AN: Another free verse, I'm so sorry, they are addicting. There's a little bit of swearing, nothing major, in this one.

Your eyes are beautiful

like shining stars

( or some shit like that )

you never admired them before

( the way they glow, magical )

because, before, your skin wasn't

( you weren't )

so goddamn ugly



Hide your face

in your mother's skirts

( he can still see you )

you can close your eyes

and shut out the world

but it's still there, waiting patiently for you to see

E v e r y t h i n g



And you know it's a little more than selfish

but you can't help it

you know it was brave

and good

and right

and just

but it cost you what you valued most

your b e a u t y

so, to you,

the fighting wasn't worth it



And all those bodies lying

( sostill )

knocked a little sense into your empty head

because you realized

( finally )

that you could, maybe, d i e



But your eyes

those glimmering orbs

aren't scarred



they shine with a feverish gleam

but they aren't mangled

and there is something in them

( what's that? )

H o p e

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