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"You better not hurt him this time, or I beat the crap out of you and kill you." satisfy to let the other man know how he truly felt, he vanished, leaving a worry blond and a smirking raven."


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Chapter Seventeen — Moving on


Sasuke's POV

Warm, soft skin beside my cold body, caressing softly every inch of his body as he sleeps, peacefully.

It's hard to believe that I'm here, with Naruto; sharing a bed, without hiding and trying to start all over again.

I know I fucked up; I know that I shouldn't be given a second chance- I don't deserve him, but I love him.

I love him.

I lived in denial for a long time, trying to proof to myself that I could live without him but I fail.

My love grew, getting stronger and hard to control.

Eventually, it became an obsession; to have him, make him mine forever.

Revenge poisoned my body, killing me, leaving only the cold-empty shell that at the time had controlled my actions. Alone, with no one to confide my feelings, I fell into the darkness without knowing; almost killing the only person who truly love me. I'm grateful that my friend, which I owned him an apology, had stopped me in time.

It's wasn't easy to admit my feelings, feelings that I had locked inside my heart.

Oh Naruto.

How could I, denied such a beauty? Denied your feelings, our son?


Izuna, he's the strongest shinobi from his generation, generous, love by everyone and fear by his enemies.

'Itachi would've been so proud of his nephew. Damn, even father.'

Staring at his adorable face, I can't stand the thought of been away from him, ever again.

I have promised myself to make him happy; repaid him for all those years I made him suffered, force him to hide and deprived Izuna with a normal childhood.

I know, it's going to be tough, but I'm willing to sacrifice my whole being if it's necessary.

I'll make Naruto and Izuna happy... I'll do anything for them, and I'll apologized everyday if I have to.


'Fuckin idiot…' Kyuubi roared, upset, confused about last night's events.

'Shut up! I know- I know but- I love him a-and he changed I swear!'

Sitting far way from an angry Kitsune, Naruto thought about last night, blushed,

'Naruto, I'm only saying this because I care about you, and I don't want to see you cry, asking me for help because that damn Uchiha betrayed you once again. You have Izuna, Neji died- protecting you and your son, and now, the source that cause you the pain comes back and you accepted him so fuckin easy?'


'LISTEN TO ME! I'm just going to say this one last time, I will kill him-destroy him if he hurts you again. Think about your son, and then, make your final decision.'

Naruto blinked, cursing at the sly fox for waking him up, but forgetting as soon as he felt soft lips, kissing his neck.

"Mmhn, Sasuke," 'I need to stop-mmhn, but it feels sooo good!'

Cold hands grabbed Naruto's waist, bringing his body closer to Sasuke, making Naruto moan.

"Sasuke, stop, please- we need to talk-STOP!"

It was strange how his body reacted, 'And to think this is just the beginning, damn.'
Naruto's soft skin, the feeling of someone's warm body close to him and knowing you won't wake up alone in the morning.

'Oh Naruto'

Naruto looked away, staring anything but him, mumbling words- suddenly feeling nervous.

"Just tell me Naruto," Sasuke said, as he sat waiting for Naruto to decide their fate. It hurt him to know that this could mean the end, or a start of something beautiful.

For once, he was speechless- love, Sasuke, Izuna, family etc. 'I'm scare.'

"Sasuke, you know that I love you, I want you in my life- our life but, Izuna, we need to talk to him and let him know about our plans. You're Izuna's father and I'm his mother, I don't want to hide our love from him, or seeing Izuna threatening to end your life. No. If you love me, let's do it the right way please."

'Be strong, don't' cry-don't cry!' Sadly, he couldn't help it, as salty tears water down, cursing at his weak state.

He should've known, but he had hope that together will work things out- waiting for izuna to cope with their relation. 'Oh well, after all he's my son and I don't want to see Naruto torn between Izuna and me.'

"Okay. Tonight, we'll talk to him and see how things go."


"Naruto, I want things to work and I can't wait til you're ready to face Izuna- I want you with me, day, night- every morning without hiding our relationship, or trying to please our son."

Pulling Naruto, embracing his love, "I love you." Closing the space and shutting whatever Naruto wanted to say, he kissed him, hold him tight.

"I'll see you later my love," –poof- He disappeared leaving a confused blond behind.

'Damn, I'm dead!'

'Isn't that you wanted?'

'Oh, now you show up, stupid fox!'

'I had to leave you, you know that. It's your life and you have to make the right decisions.'

'I know. I suppose it's okay, damn, tonight it's the night.'

'Points for the Uchiha, no coward at all but it's Izuna we're talking about; I'll think twice if I was him.' Kyuubi laughed thinking of the two mighty Uchihas fighting until one is satisfied, or both dead.

'KYUUBI! Dammit, don't think that- it's my family, and I love both of them equally.'

'Yeah, yeah, whatever- now go find Izuna and get ready for tonight.'

'Stupid fox.'

Cursing, he got ready, changed and ate breakfast- while thinking about the outcome of tonight's little talk. So many scenarios came in his mind, fear, anxiety to know how Izuna will react.

'Calm down, my little Uchiha is different,' smiling, but frowned when Kyuubi interrupted him,

'Don't forget your temper which is deadly, and adding the Uchiha gene; a lethal combination for an Uchiha.'

'Oh god,'

Deep in his own thoughts, Naruto kept talking; completely unaware that someone was listening; masking his chakra undetected by the two love birds.

'Love, really fucks your senses,'



Reading a book, Uchiha Sasuke sat quietly in his living room, enjoying a hot cup of tea; trying to think of ways to make Izuna understand.

'Hn. I barely understand the concept of loving, and caring for someone and now, I have to try and convinced my son- who I almost kill- that I love his mom and want a second chance, fuck,'

Believe it or not, he was nervous- had no clued on how to react, or say how he feels, hell, let alone ask his son for his blessing.

'Dammmit! I need to think, something but what?'

"It's been ten minutes and you haven't changed the page. Are you that slow?" an unemotional voice surprised him, making him jumped into a fighting stance.

"Izuna . . . what are you doing here?" Shock written all over his face, the once mighty Uchiha just stuttered and to make it worst, to his son, who had a lovely smirk.

'Somehow, he remind me of Itachi, god,'

"Mind if I sit down, we need to talk."

It wasn't easy to admit that, he really wanted to get to know his father, to know why his momma gave everything he had for this man; answers that he wanted to know, and, of course- to judge and accept his momma's possible boyfriend.

Listening to his parents' conversation, his mom's pleads- seeing the teary side from his mom; he just couldn't take it and that's the reason he was here.

In front of his father, trying to have a nice, long, conversation and see why Uchiha Sasuke, could make his mom happy.

'One thing is clear, I want mom to be happy and, if he makes him happy- then so be it. Besides, I know Neji will want me to give him a chance, at least one.'

"Yes, please- would you like some tea?" out of character, Sasuke played it cool but underneath that mask, he was freaking out.

'Fuck, I'm loosing it. I didn't sense him. SHIT!'

"No thanks. How about we start with . . . why did you tried to kill us? Why do you think you deserve a chance?"



'Strange, I haven't seen Izuna at all?'

'Maybe he had another mission.'

'No. He usually comes home for dinner,'

'You stressing yourself, maybe he has a girlfriend.'

'Oh my god, my baby has a girl. Of course, my baby is such a handsome boy; just like his dad and uncle.'

'You know, you're scaring me, you keep comparing Izuna-chan to Itachi; I'm starting to doubt who's the father here.'

'Oh shut up! C'mon, don't deny that he's starting to look so much like his uncle. You know that I'm right. Now that I remember, I think all Uchihas' looked the same, well my baby- he's different- he's a gentleman, an idol- here in the village and he can smile. Plus, he inherited the Uchihas' good looks- he probably has his own club by now!'

'Yeah, yeah- I guess but still, it's creepy. Get ready, it's time.'

'I know.'


After two hours of talking, his questions were answered, Izuna was pleased. Sasuke, surprisingly- didn't left anything out- told him everything; feelings, his motives to leave his mom and reasons why he committed his sins.

"I know I acted like a jerk, and please forgive me, but you've to understand me; I have to take care of my mom, and you- wanted us dead for years. It's hard. Although, my mind screams no, my heart says, surrender and give him a chance . . . but, I swear, if I ever, ever see mom crying and you, Uchiha Sasuke, caused it- I'll kill you." proudly showing his Sharingan, Izuna smirked, seeing Sasuke's shocking face.



Both shook hands, secretly both were pleased knowing that both got what they wanted, at least for now.

"We should let mom know, he probably thinks I'm killing you." Izuna smirked.

"Yeah- right, like you could kill me." Sasuke smirked back.

"Well, I'll die trying but, mom will see my bloody, bruised body and then, he'll kill you." a wicked smile left him cold, but before he could say something, Izuna disappeared.

'I'm fuck.'


'Where could they be? I checked everywhere! Kyuu, help me- I'm running out of ideas.'

'How should I help you? Just wait for them to come to you.'

'I guess you're right.'

Deciding that it was best to wait, he started to do his chores.

After finishing his chores, at last, he sensed them coming his way.

Coming inside, both Uchihas' greeted Naruto and sat down.

"Izuna?" asked Naruto, definitely wanted to know what had happened between his son and Sasuke.

"Mom, chill, I know I can beat his ass but calm down. We're cool." Izuna smirked.


"Izuna, please tell me," He knew his son, and to be honest, he was afraid of him.

Izuna laughed, "Fine, don't worry Naruto; we just had a little chat between two, civilize Uchihas'."

'Oh my god, he said Naruto!'

'So what?'

'He serious, they actually talked, oh my god,'

'Geez, you're annoying,'

"Earth to mom," Naruto shook his head, sitting down, it was to much information.

"I told him everything." Sasuke said, kneeling down in front of Naruto, staring at those incredible eyes he adored.

"All I want is your happiness mom, and, he's the only one who can achieve that. Besides, Karin left and I have missions to take care of; you need someone, and now that he's here, both of you can try it out again." Izuna smiled. It hurt to admit that his mom smiled brighter, thanks to Sasuke besides, Sasuke felt the same. It'll take awhile to heal but the first step was done; forgive and move on.

"You have my blessings." Both parents froze, and stared at their son, speechless.

"Geez, I'm not a kid anymore- I can handle the truth you know. Besides, I have no choice; he's my father and, I knew he's was going to change his mind and come back to you."

" . . . . " " . . . . "

"Father, you may kiss the bride."





Author's Note.

Oh my god. I hate it. I can't believe that Naruto's manga finally ended, but ohh why? WHY SAKURA? I can't write knowing that my precious, sexy, Adonis-raven ends up with Sakura! Ewww. I'm sorry my people, I can't think clearly after finding out the truth.

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