Hi there! Right this is just a little team chapter, doesn't really add much to the story but I just wanted to establish some stuff. Here you go! Originally, when I wrote this it got to a point where I really hated what I'd written because it wasn't up to my usual standard and was way too fast paced. But I hadn't published anything in ages so I really wanted to get something out there.

Dedicated to one of my best friends Sarah Spitfire for her birthday earlier this month. Hope you like it.

Walking down the street beside the clock tower, one would probably wonder who on earth owned the beautiful and quite expensive cars around it. And why the jackasses hadn't bothered to park properly. The reason happened to be that the owners/drivers of these cars had suffered a near heart attack when they realised they had left this Torchwood Hub, sat right on top of the Rift guarded only by Elton Pope. Elton – rubbish-at-espionage- even-in-it's-simplest-form-Pope.

The gang had raced down the stairs only to reach the big vault door, left wide open and hear some sort of shouting match going on.

Pressing themselves against the wall they all drew their weapons. "I'll go in first" volunteered Will. "Do some recon on the place."

Alex who looked thoroughly unimpressed tried to repress the urge to snort with laughter. "Recon? What're you, Black Ops?"

Will looked rather put out and shuffled back a bit, with his head down - eyes on the floor. Alex rolled her eyes at this childish behaviour, and counted down "1,2...3!" the entire lot of them burst into the room, expecting either the Apocalypse or Zombie Uprising to have broken out right in front of their eyes...only to see a completely empty Hub. Empty apart from Elton in Alex's office. Prancing around yelling orders at imaginary people and pretending to fire a gun.

Sarah cocked her head to one side called "Elton?"

The man in question froze with his back to them. "What the hell are you doing?" asked Chrissie as he turned round sheepishly.

"Yeah, we were expecting World War 3...not Mission Impossible 3" explained Alex, walking into the main space suddenly cautiously. The atmosphere had changed drastically – the chaotic harmony that always inhabited the Hub was gone. "...Somebody's been in here." She looked round "They've been in here." It was true. Each desk was a mess of papers and the big screen attached to the far wall – where the map of the Angels had hung – was gone, smashed into glittering glass dust on the floor.

When the realisation dawned on what had been going on whilst his back had been literally turned, the little colour in Elton's face quickly vacated it. "Oh sh-" he slid to the floor and Alex knelt beside him, one hand on his shoulder. The others in a knot around them.

"S'alright Elton, s'alright. You stopped 'em getting into my office and for that I am truly grateful" she clapped him on the back and turned to the others.

"Christina, rift activity now. Martha, that sample – if it's still there, I want you to try and get it into a state of constant movement. That or stasis, whichever you think is best. Will, erm – security please mate. Mickey that, uh, possibility we discussed, I'd like it addressed please" she stood up to walk away towards the office. Sarah jumped into action "Right, move it, move it, move it." Elton let out a loud sob, as she too turned to walk to where Alex was waiting for her by the office door. "And can somebody sit with Elton"

Just as everyone was about to start analyse, experiment, patrol and comfort, the ping of the bell resounded in their eardrums. And into the Hub strolled the grinning face of Captain Jack Harkness. Everybody stared at him, waiting...

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" bellowed Alex, rounding on him, long hair whipping round, before storming into the office, with Sarah closing the door behind them, glaring at Jack. Seconds later the olive green curtain fell across.

"Hello to you too" he commented smarmily at the door swanning off.

Inside the office, Alex sat behind her desk, her head in hands, while Sarah tactfully moved silently round to press a button on the silver CD player on the floor, selecting track 9. Nothing happened. Not side the office anyway. The CD player was connected to speakers wired into various hidden locations in the Hub's main area which when tracks 7-11 played a variation of different arguments recorded by the girls when the others were off chasing Weevils, Hoix, giant mutant spiders all of which were typical to that area.

"You alright?" asked Sarah tentatively watching her friend's long fingers massaging her temples. Alex opened her eyes, pushing the thoughts away "No. I don't know what to do Sarah. And everybody expects me to. All the stuff we've fought against, the reports I've had to read, which, by the way are excellent, they don't help with this sort of thing. The Doctor made those things above us disappear through trickery and dematerialisation. Bit hard for us with no TARDIS, we're not exactly immortal so they get a hold of us we're finished, and no one who knows how to stop them'

"Sally knows. She –"

"Was there last time sure. She knows what happened but so do we. Sally was bait pure and simple. She had the key. She led them to Wester Drumlins. We know what they want but no way of stopping them. They get in here, get rid of us, rip open the Rift and –"

"The world's done for. A new ice age"

"Bingo" Alex replied just as Sarah's recorded voice could be heard to shriek " IT'S ALL YOU FAULT YOUR THE BLOODY LEADER, THINK OF SOMETHING!"

"WHAT AM I, THE DELPHI BLOOMING ORACLE?" Alex winced as her voice roared back through the glass.

"Well, I vote for reinforcements" proposed Sarah with forced brightness.

Alex laughed harshly, looking up at her friend's face "Oh yeah. Like who?"

Sarah grinned just a little evilly "Leon – and Sam and James or-"

Alex promptly choked on her tea "NOT James. The guy hates me"

"Fine. Then who – doesn't matter I know who to call" she smiled sounding sinister. She quickly stooped to shut off the CD player and pretended to storm out of the office sulkily. Alex rushed to the door, flinging it open and called after her "Sarah you can call your boyfriend but don't you dare invite my exes!"

Half an hour later, Elton, who had been making continuous cups of tea as well as trying to find all of the data everybody asked him for in order to atone himself for his behaviour earlier, knocked on the private office door, interrupting Alex's thinking. "Boss, there's some people Sarah wants you to meet."

Outside Sarah was indeed standing beside a 2 young men she recognised "Leon!" she grinned walking forward to give Sarah's boyfriend a light hug. He was tall and dark haired like Will, but it was quite a bit longer, just as he was a lot paler and a Goth like his significant other, his ear and lip piercings glinting in the summer sun. "Alright there Alex?" he asked in his lilting Irish accent, his arm round his girl, kissing the top of her head.

She smiled in reply before leaving him to Sarah to turn and face the other man there. "Sam" she gave him a hug as well but it was a lot more fleeting. The sandy blonde man grinned toothily back and fist bumped her. "Thanks for coming; we wouldn't have asked if we didn't need the help. We gotta scour the town to find where they've gone and the clues they left"

So Alex, Jack – who despite all the withering looks she threw at him knew Sarah was glad to have him along - Sally, Mickey, Will, Sam, Sarah and Leon all went topside to search for the stone Angels trail of destruction. Sarah and Leon weren't really looking, they kept lagging behind, catching up after 3 months apart. Mickey noted that Alex kept well ahead with Sally, chatting occasionally to either him or Sam, though remained purely courteously towards him. Jack she completely ignored. For some strange reason, though Mickey thought it was probably the presence of an ex-despite rather chummy about it –boyfriend. They were headed in the direction of the river and bridge to check whether Plan A: Reflection had worked.

"No such luck." Commented Sarah dryly. The tall mirror they had placed in front of the creature last night lay shattered before it, powdered into glittering grit. Unfortunately, the team could not blame local vandalism, the culprit was standing before them. It's cold carved fist outstretched.

"Damn" said Mickey loudly, until the weeping head moved. Tilted towards the sound if his voice, looking at him. Straight in the eye.

"How...ho...how can it do that?"

"Never mind how just run!"

They pelted back up the street away from the river, "D'you reckon we should try running backwards to keep our eyes on it"

"Oh yeah, Genius idea Will. Do you want to get hit by a car?" yelled Sarah angrily. Nevertheless Alex did turn her head, just to see, she swore it had moved just a bit. Typically because she hadn't looked where she was going, as the others went streaking past her, streamlining around some obstacle, but since she didn't see it, being Alex, she ran straight into it. Instead of being knocked flat, someone was holding her up. "Will?" she asked blearily, looking up into the dark haired boy's face. As she refocused she realised Will had not been wearing neon pink Wayfarers nor a worn leather jacket loose on his toned frame. The aforementioned sunglasses slipped down his nose to reveal much darker blue eyes than Will's periwinkle blue ones. "Alex" he greeted her, still holding her by the shoulders. "Max!" she cried flinging her arms round his neck, breaking his hold."It's great to see you!" Wrapping his own arms around her, grinning widely, breathing in the familiar scent of her cherry blossom perfume. "Hello, Beautiful". Her figure suddenly petrified at this term of endearment and she carefully extracted herself from his arms, straightening up with a tight smile. "Alright? I'm guessing Sarah called you?"

"Yeah she did. Dropped what I was doing to drive straight up from London – that's why I was late."

"Well...thanks." she grinned this time, her eyes glittering with warmth.

"No problem Sweetie"

"Okay, sorry" butted in Jack, who up until then had kept silent "But who the hell are you three? Why are you here? More freelance operatives?"

Leon was the first to step forward, not bothered by Jack's rudeness "Leon Blackthorn." He shook Jack's hand as did Sam Fredrick Yates. "And who are you?"

"Max Latimer."

"Looks like you got a rival, mate" whispered Mickey to Will, pointing out the way Alex was smiling at Logan.

"No way" he replied in a hiss, though not as confident as he would have liked "Hey, Honey?" Will interjected, stepping closer and taking her hand so as not to be forgotten "We oughta head back – see if the others have got any results?"

Alex looked down at their combined hands as if appalled but said nothing. Everybody was watching the sudden change in her expression, how she turned her face upwards to Max's to gauge his reaction to this. That's why Sally was the only one to see the message carved into the bridge's stonework. That's why she was the one to read it out in a quaking voice which made the others stop and turn – Will's pettiness forgotten, the sweetness of reunion turned sour.

"You cannot stop us. We are ancient and forever. We are as old as the Universe. We saw it begin and we will see it end. And you will help us. The moment when we touch your arms and faces to take your lives will feed us. And when we take Time itself we will never be hungry again. Weep for us. For we are you and you will be us. Weep for your lives. Weep. "

"Just a guess, but I reckon you've got yourself a Host of Angels." Stated Max, stepping to stand beside Alex. Looking in her eyes he saw the plea for help that the others had never seen because she would never ask anyone else.

"What one earth does it mean?" asked Mickey as Sally roused herself enough to scribble it down in her notebook.

"Not sure. Definitely not good though" replied Jack, who truth be told could make neither head nor tails of it.

"Give us time, we'll work it out" responded Sam confidently, smiling at Sally, walking her back towards the base, re-reading the message over her shoulder.

"Hate to be a buzz-kill Sammy, but time is something we don't have" Leon shot back acidly. Sarah laughed despite the tenseness she felt, squeezing his hand, with a smile. They turned away. The others made to follow suit but Alex, Will and Max stayed behind. The men stayed purely for her. Will because he wanted to show his dedication. As always. In truth the message had freaked him out. Max stayed simply because he knew she needed him. As the breeze ruffled their hair Alex too turned away towards Max and Will.

They smiled at her. Two rivals together. Alex didn't care. Max was here, her team were ready. Her earlier doubts were gone with that light breeze. Nobody threatened her or her friends. She knew two things. One - what that message meant. And two – those Angels had sealed their fate.

They were dead meat. Better, she amended with a wicked little smile:

They were rubble.

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P.S. I've changed Logan's name to Max Latimer by the way just in case you get updates and can't figure out why.

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