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Chapter 4: Run!

After spending the night sleeping under the tree by the lake, Ash and Misty were woken by the distant familiar voices of Team Rocket.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

Beside her she heard Ash groan and get to his feet

"Do those guys ever give up?" Misty just shrugged and took the hand that Ash offered.

"I don't think they like accepting failure"

"Yeah that's true!" They laughed for a second. Misty dragged her eyes along the deep blue lake, sparkling under the sunlight.

"Hey, Ash…I've got an idea" Out of the corner of her eye she saw him turn to her.


"Why don't we give Team Rocket another failure to deal with?" She turned away from the water and back to the boy she loves. Ash frowned.

"But we can't beat them in battle like we normally do, we don't have our Pokemon"

"We don't have to battle them in order to foil their plans" Ash smiled

"What have you got up your sleeve, Misty?" There was an excited sparkle in her eyes that went with the excited smile on her face.

"Well, if we're not here when they get here, they can't attempt what they were going to do. Therefore, it's a fail"

"Okay" Ash looked up briefly "Their balloon isn't far off, how are we supposed to get out of here without them noticing?" Misty too, looked up. She grabbed Ash's hand and pulled him behind the tree. Ash opened his mouth in protest but Misty gently pushed him against the tree and covered his mouth with her hand.

"Shh" Misty ordered.

"To protect the- HUH?" Jessie looked around wildly

"But…but the twerps were just here!" James complained

Meanwhile, behind the tree Ash and Misty were silently laughing at the stupidity of Team Rocket.

"Ready?" Misty whispered. Ash nodded.

"Run!" Both Ash and Misty ran out behind Team Rocket, the three members totally oblivious to them. Misty lead Ash to the side of the lake.

"You can't be serious!" Ash whispered frantically but one look at Misty told him she was. Well, they would certainly have lots of explaining to do to Brock and Pikachu. Those were his last thoughts before they jumped, before they plunged into the depths of the cool, blue water. Misty's were as follows:

Sometimes you have to take a risk to find love. Sometimes you have to tell that certain someone the truth because, you never know, they might just feel the same way. And never, ever, be afraid to do what others can't.

Jump then fall.


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