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Jessie Culen 101

Forks: Bella's Life

Chapter 1: Flights

Bella POV

This was it. Today I move to Forks with my Mom. I can't believe we're going. I can't believe that after five years in Spain we are going back to the states. I'm Bella by the way, Isabella Swan. I'm 17 and I'm about to move to the least sunniest place in the US. Forks, let me tell you about myself and my Mom.

Five years ago, my Mom left my Dad to fulfil her dream of being a professional dancer on the hottest dance show on t.v. It just so happens that said show was filmed in Spain. So we traveled to Spain. Simple. We bought an apartment in Barcelona and while I was starting school, Mom went to audition for the show. When she got back, she told me that she got the part and that they were paying big money. 5000 a week for training the people who would embarrass themselves on t.v. There were six weeks of training before the show started and then she got 10,000 for doing one show! Plus there were fifteen shows! Do you realise how much money that actually is? It's 30,000 for training them, then another 150,000 for doing the shows! For one series it got my Mom, 180,000! That in $'s is around $200,000! It was on for seven series, but my Mom was only on it for five years as it were already two series in. So just from doing five series on a dance show, my Mom has received $1,000,000 and then she gets another $100,000 after the series for winning all five series she was in! So you could say that we were pretty rich with $1,500,000 to our name, but hey, I don't care!

My Mom had to quit her job because we went mountain climbing and she fell and broke several parts of her body. She broke her arm, ankle as well as her leg in three different places. The doctor said that she would never be able to dance how she did, before the accident, again. My Mom was so sad to hear that. She had the perfect look for a dancer. She has beautiful long blonde hair with sea green eyes. She has legs that would go on for miles, and a bodice that curved in all the right places. She's not fat, but definitely not too thin. My Mom looks perfect. So perfect that you wouldn't believe that I was her daughter.

I have long chocolate brown hair, that has waves in it. I have dark brown eyes and full lips. My legs are quite long and I guess I have curves but not perfect ones like Mom's. I think I look more like my Dad than Mom, but I don't care.

As me and Mom had been in Spain for five years, we got pretty tanned. So tanned, that it became permenant after our third year. Mom says that it looks best on me because I have dark hair and dark eyes, so she thinks hat dark skin goes with the combo. But I think it suits both of us. She always laughs whenever I say that.

I don't exactly know why she chose Forks as our next destination, but we both have god feelings about this.

So that's how we ended up in Barcelona's airport, on a plane, waiting for our flight to take off. This is going to be a long flight. I mean fourteen hours on a plane non stop with only a book to read, what am I supposed to do for the other six hours? While I was contemplating my dilema, my Mom-who's name I forgot to mention was Ren e- bought us some drinks. We both got cokes.

"Thank you." I said to the hostess. That was when the intercom came on and the sound of the pilots voice came on.

"Hello and welcome aboard. This is your captain speaking and I shall ensure that you have a safe flight to Seattle, Washington. Thank you for chosing to fly with us on Spana Air. Please relax and enjoy the flight."The intercom went off and then the cabin crew started their little safety thing where they say, 'The exits are here, here and here, yadah yadah yadah.'It's as if they think that we are going to miss the huge doors with the sign of 'EXIT' on it.

I was sad at first about not going back to Pheonix, but I dealt with it.

I'm a good kid. I'm not the type to go out and, for example, give my virginity to some random guy, or go out and drink, thinking that Ren e wont smell it on my breath. No, I'm the one who goes out with friends and does my homework. As I said, I'm a good kid. Ren e wasn't. She got pregnant with me when she was nineteen, on purpose too! Ha, I thought she was crazy for having a child so young. But she says it was the best thing she ever did. I repeat, CRAZY!

We finally took off and were now flying over the mountains.

As I hadn't had much sleep since last night, I thought I might get a few hours on the plane. So I reclined my seat back until it was flat and closed my eyes after checking that Mom was still okay. Turns out, she had the same idea about sleep. We could relax to the full as we were in the first class section where nobody was behind or infront of you for about two metres. We were in first class because we were rich, but we don't like to flounce the cash as if we were rubbing it in the peoples faces. We're not like that.

Once my eyes were closed, it felt like only five minutes later that I opened them once again. That was a quick flight. I only woke up because of my Mom tapping my shoulder.

"Bella, sweetie, we're here. Come on, wake up." It was times like these that I love my Mom the most. She's not a very shouty person. Yes, she shouts when necessary, but she doesn't scream at me to get me to wake up.

"I'm awake. What time is it?" I muttered with sleep. My eyes were covered with sleep and my voice was groggy. I heard Mom chuckle slightly, then frown.

"It's 9:00am, America time."

"9:00am? I thought we were landing at 8:30am?" I was very confused. EA were usually on time, no matter where you fly to.

"Hunnie, you know that your a deep sleeper. It took me half an hour to wake you, so come on. We need to get our bags." And with that, we got off the plane, appoligising to the hostesses on the way, and went to get our bags. Once our bags were sorted, we went to the arrivals gate.

In the front of a crowd of people, there was a man in a black suit. He was holding a sign that said, 'Ren e and Bella Swan'. Thank god it didn't say Isabella, because then I would have freacked out, Spanish style.

When I saw the man beside the suited guy, I laughed so hard! There was a guy in casual dress, AKA; Jeans and T-shirt, and on his card it said, 'Ren e and Bella Swan's bags'. Now do you understand the laughter? I suppose it understandable as I had five large suitcases and five medium sized cases just for myself. Here's the contents.

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