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"Just leave him alone!" One of the twins shouted.

"Just leave him alone!" Stella mimicked in a high pitched voice, sneering as she stepped up beside of Blaise to glare at Draco.

"So is it true or is it not?" Blaise asked. "It's a simple question, Dray-Dray."

"Go eat dung, Zabini!" Draco growled but he was backed up against the window and his face was bright pink. He was shaking and his wand clenched in his hand but he used no spells. He didn't know what was worse. Weasley knowing? Stella knowing? Or Blaise pretending he didn't know and then tormenting him with it in front of a pair of Ravenclaw girls?

"Don't be rude, Draco." Blaise said, suddenly holding up his own wand. "Just tell us if it's true or not."

Fine. If Blaise was going to play around then so was Draco. "Of course not!" He shouted.

"Well then, what was Potter talking about?" Blaise asked, faking a frown as he looked at Stella who grinned up at him. She was certainly enjoying herself.

"How should I know!" Draco glared at both of them. "Go ask the faggot!"

"Nasty name for your boyfriend." Blaise tutted.

"He's not my boyfriend." Draco grumbled. The flush in his face was the worst kind of give away, but so help him, Draco was going to keep on lying until the day he died. They could pull out a picture of him and Harry kissing and he would keep denying with every lie he could think of. There was no way he was going to admit to anything. And certainly not with the people who could hear him admit to anything.

Blaise and Stella shared a look and sneered. Draco hadn't not noticed the way the two of them walked in with their arms around each other and wondered what had happened to Pansy. But then they started to talk and Draco lost all thoughts of that pig face.

"We know what we heard. Wonder what the Prophet will say when I tell them exactly what it was I heard..." Stella said quietly.

"You keep your God damn mouth shut, you stupid little cow!" Draco snapped and pointed his wand straight at her.

Blaise lifted his own wand and Stella glared at him. Draco wondered why she didn't reach for her own wand or try to protect herself, instead letting Blaise defend her like a damsel. The two Ravenclaw girls shouted and threatened to hex the two of them but neither of the little goody girls reached for their wands. Draco was wondering what sort of spells he should use just as the door opened and Tonks appeared.

"Oh enough!" Tonks snapped. She glared right down at Stella. "I just broke up a fight with you! What exactly do you plan on telling your parents when you come to collect your wand?!"

"You got your wand taken off you?!" Draco laughed. "How pathetic!"

"If anyone tells the prophet that Stella lost her wand after having a fight on the train, she'll get probably a week of grounding from her parents or something. If we tell the prophet you and Potter have a thing, you'll never hear the end of it." Blaise sneered.

"What part of 'enough', do you not understand?" Tonks snapped, barely hearing what he said. "Get out of here!"

Blaise just smirked, waved with a sarcastic smile towards Draco and left, taking Stella's hand as he went. She followed along behind of him, still beaming cheerfully.

"Hey, are you okay?" Tonks asked, placing a hand on Draco's shoulder.

Draco slapped her hand away, still feeling the blush on his face. "Just leave me alone! Don't you get that I hate you! I hate who you are and I hate that I have to live with you! You're the filthy freaky daughter of a filthy muggle and a filthy traitor and you are marrying a disgusting mutt!"

When Draco was done, Tonks stared down at him with a blank expression on her face. The Ravenclaw girls were both sharing uncomfortable looks and finally stood, hurrying from the compartment to give them some space.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Draco." Tonks said in a carefully controlled voice. "But you have to stay with me and I'm sure everything will get better."

"Everything will get better." Draco sneered. "You people are so full of shit! Tonks, leave me alone! I hate you and I don't want anything else to do with you or your freaky family!"

"We're family, Draco!" Tonks snapped, loosing her cool slightly.

"Don't remind me!" Draco snapped. "I hate the fact we're related."

"Well we are! And you know what, you need to stop taking your anger out on everyone around you. That's why Harry doesn't want to be near you anymore. Because every time someone like Zabini does something to you, you scream at whoever is around even if they're trying to help you. Grow up, Draco. You will not act like this when we are living with us! Understand?!"

Draco glared at her and clenched his jaw tightly but forced himself not to argue anymore. He knew there was no point. Tonks didn't listen to him any more than Draco listened to her. After a moment of glaring at one another Tonks turned and left the compartment.

"Draco, wait for me when you get off the train. If you go anywhere then..." Tonks began.

"Then what?" Draco sneered.

"... Then you'll be grounded!" Tonks snapped, turning pink in the cheeks, storming down the corridor.

"Grounded?" Draco gawped after her. "You... You stupid..." He watched her disappear and let out an angry growl as he sat down again. It was starting to become increasingly difficult to decide who he hated more.

The Ravenclaw girls came back a few moments later and sat down, still keeping their promise of not saying anything to him.

Finally as the sun was high in the sky, the train came into the station and parents crowded around to welcome their children home. Draco stayed where he was, wanting to wait until most of the other students went home before he would get off. That way he might be able to avoid everyone staring at him. As it was, Draco was sure that many parents and siblings were already trying to get a peek in through the windows so they might see Draco.

The Ravenclaw twins stood immediately and headed for the compartment, they paused for a moment and glanced back at him. Draco ducked his head and when he next looked they were gone. Draco slipped down against the seat to avoid the looks from outside but made sure he could still see out of pure interest.

It was sickening to watch the mothers and fathers greet their children with such compassion and love. Draco scowled as Ron Weasley's mother grabbed both him and Ginny in tight hugs which they both fended off with embarrassed looks. A little further away Neville was greeting his Grandmother while Luna's father took her hand and stroked some of her long hair out of her face. Even Blaise's father was patting him on the back and wrapping a protective arm around his shoulders. Draco watched as Stella hugged a pretty pair who seemed to be her parents before telling them something exciting. They both looked confused for a moment then as if Christmas had come early. Draco tried to tell himself they were pleased because of her grades but he just knew Stella was telling everyone she could about Draco and Harry.

Draco leaned back and sighed. How long before everyone would just leave already?! He wasn't sure how much longer he could watch a happy family knowing he would not have on to return to.

"Come on."

Draco looked up and saw Tonks. She didn't look angry anymore, just sad. He turned back to the window.

"I'm waiting for everyone to leave first." Draco mumbled.

"You'll be waiting a while." Tonks smiled. "Come on, Remus is waiting in the car. We'll get out of here and then you can relax back home."

"But it's not home." Draco whispered.

"It could be." Tonks said quietly, holding out her hand. "Let's get out of here."

Sighing, Draco stood, ignoring her hand, and grabbed his bags. Immediately Tonks moved forward to help him. She had been intending to stay annoyed after the way he had spoken to her before, but when she had come in and saw him staring at all the happy families, Tonks couldn't bring herself to do it.

Holding on to Draco's larger bag, Tonks led him from the train. She quickly made him wait just inside so she could meet with Stella's family who were none to happy at Tonks for taking their daughters wand. They didn't seem to care she had been fighting, or that she had used a unforgivable on a fellow student.

"If I ever heard of you taking my daughters wand from her again-" Stella's father began as Stella twirled her wand happily between her fingers.

"Sir, I'm going to remind you just this once that I am an auror." Tonks growled. "So be careful with what you say to me next."

He gave her one final glare before grabbing Stella's arm and dragging her away from Tonks. Tonks glared after them before she turned to look for Pansy's folks. She found them after a moment. Her father wasn't there but her mother was, hugging Pansy who was red in the face and crying. When Tonks approached them, Pansy started to cry harder to the point where Tonks actually felt sorry for her.

"Your daughter was fighting with a fellow student." Tonks explained. "I confiscated her wand because of it." She handed it back to Pansy, who continued to cry.

"What right did you have to take my daughters wand?!" Pansy's mother snapped.

Tonks sighed and shook her head. "Your daughter was fighting. She certainly wasn't the worst of the two but she still should have known better."

Without waiting for another reply from either women, Tonks turned and headed back for Draco. He was waiting with his bags just inside of the train where no one could see him. There were certainly less people but it didn't feel like that when Draco walked down the platform. Almost every eye seemed to find him.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look! It's the Malfoy boy!"

"Hush, sweetheart, don't point at the poor thing."

"I'm a thing now?" Draco growled, glaring at Tonks like it was her fault.

"Just ignore them." Tonks sighed.

As they slipped through the barrier, pushing Draco's things in front of him, Draco felt a single moment of horror. There were dozen of witches and wizards waiting for him. He knew they weren't muggles because some of them either had forgotten to get rid of their robes and the rest worse muggle clothing that stood out even in the muggle world. As he thought this, a man in a dusty tuxedo hurried over towards him.

"Mr Malfoy? Is this your new guardian? How long will you be staying with her? have you heard from your father, Lu-" He began.

"Get out of it Siminil!" Mr Weasley shouted, appearing and pushing him the man away from Draco.

Draco felt his stomach clench and took a sharp step back. There were far too many people here and all of them had eyes on Draco. He felt small and cold. He felt sick and like some kind of monkey in a zoo. Even the muggles who didn't understand who these people were or why they were around had worked out that Draco was the center of attention and so even they were starting to stare at him. The reporters didn't have their usual cameras and quick quills but they each had something that seemed to be taking note of what happened, even if it was just a quick quill and parchment that had been shrunken down and hidden in their jackets.

"Listen!" Mr Weasley hissed towards the nearest reporter so the muggles around wouldn't hear. "I work at the Ministry! And do you really think they will be happy about you all crowding around in a muggle station! Now stop drawing attention and get out of here!"

"Draco, this way, dear." Mrs Weasley appeared beside Draco who had found himself absolutely frozen in place.

With Tonks and Mr Weasley threatening to arrest anymore reporters that insisted on drawing attention in a muggle place, Mrs Weasley wrapped an arm around Draco and led him away. He was so frightened and shocked that he couldn't even bring himself to fight her hold, despite the fact that he swore he hated this woman that was helping him. Draco tried to make himself seem small and a Weasley that Draco had never met but seemed to be the eldest of all the children was in front pushing anyone out of their way. It wasn't until Harry appeared at Draco's arm, also pushing him along out of the way, that Draco felt even slightly better.

The whole family seemed to be working. Draco wasn't sure he would have been able to move if Mrs Weasley and Harry weren't pushing him along. The eldest Weasley, who Draco heard someone call Bill, was getting rather violent to the point that Mrs Weasley shouted at him to be careful. They were finally outside when Tonks and Mr Weasley caught up with them.

Remus was waiting beside of a silver car. He was pointedly ignoring the one and only Rita Skeeter who was by his side and quickly trying to ask him some question, not even bothering to hide her quill and pad.

"Ah! Draco!" Rita beamed when she saw him.

Draco felt his insides turn colder if that was possible and was practically being shoved now. He could barely move his feet even though they had left most of the reporters behind him now.

"Don't even think about it!" Tonks snapped, stepping up to Rita.

"I just want to ask a few-" Rita began innocently.

"You heard her!" Mrs Weasley snapped. "Come on, deary."

Finally Draco found himself being pushed into the back of the car. As soon as he was safely inside Remus climbed into the passenger seat (it seemed the werewolf couldn't drive the muggle car).

"Thanks, Molly! Write you as soon as get get home!" Tonks said in a rush, putting Draco's bags in the trunk.

They could barely say a goodbye to one another before a few more reporters got out and Rita had somehow dragged Ron away from the group to ask him questions that he was more than happy to talk about.

"Ron!" Mrs Weasley snapped.

Bill grabbed Ron's arm and dragged him from Rita, scowling. Harry opened his mouth to tell him off but one glare from Ron silenced him.

It seemed he was still extremely angry with him.

"Oh let's get out of here before anyone else talks to any reporters!" Molly shouted, hurrying her own children into the car that had been sitting just behind of Remus'.

"It's small, I know, but cozy." Tonks promised.

That was an understatement. It was a single story building with outside walls that had been painted a pale green colour with a small front garden that couldn't have been plainer with no flowers, no fence and no trees. There wasn't even a pavement that led to the whit door, just a single step outside.

As they dragged everything into the house Draco prepared himself for the absolute worse. Already he felt sick by the simple size difference from his old home to this new one. When they stepped inside he saw it had a single long corridor with wooden floorboards and pasty plain yellow walls. There was a brown miniature table beside of the door that had a green bowl sitting on it that Tonks threw the keys down inside of.

"Explore around a bit." Tonks smiled. "Take everything in. The room on your far left is your room. The toilet's opposite that."

Draco was moving before she finished talking. He stuck his head in every room as he passed by them. The first on the left was obviously Tonks' and Remus' bedroom with a single dark purple and blue bed, a blue carpet, light purple walls, a large set of draws and cabinets by the wall with a large window. Opposite that was the kitchen. It had white tile floors, white walls with white and grey counters and a large grey fridge. It had a large sink facing the small window and a long table against the wall with four high black stalls facing the wall. There were a few other things inside but Draco didn't recognise them, assuming them to be muggle objects.

As he was sticking his head in the second door on the right that proved to be a small closet that was stuff full of old muggle and magical things, he heard Tonks and Remus whispering to one another behind him.

"What do you think Ron said to Skeeter?" Tonks asked.

"No idea. Hope it wasn't anything that could make things worse." Remus grumbled. "I just hope no one comes prowling outside the house for him."

"I pulled in some favours." Tonks nodded. "The spells should keep them away."

Draco glanced into the bathroom. It was just as small as the closet with a long white bath and silver taps. Right beside of the bath was the sink, also white with silver taps but much smaller compared to the kitchen sink and right beside the sink was the toilet, crystal white with a light brown wooden lid. The only thing that made any of it half decent compared to the large bathroom in his manor was that they had at least gone out of their way to make it clean.

Finally at the very end of the corridor in the final room was the largest room in the house. The living room had a dark brown soft carpet with a black leather sofa that looked to be fading in colour and a matching chair beside of it. There was a black coffee table in front of it and a large silver box sitting across from that. There was a large bookshelf that was full of different coloured books and a brown cabinet that had strange ornaments sitting inside, none of them even moving. There were a few pictures that included Andromeda and Ted Tonks on Christmas, a child Tonks and a second family that must have been Remus when he was just a baby.

"How do you like it?" Tonks asked. While he was looking she had stepped up behind him.

"I hate it." Draco grumbled.

"It'll grow on you." Remus smiled. "Let's get your things unpacked."

Draco doubted it would grow on him and slipped into his new room. It was quite small with a dark green carpet and light green walls. Draco assumed they were trying to show his Slytherin house in order to make him more comfortable but instead Draco just found himself resenting and hating the room. There was a single bed with Slytherin sheets that was in the middle of the room. There was a bookshelf like in the main room but smaller, emptier and a large window with a small box under it and a single large set of draws. As he stepped inside Draco hated every new piece that was in the room.

"Why couldn't I get my old things?" Draco grumbled. That would have at least made it feel a bit more comfortable.

"We tried." Tonks admitted. "We just... Lucius was... Well..."

"I get it." Draco mumbled, not wanting to hear anymore.

Remus placed a hand on Tonks' shoulder. "We'll give you some time to get settled."

"Take your time." Tonks smiled.

Draco watched the two of them shut the door behind them. It was a dark brown colour and Draco had the sudden urge to walk over and kick the door as hard as he could. Instead he turned and looked at his bags sitting beside the door. He didn't want to unpack. That would be like confirming that he did live here. Instead he moved the bags beside the bed where he could reach them when he wanted something. Then he sat down on the bed and recalled the reporters waiting for him on the station.

He had been frightened. So many people were trying to jump on him and ask him questions about his father so they could tell the world about it. Everyone just wanted to stare and poke at him. He felt sick.

Draco shut his eyes and threw himself down on the bed, trying to control any tears that would over come him. He stayed in the room for a while, the whole time feeling miserable. The only thing that cheered him up was when he remembered the way Harry's hand had felt against his shoulder as he had helped get him out of there.