Title: Mail Order Bride 1/?
Author: 1farmer_girl
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Puck/Kurt
Genre: Historical AU, Romance, Drama
Warning: Mpreg and slight genderbending
Spoilers: None, I pretty much used names and basic personality outlines
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee I would probably make it unsuitable for broadcast television and it would be taken off the air which would be sad, so I'll let Ryan Murphy keep it.
Author Notes: This is the result of a dare from a friend who said it wasn't possible to make a believable historical mpreg. I can't pass up a challenge, so here is my historical mpreg, whether it is believable or not I shall leave up to the reader. Also, just to clarify there are three genders in this universe; male, female, and intesex which are basically males who are able to carry children. Both female and intersex are referred to as carriers.


Noah Puckerman had been born to rich family that wanted their son to have everything he wanted, as long as he only wanted the proper things in life. However, Noah Puckerman had very little interest in things that were proper.

When he was a child he had hated wearing fancy clothes and not being allowed to get dirty. When he was a teenager he had hated having to pretend to like the stuck-up carriers that his parents paraded in front of him. When he was an adult he had hated working in the family business and his fancy house and that busy, shallow, city.

So, when his grandfather died, instead of doing the proper thing and investing the money he inherited, Noah Puckerman bought some land out west and left everything, including his name, without ever looking back.

The parcel of land ended up being a little over 200 acres of woods in the northern Minnesota territory with a river running through it. For all his proper upbringing Puck didn't know the first thing about farming and it was only with the generous help of the settlers living nearby that he made it though that first bitter winter. But Puck was a fast learner and over the years he had become a competent farmer.

He had built a sturdy little log house and barn where he kept his plow and livestock. Each spring he traded 25 pounds of fish he caught in the river for one of the Adams' piglets. By late fall the piglet will have grown into a massive hog whose meat Puck would dry so it would store all winter in the loft with dried meat from animals he's hunted over the year.

He grew hay to feed his mare and plow oxen through the winter as well as corn to sell in Clarksville. He planted a small vegetable garden of onions and potatoes and squash next to the house. Once a week he rode into the nearest town, Oak Grove, for the Sunday Service. Sometimes he got lonely, but the farm kept him busy and the Clarksville red district was only a few hours away.

Puck managed quite well on his own for years. The only communication he had with his family back east was when he first arrived to tell his family where he had gone and that he wasn't coming back. He'd gotten a letter from his mother a couple of months after that to say that his father had died. Puck didn't send a reply.

This made it all the more shocking when Puck received a letter from his mother after years of silence. Puck didn't really want to know what is mother wanted to tell him that would require her to break the years of silence that the two of them had had. So, instead of opening it right away he left on the table and did his best to forget about it. It was still there when he woke up the next morning though. His mother's unmistakable fancy writing was there silently judging him just as much as if the woman had been standing there in person.

After he had finished his morning chores and gotten a head start on repairing the barn roof there was nothing left that gave him an excuse to avoid the letter any longer. With a sigh of resignation he began to read the letter.

Dear Noah,

I had hoped that you would eventually return home and resume your rightful place in the family's company, but after 3 years I am forced to see that you are determined in this foolishness and aren't going to change your mind anytime soon. While I am not happy with this outcome I don't see that I have any choice in the matter. So, if you refuse to do your family duty and lead the business I hope you will at least make sure that the family line is continued. To insure that you do so I have taken it upon myself to file a request for a carrier willing to travel and marry you. I found a high class organization that only recruits from the best families. The Fabray's gave it an excellent recommendation so I'm sure the service will be satisfactory. Their candidate should arrive on the 12th of March by the train. I hope to hear from you soon regarding news about my new grandson.



Puck scowled after he finished reading. Of all the meddling, conniving…this was exactly why he had moved to Minnesota in the first place; to get away from his mother. Clearly, half a country wasn't far enough. And what the hell was he going to do with a carrier? Sure, a little companionship would be nice; a man had needs after all. But the north wood wasn't an environment that a high class carrier would be happy with.

Puck lived a hard life and if he was going to have someone in his life it needed it to be someone who was tough enough to work beside him. Someone who's biggest concern was probably what to wear to the latest social gathering simply wouldn't do.

In the middle of his fuming something clicked in his brain. The train was arriving on the 12th, that was today, damn it. A quick glance out the one window at the sun told him that the aforementioned train was due to arrive any minute, if it hadn't already. By the time he got the horse hitched and made it into town the poor kid will have been waiting at least two hours.

Puck swore several times as he readied the cart, though he noticed that they weren't directed towards the carrier that was going to change pretty much every aspect of his life, but at his mother and the winter snow that would lengthen his trip so much from the less than an hour journey it was in the summer. Reminded of the cold weather that the carrier probably wouldn't be used to, Puck ran back into the house to grab a few more furs.

Finally, Puck got his mare headed towards town, urging her to hurry as quickly as possible in the snow. She was a steady, trustworthy creature who had long ago learned the route to and from town without need of any real guidance from Puck. This gave Puck the chance to let his mind wander.

This certainly wasn't the way he'd expected the day to go, but what's done is done and there was no point cursing his mother anymore, even if it would be fun. Instead, he wondered what the carrier would be like. He wished his mother had said what organization the carrier had come from since that would tell a lot about what kind of training the carrier had received. This country was tough and Puck needed someone just as tough to keep up with him.

Another question on Puck's mind was whether the carrier was completely female or one of the rarer intersexes. The chances of that were slim. Intersexes were highly sought after because their rarity gave them an exotic quality, not to mention their rumored talents in the bedroom. Most started receiving marriage proposals before they were even 14 years old. It was highly unlikely that one would have to resort to a carrier service in order to get a husband.

Still, a man could dream, right? Puck smirked at the idea of a beautiful intersex in his kitchen, holding his arm as they walked out of the church after the Sunday service, moaning softly in his bed. Puck adjusted his tightening breeches as he headed into town.


Kurt Hummel shivered and wrapped his fur coat closer around himself. Yet again he had to force himself to not let any tears fall. They wouldn't help anything and would probably make him colder. Instead he directed his thoughts away from how cold he was towards the hateful man he had been sent to. Honestly, this may be a backwards country, hundreds of miles from any civilization, but that was no excuse for being nearly 2 hours late.

Kurt didn't know what he would do if this "Noah Puckerman" didn't show up. There didn't seem to be any sort of hotel in this town and Kurt didn't have any money to buy a train ticket back east. He supposed he could sell off some of his clothes to buy a ticket, though his heart broke at the idea of parting with part of his wardrobe. Stupid, stupid Noah Puckerman, this was all his fault. But no, Kurt thought, that wasn't fair. Kurt never would have considered coming out to this godforsaken wilderness if it wasn't for Karofsky.

Kurt's mother had died when he was just a few years old and his father was a ship's captain who would be gone for months at a time until he returned home. Except for his last voyage that he had never come home from. Kurt had waited, but weeks turned to months and soon the debt collectors started calling. Kurt tried the best way he could, but when the landlord Karofsky came for that quarter's rent, Kurt had no money to give him. Karofsky had tried to strike a deal saying he would forgive the whole debt if Kurt would marry him.

Kurt couldn't think of anything worse than that, so he registered with a local carrier provider and packed all his necessities (which was mostly his wardrobe) and snuck out of the house in the middle of the night. It hadn't been hard to find an interested party quickly. The Hummels were a highly respected family and Kurt had received the best of educations. The fact that he was an intersex certainly didn't hurt, either.

The situation wasn't perfect. Kurt had hoped to marry someone for love, but it was a better alternative to marrying that horrid man Karofsky and Kurt had been quite proud of himself for finding such an airtight escape from that dilemma. It would be even better if the man he had run away to had the decency to show up on time, Kurt thought bitterly.

He leaned over the railing on the train stops shelter one more time and looked up and down the street to see if there was any sight of Mr. Puckerman. To the right there was a black shape coming closer, but at the moment it was still too far away to see clearly. Within a couple of minutes Kurt could make out a pretty black horse pulling a two person buggy. The man in the cart had an unappealing smirk on his face, but he looked tall and broad-shouldered, though it was hard to tell because of the think winter coat he was wearing. As he got even closer Kurt could see that Noah Puckerman, for who else would come out in this weather, had thick dark hair and rather nice facial features.

Kurt shook himself, it didn't matter how good-looking the man was, if he thought he was going to get away with being so late, he had another thing coming.