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Fear. Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. Amy George has been living in Rapture for sometime now and she knew very well that in that horrid city under the sea that the threat of danger was lurking around every corner. In Rapture you had to be constantly alert, paranoia can be a life saver. If you let your guard down even for a second you could find your stomach being split open by the searing red hot hooks of a Spider Splicer or being scorched, frozen, or electrocuted by the elemental projectiles of a Houdini Splicer.

Even though the Splicers were always looking to gut her stomach open, Amy was always safe.

She never left the safety of her hidey hole without the permission of her Big Daddy Protector. Mommy had told her to stay in her new hidey hole with her sisters until she came back to pick them up, but of all the things Amy was 'patient' wasn't one of them. She wanted to see her Mommy, she didn't want to stay in this boring old hole so despite the cries of protest from her fellow sisters and her foster Mother's word, Amy hopped out of her hidey hole and quickly followed her Mommy's scent.

'I'm not afraid of anything, I'll show them!' Mindy thought that she was so smart, Amy would show her! Amy turned right down another hallway and stopped dead in her tracks. Standing there, staring at her with a blank frost covered glare, was a Wintry Houdini Splicer. Amy's wide blue eyes widened even further and her breath caught in her throat. A Leadhead Splicer walked through a door to the Houdini's right, it had an irritated look on it's face.

"Yo man, what the hell are you doing just standin there for? If we don't find those fucking traitors then Mr. Wahl is gonna have our-" The Machine Gun wielding Leadhead Splicer stopped mid sentence and turned towards Amy. His mutated face slowly split into a wicked smile, revealing his rotten yellowed teeth. The Leadhead took a glance at his ice wielding friend.

"Heh, heh, Jack Pot!" Amy turned around and ran as fast as her short legs could carry her, she could hear the fast approaching footsteps of the crazed ADAM junkies not far behind her.

"Come on little girl, we won't hurt ya!…Much." That comment only made Amy run even faster. She was really regretting not listening to her Mommy right about now. Amy made a sharp left turn towards an air vent near the floor and quickly barreled into the flimsy metal covering. The Leadhead Splicer tried to grab her but as she expected he was simply to big to fit in the vent.

"Grrrr, bull shit, horse shit! I haven't had ADAM in weeks and I am defiantly not gonna let a little munchkin get the better of me!" The familiar sound of a grenade whistling through the air met Amy's ears. The grenade landed right in front of her, it looked kind of strange. It was all spiky and rings of light green light emitted from both of its ends.

'I've seen these before! Papa Rosie used to throw them at the monsters and when they stepped up on them they would…blow…up.' Amy's eyes widened.

"Uh oh."

The Proximity Mine exploded in shower of shrapnel and Amy was sent tumbling down the vent. Amy fell through another one of those flimsy vent doors and fell to the ground. Amy sat there silently and writhed in agony.

"I-it h-hurts." She cried silently to herself, the large amounts of ADAM in her body were already healing her wounds but they still hurt very badly and because she no longer had the ADAM Slug in her body she was no longer truly immortal. Her cut and burned flesh mended itself right before her eyes and slowly and shakily she tried to stand on her own tiny feet.

"I-I'm okay. I-I'll find Mommy!" The sound of metal clashing against wood met Amy's ears and she quickly turned around to face her aggressor. The Spider Splicer cackled maniacally and took a slow step towards his new found prey. Amy screamed and fell right on her backside, she began to backpedal away from the horrid monster. The Splicer circled her, watching every move she made like a fox who had just cornered a defenseless little rabbit.

"Heh, hah, hah, heh, its all over now." The twisted being whispered. Amy's eyes started to tear, why didn't she listen to her Mommy? The Splicer lifted up it's mask, revealing a badly mutated face. It's teeth were spaced far apart and they were sharp and pointy. It had no lips at all and it's skull was elongated and deformed. It's left eye had sunken into its head and it's right eye was practically bulging out of it's socket.

"I won't hurt ya! Just hand over the meds so I can finally get some sleep! Grrrr, damn this fucking insomnia!" The Splicer lifted one of it's searing red hot hooks and smiled wickedly. Amy screamed in terror and her eyes snapped shut like bear traps as she awaited for the pain in her abdomen to start.

But it never came. The sound of a swirling Drill met Amy's ears followed by the horrible scream of a dieing Spider Splicer. Amy opened her frightened blue eyes and looked up. Her eyes widened in pleasure and surprise, it was Daddy! His armor was a steel blue and his helmet visor was orange instead of yellow but it smelled and felt just like Daddy! She thought Daddy had turned into an angel. She had to take him to her sisters and Mommy! Mommy is going be so happy that Daddy was okay!

"Daddy! It's you, you're all better again!" Amy yelled out as she hugged one of the Alpha Daddy's huge armored legs tightly.


'What the hell?' Is the only thing that came to Augustus Sinclair's mind as this small, pale, malnourished little girl put his leg in a bear hug. He defiantly was not expecting that reaction, screaming and wailing yes, but putting his leg in a bear hug and calling him Daddy…no. Sinclair took a big whiff of the air around him and his eyes widened momentarily. After that stupid bathysphere exploded he had been floating in the water for some time. His water jetpack apparently had been on auto pilot which is the reason why he is not currently resting on the sea floor. Eleanor's sweet nectar like scent was overwhelming, she was really close.

This girl had a similar scent, it wasn't as strong as Eleanor's but it was there.

'She kind of looks like…a Little Sister?' Sinclair's eyes widened. 'Eleanor must have rescued some of them.' Sinclair picked the little girl up and held her out in front of him so he could get a good look at her. Her skin was unnaturally pale, almost pure white and her hair was a dirty blond. Her eyes were big, blue, and filled with hope and happiness.

"Daddy, do you want to find Mamma Eleanor?" Sinclair's eyes widened and he immediately nodded his helmet encased head, he was right Eleanor DID rescue some Little Sisters. Sinclair put her on his shoulders and made sure that she was situated.

"Daddy, first we have to pick up my other sisters! There that way!" Amy pointed. Sinclair sighed and gave a grunt of understanding.

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