gun tighter.

"Hmm… what do you want, Sasori? I'm trying to sleep, yeah…" Deidara rolled over looking through foggy eyes at the red head. Sasori shushed him, pointing to the door.

"Shut up brat, they're here…" he whispered again, slowly standing from the bed. He grabbed a shirt and pulled it on, Deidara doing the same with his hoodie. "This is your fault…"

"My fault?" Deidara whispered back angrily. "How is this MY fault?" he clutched his crowbar with both hands now, both him and Sasori moving towards the door.

"As I recall, YOU broke MY front door, leaving a way for them to get in, idiot!" Sasori whispered, keeping an eye on the door.

"I was hungry!" Deidara glared back at the red head; who had given up on the subject and motioned to the door with his head, mouthing out "ready?". Deidara nodded, readying himself. Sweat trickled down both their foreheads, as Sasori began to undo all the locks on his door.

"Now, I'll open the door… and you hit whatever is there, okay? I don't want to use my ammo and sound draws a big horde… I'll be there to back you up." Sasori lifted his pant leg, revealing a hammer strapped to the inside of his leg.

Deidara dead panned, "A hammer, un?"

"It's all I have for right now," Sasori hissed, undoing the last lock as Deidara switched to his other side, leaning against the wall. The red head pulled the door open, with him behind it… the zombie slowly shuffling in.

Deidara saw his opportunity, striking it over the head; blood splattering on his face and clothes. He quickly leaned back against the wall, then glanced out the door to see if there were anymore of them there. His blue eye spotted one limping through the kitchen.

Sasori bent over, pulling his hammer out; gripping it firmly. He walked around the door, jogging quickly to the wall opposite the kitchen, where he would be unseen. He motioned the blonde to follow, which he did so. Deidara looked around a bit more, seeing that there were actually three of them wandering through the kitchen. Deidara held up three fingers, then pointed to the kitchen.

Sasori nodded, sneaking up behind one of them, and bludgeoning it in the back of the neck. The other two hearing this, turned and began to limp quickly towards the source. Deidara jumped in, hit the first one across the face with his weapon, turning round to stab the other, and finishing it off with a hard hit to the skull.

"Double tap, un." Deidara smirked, blowing invisible smoke off the top of his bloodied crowbar; the two bodies falling to the floor behind him. Sasori raised an amused eyebrow, walking to his door and as quietly as possible trying to shut it.

[06:48 AM Sasori's Apartment, Dead Zone]

"I'm s-sorry about your door… un." Deidara fumbled with his spoon, looking nervously at the red head. The elder sighed, telling him it was nothing, and just to eat the breakfast that he'd offered while things were still safe. They ate in silence, inspecting each other over now since they hadn't really gotten a chance to at night.

Deidara was fairly tan, a bright blue eye while the other was covered by a long blonde fringe, and part of his hair was pulled up into a muddled ponytail. He wore his black hoodie, with a pair of dark wash jeans and converse.

Sasori, as Deidara saw, was a tad shorter then he was, pale with deep brown eyes and a fairly feminine appearance. His hair was blood red and messy, and was tangled. He wore a grey T-shirt and tight skinny jeans, and wore Vans sneakers.

Once they finished looking each other over, they peacefully finished their meal; constantly on the look out for them.

"Hey, Sasori, un." the aforementioned male looked up at Deidara, waiting for him to continue. "How much of your medical equipment can you bring with you, without it being a problem?" Deidara picked up his bag, still with Sasori's food in it, standing in front of the red head.

"Why?" Sasori stood, and took both their dishes and placed them in his sink, going back to the blonde.

"Well, you obviously know that your home is no longer safe-"

"Your fault," Sasori interrupted.

"Y-yes, because of me, un. So I think we should… team up you know? Watch out for each other, maybe find some other people that are living. After all, living in this hell without companionship, can drive a man insane, yeah." he gave an almost pleading look to the doctor, who was thinking it over.

"How old are you kid?" Sasori sighed, looking back to the blonde.

"Nineteen, un." a short simple reply.

Sasori huffed, placing a hand on his table. 'He's too young to be doing this alone, I guess I'll stick with the brat. He does have a good point about companionship after all.'

"Fine. Just as long as you don't piss me off and annoy me, then we're fine." Deidara grinned, patting the shorter man on the shoulder.

"Let's go get some of your stuff then we can head out, yeah?" Sasori nodded, heading to a closet and pulling out a knapsack of his own; heading to his bedroom. The blonde lagged behind, spotting another door, he went to it and opened it.

"Wow… un…" His eye wandered over the room; scattered with paintings and drawings of all sorts. He slowly stepped in, admiring all the works. He frowned, noticing they'd been covered in dust in ash, that must have blown in from the many fires and destruction over Toronto.

"Brat?" Deidara whipped around, seeing a stern red head. "Now you're invading my privacy?" Sasori tapped his foot, setting his now full bag down on the ground beside him.

"You were an artist too, un?" the blonde continued to look around in awe, smiling back at the red head. "I used to do graffiti around down town, un. And I was paid to spray paint a mural onto one of the high schools."

"Yeah, well… I haven't painted or drawn in years. Let's get going brat, it's almost eight o'clock." Sasori slung his backpack and rifle onto his shoulders, leaving the blonde behind. Deidara looked back noticing that Sasori was gone. He moved quickly to the kitchen seeing the red headed doctor was waiting for him there.

"Got everything?" Sasori looked to the teen boredly, watching him grasp his bag, and check to make sure he had his crow bar still.

"Yep, un." the graffiti artist grinned, heading to the door with Sasori.

"Well, let's get going then shall we, partner?" Sasori smirked, pulling his door open.

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