Chapter 01

"64 palms!" announced Neji as the last of the strikes closed of Naruto's chakra coils were put down. Naruto gripped the dirt face first, the body refused to move Naruto gripped the air a moment. Naruto, gritted his teeth in frustration as he call on all his will power to get up his hand reached for word when he felt something, Naruto reached for it he gripped at it his eyes blurred a moment.

Light years away a blue haired man looked down at a power ring retrieved from earth no chooser had been found and the once great lantern was lost. The ring suddenly shook it rattled a bit as it slowly started to move. The ring rattled more and more violently as it soon shot out word in a blast of green light. The small blue man raised a white eyebrow as the ring shot out as he called in a small group to chase the ring down.

"What kind of being could harness that much will power to summon a ring, ah the heck with it we'll wait and check up on the person later," The figure shrugged "Sinestro!" shouted the man.

"Yes," said the Red skinned alien as he entered the room the other Guardian's absent,

"I was sitting her going over more criminals when the most unusual thing happened a ring suddenly shot off," The blue skinned man commented "Follow it and detail the entity who has it. This has never happened before make sure nobody interferes or kills him, clear?"

"Crystal," the red man said no emotion on his face, he turned and a smile crept on his face he may have to put his plans on hold for a moment this could be intersting.

Naruto focused harder a fire burned even brighter as he forced his body back up to face Neji.

"Your fate is to lose to me, that's a fact," said Neji

"You can't know that for sure until we try!" countered Naruto his left I squinting in pain, Neji closed his eyes as he put his head band back over the curse mark on his forehead. "I can't imagine how much pain you felt when your father was killed but, I think you're wrong to conclude that everyone's destinies are predetermined!"

"You're hopeless," Neji replied as he stuck out knocking Naruto back to the ground, "Proctor we're finished," Neji commented as he turned away. The ground felt cold and hard as his head skidded to a hump, Naruto called out for all his will power this time for something more something stronger.

"Don't turn your back on me, I won't run away I never go back on my word my hopes and dreams aren't changing!"

"I think I've heard that line before," smirked Neji,

"I refuse to be defeated by a coward like you I won't lose to someone who believes in resigning himself to Fate…" Naruto replied as worked thru the blood seeping thru his lips.

"What a joke stop trying to lecture all of us as if you know anything! How could you understand anything about my fate… about bearing an indelible, inescapable curse?" Neji shouted as he pointed at Naruto. Naruto looked down a bit as he clutched his side he looked at Neji, then smiled,

"Actually I understand pretty well and… so what? Jerk where's your hope at?" asked Naruto. "You're the one who needs to quit lecturing; your not the only one who's special you know!" Naruto shouted "She's trying so hard to change herself to earn respect that's why she hung in there during that fight with you even though she was coughing up blood," "And you! The cadet branch is supposed to protect the main branch but you used the exam as an excuse to beat up Hinata," shouted Naruto "It sure seems like you were trying to defy your Fate too!" Shouted Naruto Neji flinched at that.

"Heh.. I've blocked 64 of your Tenketsu already how are planning to fight you can't us any of your chakra," Neji scoffed "When we're through, you'll ebd up just like Hinata," the teen threatened.

"Shut up! Stop acting all high and mighty, with your all-seeing Byakugan!"

"Well…? Are you all talk or are you going to try to prove your point?

"Sure! I'll prove it to you! By kicking your butt!" Shouted Naruto "Crap I'm talking a big game but I can't feel my chakra at all Its just like the times I used up all my chakra during training… Wait what hell is that?" Thought Naruto as a green light suddenly fell over the arena. The light attracted everyone's attention the light dimed down and was headed straight for "ME!" thought Naruto the comet head straight for Naruto, Naruto didn't move as a horrified face was now pasted on everyone's face. The light stopped an a single ring dropped at Naruto's feet.

"Well that was anit-climatic," Thought Naruto as a ring a green ring slipped itself on his finger. "In lightest day, In darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight, those who worship evils might, beware my power green lanterns light!" Shouted Naruto's voice; Knowledge flooded into Naruto's head like a damn gate spill as he looked over everything will, power imagination as well as all that had happened to him. "Think I use the fox's power I get the win but I get no promotion, using the fox's power twice to risky only way utilize an old personal past time," Naruto smirked. Naruto dashed hard to the trees, Neji was quick to follow Naruto got into the trees first quickly Bringing out his ninja wire and kunai Naruto dropped out a seal full of all his old tools for getting away from his "enemies" after a prank. Naruto set up a quick dig as Neji moved fast Naruto weaved around trees. "The Byakugan if it's like the Sharingan has its limits either distance or time will allow me out of his sight but how to be sure?" Naruto thought "Mirrors" the teen smirked. Naruto set to work fast,

"I see you Naruto your little trick won't work,"

"Just because you can see it doesn't mean you can stop it," Naruto shot back, as he vanished from Neji's field of vision. Neji growled in frustration "wait he went what is, oh shit," thought Neji he had seen the entire area above turned into wires thousands "how in the world?" Thought Neji, Naruto's ring glowed green a bit giving away his position. Naruto stood a moment, as Neji scaled the walls fast.

"Why do you keep trying so hard to defy your destiny?"

"Because somebody told me I was a failure!" Naruto answered back, Neji leaped high on to the wires his eyes giving him perfect vantage. Neji charged fast aiming to end the whole fight. Neji was a few feet away everyone was on the edge of their seats when Naruto smiled. Naruto dropped "Look I may not understand the tragic destiny of the Hyuga clan if you think it's inescapable Fine! Then stop fighting already," Naruto called as he dropped to the ground he tossed a single Kunai up cutting a single wire.

"Neji your Blind as hell," Naruto shook his head he cut the wire and dropped down the wires snapped and whipped around and sound Neji was hanging in the center of the arena held in wires cutting into his skin. Naruto gave a soft smirk "Oh and be careful I can't seem to remember which ones were my new and sharp or old and dull," Naruto soon set back of to the trees again, quickly setting down in meditation to regain some chakra. Neji growled in anger Naruto was really starting to get on his nerves he cut himself down a moment, Naruto appeared when he landed each equipped with exploding kunai Neji went wide eyed as the weapon dived at him. "When I become Hokage I'll change the Hyuga Clan!" Naruto shouted.

"Rotation!" Neji shouted as repelled the explodsion, Two craters appeared after the explosion,

"Hey which one's Naruto?" shouted Sakura,

"How should I know!" Ino shouted. Fingers Inched out of one of the holes as Neji pulled himself out, Tenten taking a noticeable breath. "Sorry failure it's too bad, but this is reality," Neji panted as soon the earth cracked and Naruto shot out of the ground knocking Neji to the ground unable to move.

I failed the academy graduation exam three times… Because unlucky for me, the exam always tested the same ninjutsu my absolute weakest ninjutsu. The Bushin no jutsu art of the doppelganger. So shut up about destiny and inescapable fate you shouldn't whine about such trivial stuff, cause unlike me you're not a failure. Oh and a small recommendation, I know it was important and all but try not to talk too much against real enemies," Naurto joked then dropped to his knees "Proctor can I surrender no I don't think I can take anyone else on right now," with that the whole stadium went up in applause. Naruto waved to his teammate when the Hokage leaped down to the arena.

"Winner is Naruto Uzumaki!" announced the proctor. The announcement sent a shock wave as clapping became cheers.

"I am sorry but I will have to postpone the rest of the exams something has a cured that needs to be looked after. All entrances and bets will carry over as well as setting, I apologize," The Hokage announced the people filled out slowly as the Hokage motioned for Naruto to follow. Naruto followed as Sarutobi instructed someone to wait for Kakashi, The older man lead the way as He gave of instructions.

"I am mildly interested as to why you would postpone the entire match on a single green ring," commented The Kazakage as he glared at Naruto.

"Yes, no I will not tell you last thing I need is you to hunting for a weapon you can't use," the old Kage said "I have the right to postpone so leave for now," The man turned on a heel and left.

"You mean this is a weapon?" asked Naruto as he looked at the ring on his right ring finger. The Kage did not speak as the two walked back to the tower.

"How long do I have to wait here for?" asked the grey haired man, the Kage smiled as he ignored the ninja.

Sarutobi entered his office and after taking out a scroll unsealed a ring it laid flat but one minor difference it was blue. Naruto looked back at his ring it had a circle in the middle and one line above and one below as well as something new, a small spiral had indented into face of the ring but Naruto was unfazed by the change. Sarutobi picked it up and slipped it on,

"In fearful day, in raging night, With strong hearts full, our souls ignite, When all seems lost in the War of Light, Look to the stars- For hope burns bright," whispered the old man "Hold up your fist it's time for a crash course in reality Naruto,"

Planets, galaxies, and Meta-humans with powers destroying the most powerful of bloodlines and fighting styles; Knowledge, then memories thousands, staff wielding, jutsu, a war? Naruto's mind got a crash course in every style and fighting ability in the professors arsenal.

Then it was over Naruto looked up at the old man with an awed look as he sat on the tower floor. The god of Shinobi just gave him every skill he had ever used. Only one word just one could come to mind.

"Why?" asked Naruto, as he looked at the old man.

"Naruto, that ring as you now know the world is much bigger than you could possibly imagine. In you I see a great man, The Fourth was to gain this ring after a few years, After his death I saw all the people and known of them ever seemed to qualify for the job or the power I hold, until you came," he smiled at Naruto, he stepped behind his desk to look out the window. "This ring is the most powerful weapon in the universe, and I bet you think me foolish to hide it but this world would be sent into much bigger things than it can handle if that were the case. Besides one man should never hold this much power at least on earth there are many man who hold power but here. I fear what would happen if it were to fall into the wrong man's hands. Since you have your own I suppose I can truly trust you with my knowledge," the old man turned and smiled. Naruto bowed low, this stunned Sarutobi, then a tear fell on the wood floor

"Thanks, Thanks for putting that much trust in me old man," Naruto choked out as he gave the man a bear hug. Naruto smiled,

"Now then we have a day to get you fixed up and with those shadow clones of yours well make a chunin out of you yet," smiled Sarutobi. Naruto gave him an odd look when his memories did a relapse on the jutsu. He looked confused,

"Those only work for memories how can the Shadow clone jutsu help me?" asked Naruto,

"Think boy, us my memory, why in the world do Taijutsu users train their moves over and over again?" asked Sarutobi.

"Muscle memory," shouted Naruto as the realization hit him. The Third nodded with a soft smile. The pair were about to leave when the blue robes of the Kazekage entered the room

"I demand an!" shout the man,

"Yes of course," said the third blowing the man of completely "First I need to check out that green ring and its effects on my solider," The third winked at Naruto.

"Over a genin? Honestly Sarutobi you confuse me you are going to make thousands of men and woman wait a day to see the exams they came miles away for, over on shinobi with some brightly colored jewel?" the man questioned

"We both know to look underneath the underneath, and will not chance the security of my village, Kami knows what this thing is," said the third as he stared the man down. Their eyes did not look at the ring. The Kazekage turned and left the room his anger held behind a wall of iron. The two walked out as well.

"Okay Naruto make as many clones you can," ordered the third, the training ground the three training post the threes the lake everything was soon filled with neon orange.

"Okay we have eight hours or so to get you ready know each clone spread out and each practice Closed fist style each keep in sync with each other as best you can and stay in one place. Naruto you will be running laps to build up your strength," smiled the third,

"For how long?" asked Nartuo,

"One hour," smiled the third, Naruto groaned as he got to work. The orange outfits struggled at first but soon the large was in sync and running thru the style at the end of the hour the group worked well the third had walked around correcting flaws at each one he could with his own shadow clones. Naruto stopped running at the end of the hour and dispelled all the clones as memories of the clones, Naruto ran thru the compiled memories and with so many similar situations it didn't hurt him as badly as if he sent each to its own job. The third watched as Naruto ran thru the motions having mastered the closed fist style in one hour. Next came meditation, each clone with controlling chakra, then using jutsu each ten minutes of practice for non elemental jutsu, then five hours one for each element training, and a cool down with the bo-staff. The sun had long since gone down and while Naruto only completed wind out of the five elements, Naruto' was capable of using a good 55 different elemental and non-elemental jutsu. Naruto collapsed the third picked up his solider and carried him on he slipped thin but long scroll on the boys two room apartment floor, seals was written down on it as he tucked in the boy in. He smiled as he looked down at the boy a moment a small smile on his face and after ruffling the boy's hair he walked back to the tower. A Heavy weight on him he knew tomorrow was a day that would be his last.