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Jump then fall

Chapter 1: Missing him

Misty was sat by the swimming pool in her gym, her legs dangling down into the cool water while watching her pokemon swim peacefully. She was wearing her usual outfit – denim shorts, a yellow cropped top, braces and her fiery red hair was in its usual side ponytail. It had been three years. Three years since she had left him to look after the gym. Three years since she had last seen him (excluding the times she met up with him, Brock, May and Max in the Hoenn region). Three years and she had not yet admitted her love for him, not even while they were travelling together. Every time she was going to confess she ended up where she is now, back home with the confession still on her tongue, unspoken.

"Why didn't I tell him when I had the chance?" Misty asked herself "Who knows, Ash might have said he loved me back… No, don't be stupid Misty, he doesn't love you" She sighed, dragged her legs up out of the water and grabbed her sea blue towel off the floor. Misty rubbed her legs dry, still thinking about Ash. She proceeded to walk out of the room and into the living room where her three sisters Daisy, Lilly and Violet were sprawled across the sofa closely watching some pointless fashion program. Well, pointless to Misty anyway. They didn't even notice Misty enter the room until she sat down in a chair next to the sofa with a sigh, lost in her thoughts.

"Hey Misty, Like earth to Misty!" Daisy called out waving a hand in front of her face. Suddenly she snapped from her trance-like state to find all her sisters staring at her and Daisy stood in front of her "Umm… sorry what?" Misty responded, clearly confused.

"You were like totally spaced out sis" Lilly commented

"Yeah, so are you going to like tell us what's wrong coz' we are like missing our program here" Violet chipped in, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Misty fumed and resisted the temptations to go and get her acoustic guitar to hit them all round the head with it or use her trusty mallet. She had had enough of these three people who were unfortunately, her sisters. "Oh I'm sorry for making you miss people prance around in frilly dresses and whatnot. You don't realize how I feel or, rather how I've felt for the past three years since you made me come back to this damn gym for your own selfish reasons, since you made me leave… Ash" She shouted before storming out of the room, leaving her sisters shocked faces behind her and blinking back the tears. She managed to stop her tears while storming up the stairs and down the landing towards her room, just in case her sisters followed her.

"Not that they would anyway" Misty thought bitterly "The only people they care about is themselves" When she reached her room Misty slammed her door and locked it behind her then fell to her knees in the middle of her bedroom, letting all the tears that she could hold back no longer flow, letting all her sadness and anger out.

For the next week Misty didn't utter a word to her sisters and tried to avoid them at all times possible but, other than that her daily routine was like normal – Get up, have a shower, get dressed into her usual outfit or one of her many bikinis, have breakfast and then take on any challengers that came to the gym. Misty managed to keep herself together during the day but when it came to night-time she ended up crying herself to sleep. On Sunday the gym was closed so Misty decided she didn't have to rush anything, she took her time showering and getting dressed that it was 10:30 when she went downstairs for her breakfast. "Bad timing" thought Misty as she walked into the kitchen where Daisy was buttering some toast. Misty avoided eye-contact as she reached for a bowl out of the cupboard and started to pour some rice krispies into it.

"You're going to have to talk to me properly sometime Mist" Misty winced at the nickname 'Mist' Ash had always called her that.

"I know I just don't intend to do that anytime soon" Misty stated and turned to take the milk out of the fridge and poured it over her cereal.

"Would it make it any different if I apologized?" Daisy asked.

Misty pondered for a moment while she replaced the milk, amazed that her sister actually wanted to apologize and confused as whether to she should accept it or not. "They did hurt me" She thought as she sat down "But maybe they have realised what they did"

"Maybe" Misty said simply, beginning to spoon rice krispies into her mouth. Daisy sat down opposite her and gave a small, hesitant smile.

"Look Misty, I'm really sorry for…" Daisy began but Misty cut her of.

"Ignoring my feelings? Making me feel like I'm just this person who looks after the gym whenever you want me to, whenever I'm happy with what I'm doing and whom I'm with?" Misty rushed tears welling up in her eyes. Daisy took hold of Misty's hands which had long forgotten about the rice krispies.

"Misty…" Daisy started "What do you mean 'Whenever I'm happy with whom I'm with'?"

"I…love him" Misty choked out a tear running down her cheek "I…love…Ash"

Daisy let go of one of Misty's hands and wiped away Misty's tears with her thumb.

"Oh Misty" Daisy muttered "You haven't told him have you?"

"N-No, I-I'm scared he'll reject me and I'm scared it'll ruin our friendship if he does" Misty whispered fresh tears forming in her eyes. This time she didn't fight to keep them back, she let them fall. Everything came out, how leaving Ash was the hardest

thing she had ever done, how she had tried so many times afterwards to confess her love but couldn't bring herself to, how she wants to travel again but can't because of her responsibilities here. Daisy just listened carefully and nodded her head at the correct times.

"Misty you have to tell him! The next time he rings or you see him tell him, it can't hurt to try right?" Daisy said as soon as Misty had stopped explaining her situation.

"Okay… It'll be hard but I'll tell him" Misty replied nodding her head and wiping away the rest of her tears.

"Tell you what, I'll take care of the paperwork today, you have the day off" Daisy smiled standing up. Misty nodded and left the room.

"Sometimes I'm glad I have sisters to support me and listen, even if they can be complete idiots at times" Misty thought.

The next day Misty woke up strangely early. She looked over at her clock that read 6:00AM, sighing she left her room after quickly changing. She stopped when she came to the study. The door was open and she gazed in. Her gaze skimmed the newly cleaned desk and all the papers that littered the floor were in drawers and folders. "Daisy" She thought. Her gaze rested on the video phone and an idea sprung to her mind. "No, I can't do that" Misty reasoned with herself "I can't bother Professor Oak at this time just to see if he knows where Ash is… Or maybe I can" Misty decided silently closing the door and settling down on the chair she had placed in front of the blank screen.

She dialled the Pallet Town Laboratory and waited nervously as it rang.

"Hello Professor Oak's laboratory, How may I-" Tracey's voice rung out as he appeared on the screen and looked at Misty "Misty! Hey, how are you?"

Misty smiled "I'm okay, thanks Tracey, how are you?"

"I'm good thanks" Tracey disappeared from the screen then appeared again "Sorry about that, Ash's Chikorita seems to like me quite a lot" He replied stepping back so Misty could see Chikorita clinging onto Tracey's trouser leg. She gave a small giggle and Chikorita bounced up to the screen

"Chikor!" Chikorita exclaimed, obviously recognising her from past adventures.

"Hi Chikorita! Nice to see you!" Misty cried, happy to see the small green creature as it brought back happy memories of times with Ash.

"So Misty" Tracey said as he struggled to claim the screen back from Chikorita "What do you need?" He had successfully regained possession of the phone.

"Well… I… Umm just…wondered whether you had heard from Ash recently?" Misty asked being quite hesitant.

"Yeah, Ash called yesterday to give a message to Professor Oak to give to his Mom, he called from the Pewter city Pokemon Center, he should be there with Brock.

"H-He's at Pewter City? Thank you so much Tracey, I owe you one" Misty almost shouted but then remembered what time it was.

"No problem Misty I'm glad I could help" Tracey replied with a smile "See you later!"

"Yeah, bye Tracey" Misty smiled before the screen went blank.

"Okay…It's time" She thought and rehearsed what she was going to say over in her head "Hello sorry to bother you but is there an Ash Ketchum staying there? Yeah, that sounds okay"

"But what do I say to Ash?" Misty asked herself out loud "I'll just…tell him what I feel, it's risky but…" She punched in the Pewter City Pokemon Center number and waited. She was even more nervous now than when she called Pallet Town.

"Hello this is the Pewter City Pokemon Center, how can I help you?" piped up the familiar voice of one of the many Nurse Joys. She popped up on the screen sat in a black spinny office chair.

"Hello, sorry to bother you but is there an Ash Ketchum staying there?" Misty asked Nurse Joy reciting what she had rehearsed.

"Ash Ketchum? I'll just have a look, hold on a moment" Nurse Joy spun around in her chair to the computer and punched some buttons on the keyboard. She spun back round to face Misty

"Yes there is an Ash Ketchum staying here would you like me to give a message?" Nurse Joy asked. Misty was about to give up and tell her that it didn't matter and sorry for bothering her when she remembered her talk with Daisy.

"Umm would it be possible to speak to him?" Misty asked

"Hold on a minute… sorry what's your name?" Replied Nurse Joy

"It's Misty, Misty Waterflower" Misty answered nervously

"Hold on Misty I'll just see if he's able to come to the phone" Nurse Joy smiled and for some reason Misty didn't feel so nervous anymore. That was until Nurse Joy spun to the right and picked up the spare phone, which had no video screen, and pressed a combination of numbers.

"Hello is that Ash Ketchum?" Misty heard Nurse Joy say into the phone "Yes, sorry to bother you but there is someone that wants to talk to you" She continued "I'll give them the number to your room; they will call you in a few minutes… Okay bye" Misty realized that Nurse Joy hadn't referred to her as Misty or she, just they, them and someone. Nurse Joy put the phone down and turned back to face Misty

"Ash said its fine for you to call, his number is 76757"

"Thank you Nurse Joy, sorry if I caused you any trouble" Misty said gratefully

"Nonsense you didn't cause any trouble, just tell Ash what he needs to hear" Nurse Joy said with a wink and the screen went blank for the second time. "What did she mean 'Tell Ash what he needs to hear'? No…she couldn't know…how? She must have overheard me when she was checking the computer" Misty frowned thinking "Unless…Nurse Joy overheard Ash say something about me, perhaps that he liked me more than just a best friend? No of course not. That's impossible" Misty shook her curiosity and theories to the back of her head and punched in Ash's number. "7…6…7…5…7" Misty recalled the number out loud while pushing the correct buttons. She paused for a minute, took a deep breath and pressed the dial button.

The phone only rang twice before someone answered, she was almost certain it was Ash but even so she was still shocked to see him. Ash looked just as shocked too. He was wearing what he always wore when they travelled together with Brock – A plain black t-shirt, a blue and white sleeveless jacket, jeans, trainers and his Indigo League hat. He had 8 pokemon at his belt. She was surprised that he wasn't wearing the new outfit his mum left him before he went to Hoenn.

"Oh I knew this was a bad idea" Misty's thoughts spoke out "No this was a good idea, just trust it Misty" She told herself.

"H-Hi Ash" Misty said starting the conversation, "Well someone had to" she thought

"M-Misty, I didn't expect it would be you who wanted to talk to me" Ash said back

"Wow…his voice sounds so nice in the morning, not that he doesn't sound good other times in the day, but he just sounds so…careless in the morning"

"Ash I-I've got something to tell you" Misty began but noticed Brock still sleeping on the bed, she couldn't declare her love for Ash in front of Brock even if he was asleep; he could be pretending to sleep just to evesdrop. "That's Brock for you" She thought "But n-not over the phone, would you be able to… come to Cerulean for a few days before going back to pallet?"

"Sure Misty, I was going to come visit you anyway" Ash flashed a tired smile and Misty's heart leapt and she only just managed to contain all her excitement. She smiled back

"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow night then?" Misty asked hopefully

Ash gave a laugh and looked her straight in the eyes "I wouldn't miss it for the world, I-I miss you Misty…See you soon"

The screen turned black for the last time this morning and Misty placed the phone back on its stand then pondered on what Ash had just said "So he misses me, of course he does I'm his best friend. But he said it in a sad kind of way…maybe he was going to say more?"

All her worries had melted away for now but she knew they would return when she had to tell Ash she loved him "Who knows? Maybe it will all turn out fine; maybe he will love me back" Misty thought with new hope.

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