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Chapter 1

I was sitting down when I felt him staring at me. Usually, I would've ignored this type of attention. The fact being half the guys here were drunk. But I felt an odd pang, almost a premonition. He was handsome, with an eerie but yet a mysterious aura that seemed to pulse lively around him. He had eyes that shone like the cobalt blue of Titanium Cabochon. And eyes like a cat's that reflected back at the moon's light. His hair was a pale brown, and was cut neatly, slightly below his ears. Since I was feeling fairly flirtatious tonight, I walked over to his table.

"Hi" I casually started, sitting down next to him. "My names's Evelyn, but most just call me Vev." I coolly added. He grinned, took a sip from his drink and flashed a white smile. I shuddered inwardly with delight.

"Hey" He replied. He sent another grin to the other two boys there with him.

One was gorgeous, with a tall and lanky body and ash blond hair. His eyes appeared to be green, but I must've mistaken them for gray. The other one, who was also very good looking, had black hair, framed with black eyes. Both would seem to look quite fierce if normal, but now they just looked slightly awkward and looking if they wanted to leave. I had a feeling off them immediately, probably meaning they were taken. This didn't bother me at all though. I had my eyes on the first.

"My name's Hawthorn Redfern. My cousin over there is Ash" he said, pointing to the blonde, "And that's our friend Quinn." He finished, pointing lastly at the black haired one.

I batted my eyelashes just a bit and smiled in response. "So Hawthorn, I haven't seen you here before. Are you new?"

He laughed a noise that sent pleasant shivers down my arms. "We're visiting. But yes, we are new to this club. Right guys?" Hawthorn inclined his head towards his company. "Ash and Quinn both have girlfriends down here, and I happened to run into them." I knew it! I thought. They are taken.

They just mumbled barely audible responses, and looked away. How strange, I thought. I peered at them, taking another look. Ash's eyes seemed to be brown now. As he sighed and looked towards the entrance, they flashed blue. Was I hallucinating? Maybe it was the drink, I thought, putting it down. Quinn too has been looking at the entrance and I seemed to get a vibe from him. Was it sympathy? It seemed directed towards me.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked, deciding to be spontaneous. I parted my lips just a bit, and flipped my strawberry blonde hair slightly. He laughed, and cocked his head to the side once. He flashed another of his dazzling smiles before he answered.

"No, I fortunately don't." He stated simply, giving a wink at me. He is really gorgeous I thought excitedly. As he reached down to what it looked like to touch my cheek, something hit me with a force I've never known.

What started as a shivering bolt became a spasm of lightning sparks. I gasped and jumped back, my hair getting tangled easily. I automatically reached for my face. My cheek felt burnt, but in a painful good way. I started to see haze, and soon my body was filled with a numbness of both awe and pleasure. But I had a look of complete shock on my face.

I glanced at him, seeing him flush from having the same reaction. He looked at his hand as if it didn't belong to him. With a quick "Excuse me", he ran off to the bathroom, being followed by a pale Ash and surprised Quinn. I looked away from the direction they took off, trying to calm myself. What the hell was that?

Quinn looked at Ash to what was silent shock and amusement. "Well, well. To all people…" His dark voice started, soon to be cut off by Ash.

"Shut up Quinn. Nobody thought it would happen to you, especially yourself. "Ash finished the sentence. Quinn looked at him with mocking features and replied.

"Or you Ash. But I never would have thought...Well the Redferns are the ones who're particularly getting it. But did you see his face?"

Ash smirked. "You should've seen mine."

Hawthorn, who had no hell idea what they were talking about glared at both of them. They both looked like they were about to start hysterically laughing.

"What are you guys talking about?" He asked, annoyed. He splashed water on his face, trying to reduce the pink and shook his head. "Never mind. Come on guys, we're leaving." With that, he angrily walked out of the bathroom with the two trailing behind him, snickering.

How the hell am I having this reaction to vermin? I shouldn't be! Hawthorn raged at himself. A word seemed to have slipped into his mind though. A word that seemed to be getting more and more popular. Soulmates, a small part of his mind whispered. Shut up! That's nothing more than a fluke, a stupid excuse that damned Daybreakers use. But his mind was already pondering the thought. Maybe, just maybe it's no-… The small voice whispered again before cutting off and seeing Evelyn still sitting where she had been. Time to face her he realized, not wanting to know why he was nervous.

I looked up, seeing Hawthorn come out of the bathroom. Was he mad? Still recovering from being light-headed, he just started at me for a moment.

"We're going." He simply said. Well, that sort of hurt. Was he mad? I couldn't tell, but it was obvious he was still in slight shock. Quinn and Ash just smiled apologetically at me.

After two minutes of just looking at me and saying nothing, he asked, "Do you need a ride home?" His tone was calmed more, even inviting now. I simply nodded, took my jacket and followed the three out of the club.

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