Another free verse. As always, I'm not JKR. I don't own this.

You've never been one of those shy girls

The modest ones who avert their eyes

And blush frequently

You know you are beautiful



F l a w l e s s

And you rather expect people to love you for it



You are a Barbie doll

( but a little more real )

Boys like to play with you for a little while

Before growing weary and tossing you aside

( just keep telling yourself that it's not your fault

Maybe one day you'll actually believe that )

& it's a little tiring to have passed through so many calloused hands

But you wouldn't trade it for u g l i n e s s



Hide away your fears, your pain

Lock them behind your glassy eyes

And smile your fake smile

( are you tired of perfection yet? )

They don't know you well enough to see how you hurt

And, maybe, that's why your heart aches



Little porcelain doll

Sitting up sosohigh on a shelf

Tucked away 'to keep safe'

Stared at, admired

( but what use is it really?

They don't know you )

Cracks are forming an inch below the flawless skin

Creating webs of lines that almost look

*oh the horror*

I m p e r f e c t



Smile and flirt and pretend

( because that's all it really is )

That it doesn't hurt

Even though it does

( badly )

But you wear your beauty like a medal

And even with all the pain it brings, you cherish it



Hold it near and dear, little darling

Because it won't stop the pain

Only plug the wound for a short while

But you like your games of make-believe

So this act will fit right in



No one loves you

And you know it too

( even if they watch with those lusting eyes )

And you can't love yourself


Even though you are beautiful




You feel so u g l y