Mum and me started talking about fanfics we have read that we really liked, then she sent me a really good one (I can't remember the name or anything just that it was good :L) so now I want to do another fanfic of poor little Draco getting abused and saved by Harry! So here ya go!

Edit: I am re reading this story and adding some improvements to it! Enjoy!

The night air was dark with only a few shinning stars pointing down onto the cold pavement and grass bellow them on Earth. There was only a small amount of wind brushing passed but otherwise it was quite warm out that night. The mansion was twice as big as any of the other houses further down the street, it was hidden in the darkness but the few lights shinning out of the square windows fell down on the pathway outside, however there was no light on the small steps leading up to the door, so a certain blond boy was well hidden from anyone passing by.

His blond hair was stuck back with jel back in a perfectly straight lines over his head, his sharp silvery grey eyes were watching and waiting for that carriage to pull up. He was wearing a dark grey, almost black, robe that he had tightly wrapped around his frail skinny body, the only skin visible was his pale face and his pale hands as they clutched his arms, shaking slightly but determined to wait until she was home.

The road in front of his home was just dirt and dust, with small tracks were carriages had passed constantly throughout the days but otherwise it was plain and empty. Beside the road was a matching dirty path that led down to the main streets of this home, but all around the town and across the road was full of plain strips of green or brown pieces of grass that was slowly changing colour due to lack of rain water coming from the sky. There was a dozen trees across the street too, this was mostly where the boy, Draco, would go when he wanted to get away from his home, which was often.

Suddenly he heard it. He couldn't see it since it was the same colour as the darkness around everywhere else, black! But its wheels creaked and crunched as they rolled over the hard ground under the carriage and knocked pebbles and stones right out of the ways without stopping. If muggles looked upon this town and saw them, they would see nothing but normal horses, but wizards and witches knew the spell that was cast on them every day before they were set off that pulled the carriage along by itself.

Then it stopped right in front of the long path that led to the road. The door swung open revealing blood-red ruby cushioned seats and golden trays with food and drinks (particularly wine) lay gently on top of them. A young skinny woman stepped out. She was beautiful and had long glossy curled blond hair that fell down her back and pale skin with heavy make up all over her face even though she didn't need any of it. She wore a beautiful long black dress with long gloves that reached her elbows. She was so young and pretty, no one would know she had a teenage son already.

"Draco?" the woman blinked with her own light blue/silver eyes, as the carriage disappeared down the road. She quickly hurried over to him, her high-heeled shoes clattering against the ground as she walked in front of her son. "What are you doing up so late darling? You should be in bed. Come on, it's cold out here." Narcissa reached down and took hold of her son's hand without waiting for a reply, pulling him up to his feet. She pulled off a black silk sash she had around her shoulder and then wrapped it around her son.

"Yes mother," Draco nodded as he followed her inside. His father, Lucius, was already in bed since he had to get up so early.

Draco followed his mother all the way to his room. She helped him lay down and kissed the top of his head, quickly tucking him in and wishing him a good nights sleep before she left and went to her own room to lay with her husband. She quickly went to sleep as she was also going to be up early the next morning to visit with a few of her friends that she hadn't seen just this night. Meanwhile Draco lay awake for hours, staring up at the ceiling as he lay on the bed with his hand shaking and resting over his lap.

His hand was aching so much. The skin over his knuckles were burnt from being pushed into the fire for so long with red marks around the burns that were now turning pink and there was a large bruise around the area bellow his thumb where it had then been slammed down on the ground with surprising force. It hurt so much! The only reason this had happened was because Lucius had found him with some small pieces of a chocolate frog.

The Malfoy's had a lot of sweets that Narcissa brought for Draco when she went to exotic places over the world but he was never allowed some unless she was around or Lucius said so. Narcissa was never around and today Lucius had not said so. He didn't even care that Blaise had sent it as a present from his trip to a wizard town in Australia, the fact that he had ANY chocolate was reason enough to punish him whether he was eating them or just holding them.

Of course Narcissa would never see it. She would be gone before Draco woke up the next morning and back again late at night again after spending the day out with friends. Unless he was wide awake because of an injury like the one on his hand, he would be asleep by the time she gets home. And soon enough when the family have to go to another social gathering, Lucius would give him an extremely sickening potion that would cause the wound to disappear in an instant but leave him feeling like he needed to throw up for hours. He liked to keep the wounds there as long as possible, that way Draco would "learn his lesson".

He took a few deep breaths and forced his eye lids to close, trying to force himself to go to sleep despite the aching in his hand. He couldn't roll on to his side or get very comfortable but he had slept in stranger positions than this before.

After what felt like an age, of lying there in silence, and listening to the sounds of the wind outside or his owl, Nora, giving off a light snore across the room in the corner, he finally fell into a sound sleep. Halfway through he began to have nightmares.

It was one of the many same ones he had before, his father's cane was in front of him, he went to feel it like he had once when he was a kid. When he was a kid his father used the cane to cut his hand, but in his dream the cane turned into a real snake head and leaned forward biting one of his fingers hard and injecting him with poison. He had tried to run away but a dozen other snakes appeared and they were so fast, they jumped up and bit him, dozens of them ripping his skin. He had tried to scream but in all his dreams he never could seem to get the scream out, his throat always got so tight and it came out as a croak. Then everything was dark and the snakes were gone. Just as he began to calm down, the Dark Lords face appeared and jumped out, causing Draco to sit up in his bed in shock.

He lay back down and panted for a few moments before then rolling over, careful to avoid his hand, and pushed himself away from the bed. He pulled on his night-gown, opened the door and stepped out down the long stair case. After nightmares like that he had learned the best cure was a cold drink of water and maybe one of his old books to help calm himself and escape the horror of the dream.

When he reached the bottom step he froze on the spot. Something was not right.

Looking back up the stairs he saw every single picture that had Narcissa in, was missing. The only three pictures left was one of just a head shot of Draco when he was barely five years old and he was grinning at the camera, one of Lucius shortly after Draco had been accepted into Hogwarts with him standing proudly in a set of new robes, and one of Lucius holding Draco when he was a few months old, just a shot above the waist, somehow smiling like he was honestly proud to have a son. The rest was gone, the walls polished so there was no trace of the pictures even being there. He would have thought he was imagining it if he hadn't remembered putting up a family picture himself.

Draco walked down and looked at where they hung the coats but all her midnight black, emotional purple, emerald-green and ruby-red coats were gone as well. The big bulky and the silk skinny, the ones for fashion and the ones for the weather were all just... gone. Worried now, Draco went back up the stairs and walked down the corridor towards his parents bedroom.

He was never allowed in here, even Narcissa had told him to stay out. But she didn't like him snooping through her underwear draw with his friends. She told him that he might get curious and she didn't want him leaving fingerprints on her diamonds and rubies of her rings and bracelets. Of course he was older now and had no interest in looking at his mothers clothes or her jewelry! But they were still rather strict about the rooms he was allowed to go in.

Pushing the door open he stepped inside and looked around, one sign of his mother and he would leave. It was so weird being in their room since this was the one rule he had followed and so it was the first time being in there but he ignored the feeling and went to her draws. With each one he opened, he grew more and more shocked. All her clothes were gone, her dresses disappeared, her shoes missing. All of her perfumes, her jewelry, her hair clips and bobble had vanished. Every single bath cream, skin cream, hand cream, all of it had disappeared with the room cleaned like they had never been there before.

"Draco!" Came a roar from the doorway, he spun around and his eyes widened in shock as he saw Lucius standing there staring at him with furious eyes. He looked frightening as ever in his black robes with his cane standing by his side in his tight grip. "What are you doing in here?"

He opened his mouth and began to come up with an excuse, or that was what he planned, but instead a whole new set of words came out. "Where are mum's things?"

Lucius stared at him coldly for a moment before he smirked that nasty smirk he saved just for family members, and walked forward. He grabbed a hold of the back of Draco's robes and gripped them tightly, practically dragging him from the room, ignoring how his feet scraped the ground or his bad hand smacked and slapped at the wall. When he was at the stairs he began to drag Draco down, the young boy was only just able to stay on his feet until they reached the bottom step.

When he was taken into the main room, Draco was pushed down onto the long black velvet sofa. Lucius went and picked up a piece of paper on the small table in front of the fire that had been set under a small ink bottle.

"It seems, Narcissa has left," Lucius snarled thrusting the piece of paper in front of Draco's face.

"What do you mean?" Draco frowned, confused at what his father was saying.

But when his father refused to say anything else he looked down at the paper and began to read in his head.

Dear Lucius, I am afraid I cannot live a lie any longer. My love for you has faded and I cannot pretend it is still there. I know you do not love me anymore either, except you are still playing this game. I will not tell you where I am, or how to contact me, this is my chance for a new start. Good bye forever. I do beg of you to take care of Draco. He is our angel and I know you will look after him. Please break it to him as best as you can and again I do not want him to try and find me. My old life was such a mess that this is what I need. A fresh start away from my mistakes. Love Narcissa.

Draco stared down at the letter for a moment, then he began to re-read it. When he was done, he read it again. And again, and again. He couldn't stop reading it, like if he kept going then eventually it would change and there would be something else written for Draco to read. Maybe a sentence would add that told Draco how he could find her, that she wanted him to be with her but the words never appeared.

No matter how many times he read the letter, it was always the same. His mother had left him because of her mistakes and she wanted a new start. Was he one of the mistakes? Was her whole life just a mistake? Did she learn about the abuse and just decide she could not handle it? Maybe she couldn't choose between her husband or her son and so she left them both... Slowly he got the feeling that he wanted to cry, despite all the lessons his father gave of never shedding tears. His mother, the only thing that was truly keeping him going, had left him.

"No." Draco whispered, he could hear Lucius sneer at the boys pain.

"Yes, she is gone." Lucius said walking away to the window, "I hope you realize you are the reason." Draco looked up in shock. "You are the big mistake she made which is why she left."

For the first time Draco did something he never would have dreamed of. He stood up and screamed, "You're the reason not me! How dare you-"

Before he could get the rest out, Lucius had appeared in front of him and back-handed him around the face. Draco stumbled to the side and fell down to the floor on his knees, blinking in shock. Slowly a hand rose and touched his cheek before he turned and looked at Lucius with wide frightened eyes.

"Even though Narcissa has left, that does not give you the right to lose respect," Lucius snarled. "Remember your place."

"...Why would she leave without saying goodbye?" Draco whispered staring up at him.

"Like I said," Lucius snarled turning away and walking towards the door, "You are the mistake!" He called just before he left the room.

And then Draco was alone. Feeling cold and shaken, kneeling on the carpeted floor. He wrapped his arms around himself, suddenly feeling incredibly hot and sweaty but he felt goose bumps a the same time and he let tears begin to dribble down his pale cheek. What was he supposed to do now?

The rest of the day he felt cold and lonely. It was the same as when she was here because she was always gone every day and never came back until late but for some reason it still felt different. He knew she was not coming back tonight. Draco had spent his time just sitting on the ground where he had been hit, staring off into space or out the window, at one point he pulled a book close and began to flick through it while he sat there, not concentrating at all on the words but needed to do something with his hands. Anything but hold or read the letter anymore because now when he looked at the words they sent jabs of pain into his chest.

Then suddenly it hit him. His mother would never have left him like that! Lucius was obviously lying, he forged the letter and done something to his mother, maybe kicked her out. She could not be dead that is for sure. He had gotten rid of her and forged the letter like that just to break him and make sure Draco would not try to go after her and live with her instead of him. After all he would not put it passed him to break his son just so he could gain full control.

Slowly, he stood up and walked back upstairs to his mother's room again, Lucius had gone out so he had some time to look around. He checked every spot he could think of but it had all be wiped clean. If his mother had left like that then why would she take the time to clean every spot! Even the house elves wouldn't do that in the middle of the night unless they were in a rush for her to leave! If his mother had really left them then why the need to make sure everything was clean before he woke up? It must be a cover up.

Draco stood and hurried down to the kitchen, looking around until he saw one of the house elves coming from its small make shift room in the basement. Grabbing it by the back of its robes, or rags, he pulled hard, not caring in the elf was hurt. In his rush he almost choked the elf before he was holding it in the air and scowling at the pointed noses face with as much malice as possible.

"Where is my mother?" He snapped.

"I... I is not knowing, sir!" The elf gasped, its large round eyes were wider than normal with fright.

"Don't lie!" Draco dropped the elf and kicked it hard on its thin stick leg.

"I swear sir! I is not knowing where the mistress is!" The elf cried desperately, crying as it struggled to pull away from him when he kicked it again.

Draco glared down at the elf before giving it a final kick in the stomach, hoping to really get it in the ribs and turning around, storming from the house. He stopped and paused only long enough to grab his cloak to cover his night-gown and clothes. He forced his feet into his shoes without any socks and walked from the mansion as he quickly as possible, ignoring the scratching feeling along the back of his heel.

He walked straight into the town without a break, making his way down to some of the familiar places that he often saw his mother spend her days when she couldn't get all the way out of the area properly. He made his way to some of the people his mother had often spoken to that he saw in the streets but none of them had heard from her since last night or the night before. They all insisted she would come home soon, one of them promised that Narcissa would never leave Draco, she loved him too much. None of them realized that these kind words made Draco feel even worse. He was not even sure why they made him feel worse but they did.

He went to the popular pubs and asked people if his mother had come since last night but they all apologised and said no. He went to the nearest restaurants and latest clubs, he wandered to the shopping centres and even a few random homes he knew his mother had dinner and tea a few times. It hurt and he began to feel sick, running to the nearest places he knew his mother used to go even if she only went there once. But just like it said, she had left without telling anyone anything. Some were hurt to hear she left, others laughed it off and said she would be back in no time, telling Draco not to worry.

overall, he had no idea where his mother was and neither did anyone else.

Now Draco was depressed and afraid, more than when he read the letter the first time, more than when Lucius blamed him for her leaving. No one had heard from her, she had not gotten in contact with any of them. None of her friends, or even her family. That could only mean one of two things.

A... The letter was real, she really had written it and she had really left them to start a new life.

Or B... She was dead.

It was late now but Draco did not care. He sat on the concrete steps just like he had last night, only this time it was with desperate hope clinging on to his gut in a painful way. He was freezing even though he was wrapped in the only thick coat that he owned and his lips were turning a slight blue colour but he did not care. Anyway, even if he wanted to come in he could not.

Lucius told him the moment he got home that from then on, at twelve exactly, he would be locking the door, and if Draco was outside he would have to wait there till morning. Draco had chosen to wait outside. He heard the door click and sat down waiting. Even if he wanted to turn around and try to get back in, Lucius would not let him and he would have to freeze until morning. But again... Draco did not care if his mother wasn't inside to greet him.

Wrapping his arms around his knees, he looked back and forth up and down the road in a desperate attempt to see the same carriage his mother took every day come striding down towards him. The carriage never came. He had tears dripping down his cheeks again but he tried to stop them as water just made his face even more cold. After a while he just couldn't cry anymore and the tears on his face froze. He had never cried so much in years than he did on this very day.

His fingers were beginning to feel numb and he looked around. Some people out in the night saw him and frowned, they were confused as to why Lucius was not coming out and collecting his son, but put it aside as both of them were grieving and they left him. Draco was in denial waiting for his mother and Lucius was inside with some other grieve method.

If anyone came up to him Draco would threaten to scream unless they went away as soon as possible. Some did as told, others he had to begin to scream before they hurried away in fear of someone thinking the wrong thing about them. At the moment, he really did just want to be left alone. No one came to him after the first scream. They all stared and walked around and soon it was so late (or early in the morning) that there was no one around but Draco.

He was not sure when, but at some point in the night, he fell asleep. An unknown house elf snuck out and brought him a thick blanket, covering his body as he slept on the door step, then hurried away before he would wake and attack it. So the next morning he woke to feel someone nudging at him with their foot. Moaning, he looked up to see Lucius standing over him, the thick blanket still covering his cold body but half off his body.

"Get up, you make the place look filthy." He snarled under his breath so only the two of them could hear them, even though no one else was around.

Draco quickly hurried, he ignored the blanket, letting it drop to the ground, and walked back inside. He didn't care if his head hurt from being out all night, or his back from lying on the ground, or his skin from freezing out there, all he cared was that his mother had not returned and now his chest hurt most of all. His mother had actually truly left... Or maybe she hadn't... Maybe... Worse... She was dead?

He shook his head, ignoring the pain and continued to walk. No, he could not think like that! He had to hope! Pray even!

When he was back in his room he sat down and began to write to Snape. As he began to write, he kept stopping and throwing the piece of paper away, he kept repeating this action for a dozen times before he gave up altogether and went to his bed. He wanted to write to his favourite Professor and maybe ask for some help or advice but he couldn't word it. And he wasn't even sure if he would care in the first place. He just wanted to lay there all day, lay there and sleep for the rest of his life even!

unfortunately his father had other plans.

"Draco!" Lucius called, "Come down here, I want to get your things for Hogwarts over and done with."

Draco moaned loudly, he wanted to cry but he managed to force the tears back and sit up. He pushed his hair back on his head and out of his eyes and stood up, walking to the door. He quickly changed his clothes into a set of smart black robes before stepping out of the room and walking down the corridor. He would have refused if he were not afraid that Lucius would come up and drag him down by his hair. He had done that once when Draco refused to go to a special father son party for Death Eaters only.

He took his time stepping on each of the steps slowly before he reached the bottom. Eventually Lucius came out and smacked him around the head, telling him to be quicker next time. Just before they left he grabbed Draco's hair and pulled it back, hissing into his ear.

"Things are going to be a lot different from now on, you better hurry up and learn that or else."

Then with that smirk and a tight grip on his son's shoulder, he began to drag him from the house. Draco did not like his words or the look on his face, he felt sick and would give anything to pull from his grip, but since he had no choice, he allowed himself to be steered down the path like some kind of pet to show off.

They were walking around Diagon Alley. They had not been there long but Draco had already lost count of the many people who heard and came to ask how the two were dealing with his mothers departure. Draco just ignored them and walked away, he saw the looks from his father and knew when he got home he would be punished for being so rude. But for now, he didn't want to talk to anyone about his mother. He hated how they all knew but then it was probably his fault for running around and telling people she had gone missing, and no doubt Lucius had also spread the word of her departure.

His luck just continued to worsen when he walked into the book shop and found the golden trio standing right in front of the door with the rest of the Weasley family. His father was only a few feet behind him but they all saw him first. The last thing Draco wanted was them knowing, she had only gone yesterday but Draco made the mistake of accidentally letting all Narcissa's friends know, and they all had the biggest mouths of both the wizarding world and the muggle world.

Draco felt his father lay a hand on his shoulder and led him down. When he reached the Weasley's his father forced him to stop so that he could look up at Arther and begin to irritate the red-headed man. Draco was obviously expected to do the same but for some reason he felt rather empty, his mother was gone and he did not care to insult any of them today.

By the end of it, Molly Weasly and the two eldest sons had began to wrestle Arther away while Lucius smirked and beckoned Draco after him. Without so much as a cutting remark, much to the surprise of the whole of them, Draco turned and followed his father to the nearest books. He heard them whisper about him but he ignored it, though he did make sure to knock Neville Longbottom hard on the shoulder and then tread on his newly brought books. That helped him feel a bit better.

The rest of the day could not pass more slowly. Draco was dragged from shop to shop, luckily he didn't pass the trio or the family again, but he did pass a dozen people while knew about Narcissa and that was almost worse. If he did not know any better than he would have sworn that Lucius took them to more shops than on the list just to get sympathy!

Finally Lucius grabbed his shoulder (tighter than necessary, as always) and dragged him along. They were just about to get one of the floo networks home when someone called his name and Draco's stomach did a somersault.

"Draco!" Pansy gasped, running over. "I am so glad I caught you! Is it true?! Are the rumours TRUE?"

"What rumours, Pansy?" Draco grumbled, his father would not leave now that Pansy's father was coming over, the two were quite close after all. A few years ago he had heard sickening rumours that they might even marry Pansy and Draco off to join their families. God he hoped his father changed his mind before it was too late.

"About your mother of course." She dropped her voice and whispered, looking around like it was some dirty secret that would shame the whole family.

"I don't know," Draco simply shrugged, he was not going to tell anyone that his mother had left before he was pretty sure she would come back for him, (he tried not to think of what he would do if she was dead).

"It is true." Lucius sighed sadly to Pansy's father. "But everything will be fine."

"Good to hear," he nodded back, and seconds later they were moving onto a different subject. Lucius was showing no sign of sadness and no one but Draco seemed to be noticing this! It made him sick! He knew his mother had loved Lucius but that man had never loved Narcissa! He had used her and her family!

"Draco... Are you alright?" Pansy asked.

The truth was, Draco never knew what to make of Pansy. One minute she could be a really considerate friend to him, she would make sure he was OK, try and cheer him up if she thought he was upset but then Draco had been one of the people Pansy spoke to when she talked about people behind their back. Some that were in the same position as Draco was now. In fact he would bet any more, after she was done with him, she would be running off to tell everyone what she heard.

"I am fine Pansy," Draco said irritably.

"Are you sure? Because you know you can always come to me, no matter what!" Pansy pushed, hugging him tightly.

"I am fine!" Draco said, snappish now.

"... Well OK then." Pansy said, she was trying not to scowl at him or show he disappointment at lack of gossip.

"I am going home now." Draco said stated aloud.

"I apologise for my son." Lucius snarled, "He has been quite traumatized by his mother leaving him. He has been like this all day," he lowered his voice so only they could hear. "I will sort him out when I get home."

Pansy's father scowled darkly and nodded while Pansy's face seemed to light up, she was now desperate to move on herself to spread the news but she forced herself to remain a good little girl and waited for her father to finish talking. When they were finally leaving, Pansy turned to Draco and pretended to wave happily, bouncing up and down as she cried her goodbyes like just parting for a few more days was too much for her.

Draco ignored her but winced when he felt Lucius' hand surround the back of his neck and grip tightly. He pushed Draco forward and he just knew he was going to have a bruise by the time they got home!