Bani Dixit was the eldest daughter of Nishikant. Of her two sisters, she was the eldest; after her came Piya and, finally, Rano. They had lived with their parents in Mount Abu their entire lives, though their mother had sadly died seven years ago. Bani's greatest happiness in life was that everyone could see eye to eye and get along with peace and happiness in their hearts. Love was the most important thing in her life. Unfortunately, her younger sister, Piya, did not see things quite the same way. It was wealth and money that was most important to her, and she hoped one day to be rich and famous. Rano, the youngest, was again different from her two elder sisters; her goal in life was to show the world what she could do, to show the world just how intelligent she was and what she could do with it. Her greatest ambition in life regarded the career that she would someday work to attain.

To fulfil their individual dreams, the sisters had enrolled in college, but whilst Piya and Rano attended college, Bani only pretended to do so, and instead had taken a job in a hotel.

Bani gave a sad sigh, heavy with the memories of the past and her beautiful mountain home where she had grown up and spend many, many happy hours with the people she loved most in all the world, her family. Tomorrow, she would be moving with her sisters to Mumbai. A deep and depressing fear had began to descend on her since she had learned that they would have to move; she feared that her sisters would become different people when they reached Mumbai, that the things they had always desired would change them and twist them into people that she would hardly recognise and that she would stop loving them, then.

With all of her might, she made a promise that she would do her very, very best to keep them together as a family and to keep their hearts in the right place, and to never, no matter what, stop loving them. The instant she did, she was sure, they would, in turn, turn away from her, and she will have lost them forever.

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