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The sea was calm and steady but the sky was grey and gloomy. Not an ounce of sunlight penetrated the darkened skies. The skies gave hints of a terrible storm about to rear its ugly head yet the sea stayed eerily tame. A couple hundred miles off of shore a lithe young woman wearing a metal diving suit sat on the edge of a deep sea submersible called a bathysphere. Beside her lay a man wearing a diving suit much like her own. His huge armored form lay still and motionless, his body showed no signs of life, he was obviously dead.

The young woman just sat there silently, staring at her gloved hands. The large sword like syringe that was mounted to her left arm was stained with the blood of her father and four innocents. Four pale skinned little girls walked up to the young woman and rapped their tiny frail arms around her.

"M-mommy, you're never going to hurt us r-right?" The blond haired little girl to the right of the woman asked. The woman just shifted her eyes over to the young girl, not even bothering to actually face her. One of the girls brushed against the ADAM vial that was attached to the side of her large ADAM Harvester. Her left hand twitched, her instincts were telling her to plunge her wicked blood soaked weapon into these girl's chests and extract every last bit of ADAM for herself. But her conscious was telling her that she was wrong, that she was a cold blooded killer, a murderer of innocence.

That she had already killed enough.

"No honey… Mommy is never going to hurt you." The woman said. She turned her head towards the blond haired little girl, her expressionless gaunt face began to relax and the corners of her mouth began to tug into a motherly smile. The girl smiled brightly and snuggled deeper into her mommy's back.

"Mamma Eleanor, what are we going to do now?" The blond haired girl asked once more. The young woman named Eleanor sighed.

"I don't know Cindy. I really don't know." Eleanor had killed half of the Little Sisters in the Pediatric Wards. There were eight in total so now only four remained, Cindy Meltzer, Jennifer Walker, Amy George, and Melinda Jelenski. She had saved the ones that she could but she needed the ADAM to boil off the water so that she and her father could escape.

Eleanor looked once again to the still form of her father. He didn't want her to preserve his essence, he felt regret, he wanted to die. Eleanor had burst into tears when he had batted her ADAM Syringe away but her sadness quickly gave way to anger. She would not allow her father to die a second time, she would not allow him to leave her all alone. She pushed his hand aside and brutally absorbed his essence.

'How could I have done such a thing? It was his wish to die, to pass on, and I couldn't even grant him his request…. Father, if you can hear me…I'm so sorry.'

Eleanor stood up and turned her father onto his back. She then put his gloved hands on his armored chest.

"Father, I don't know what to do with my life. I don't know where to go or even who I am yet. I know that I don't deserve it, your kindness," Eleanor choked. "But please I'm begging you to help me. I'll be your Messiah, you will be reborn through me. Please just talk to me, I need you." By this time Eleanor was resting her head on her father's chest and sobbing loudly. A small brunette named Jennifer walked towards Eleanor nervously.

"I-is Mommy okay?" She asked. She didn't like seeing the only parental figure she had left in this world in such a pitiful state. Eleanor rubbed her puffy bloodshot eyes and smiled at her.

"Y-yes honey, Mommy is fine. She's just sad that Daddy is gone." Jennifer just nodded her head. Eleanor stood up and sighed heavily. She started push her Father's armored form off the edge of the bathysphere. His body at least deserved a proper burial at sea. Eleanor stared at her Father's body floating in the water then suddenly she remembered something and reached into one of her suit's many pockets. The thorny rose was suppose to be a gift to the 'yellow eyed girl' but she never received it. Her father had given it to her as present when they had finally found each other.

'Father, I still don't know what my purpose is in this world, all I know is that the surface is not yet ready for us.'

Eleanor brought the rose up to her face and kissed it. The four little ones, finally understanding what she was doing, quickly rushed over to her and kissed the rose as well. Eleanor held it over the water and let it go. The rose landed on her Father's chest perfectly. Eleanor kneeled at the edge of the bathysphere and brought her hands into a praying position. She has seen members of her mother's flock doing this in front of her Quarantine Chamber but she was no God and she defiantly wasn't worth praying over.

"No one could see what such a good man…Johnny was, but I did. He was someone who was thrust into a situation that he had no control over. He made some bad choices he made some mistakes but are we not all human? All of us make mistakes, no one is perfect. He wasn't a saint, he wasn't a monster, he was a man. Johnny was a good man and he showed me that people can change their ways and make amends for their sins." The armored form of Eleanor's father slowly began to sink back into the murky depths.

Eleanor stood up and beckoned for the little ones to follow her inside the bathysphere, the ocean was starting to become violent and she would not risk one of her little ones slipping and falling into the sea.

Eleanor frowned to herself as she tucked the little ones into bed, just a moment ago she was contemplating weather or not she should kill them. Now she was treating them as if they were her own children. Eleanor sat in the chair next to Mindy's (Melinda's) bedside and sighed. She had tried to close her eyes and get some rest but she just couldn't. She was afraid that if she were to fall asleep something would come and harm her little ones and she was not going to let that happen. Eleanor stood up from her seat and walked into the cockpit of the bathysphere, she had to make sure that they stayed on course for land. She didn't know exactly where she was going but that didn't really matter right now, she had to get the little ones to land.


'Mister Bubbles.'

'Mister Bubbles.'

'Are you there?'

'Are you there?'

'Come and get me lollies…'

'Come and get me lollies….'

"Hello? Hello! You can hear me, yes? Wake up…your time for sleeping is over."

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