The Commander's Dearest Wish by planet p

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Hwang Bo Yoon thought that Jang Chae Ohk must have been able to see how strongly he felt about her; not only was she a great asset to law enforcement in Korea, acting as an undercover agent for the police, known as a damo, she was also an excellent sword fighter, she was brave and full of resolve, and she knew much of nature from having been raised in the mountains as a little girl. She understood many things about the world and was straightforward and honest; in her heart of hearts, she could not stand other people's lies and misdeeds and believed that a person should not have to and that there should be an avenue through which to go to put a stop to such deeds and behaviours, an avenue through which to better society.

Bo Yoon, a police commander who had rose through the ranks very quickly, felt and thought much the same way that Chae Ohk did. He was very loyal to his country and its government, and he loved the people of his country like his own family, like his mother and father and brothers and sisters; like his children, had he had children. Though he was hardworking and diligent, he also did not easily express his feelings, and, as a result, found himself feeling very lonely.

His only wish for himself, apart from the continued health and prosperity of his country, was that Chae Ohk could see how much he cared for her, and that, in some small way, she could acknowledge this and perhaps allow for a friendship between the two of them to build up.

He had often felt that she was lonely like him, and he felt very badly to see her so alone; it would be his dearest wish, he thought, to see her happy.