Title: Mail Order Bride 9/?
Author: 1farmer_girl
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Puck/Kurt
Genre: Historical AU, Romance, Drama
Warning: Mpreg and slight genderbending
Spoilers: None, I pretty much used names and basic personality outlines
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee I would probably make it unsuitable for broadcast television and it would be taken off the air which would be sad, so I'll let Ryan Murphy keep it.
Word Count: 2,754

A/N: Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be out of touch for sometime while I work on my story for the Glee Bigbang. Don't worry, I'll most definitely be back to finish this, I just need to take a couple weeks to put some serious effort into my bigbang story.

Also, just heads up, this chapter is basically nothing but porn. If you were looking for plot, I apologize, better luck next time ^_^


Noah Puckerman was a stud. He had built up his home and farm with his own two hands and he could make any woman or intersex he wanted swoon at his feet. There was nothing he feared, but when he felt that fragile bump under his hand and realized that there was a tiny life growing in there he could admit he was just a little bit scared. What did he know about raising a kid?

His father had been killed in a hunting accident when he was a boy and his mother was hardly a shining example of parenthood. But then Puck had looked up at Kurt and any fears he had melted away. It wasn't like Puck would have to raise the baby on his own. Kurt would be there every step of the way. And if there was anyone who could handle raising a baby, it was Kurt.

Unburdened, Puck laughed out loud and pulled Kurt into a tight hug.

"This is so amazing, you're so amazing," Puck said.

Kurt laughed, "Well, I do what I can."

"I can't believe there's actually a baby in this little space," Puck whispered in awe, stroking his hand back over Kurt's baby bump.

"That's because it's still in the pretty early stages. I would guess I'm only about four months in," Kurt said. "Don't worry; I'll get bigger, unfortunately. One of my neighbors back east got pregnant with twins a few years back and she got absolutely huge."

Puck gasped, "I hadn't thought about that. Do you think there are twins in there?"

"God, I hope not. I don't think I could handle twins the first run through. I think it would be better to have just one baby to care for when we are new parents," Kurt ducked his head. "It might be nice to have twins later on though."

Puck grinned, "You do, huh? How many kids do you want?"

"A lot, when I was growing up, I wanted siblings. I don't want me baby to be an only child."

"Yeah," Puck agreed, "So, when you say a lot, are you talking like, 12 kids a lot?"

Kurt laughed, "12? Let's try four and then you can check with me and if I'm still sane we can go from there."

"Sounds like a plan," Puck agreed, and then he swept Kurt up in his arms and carried him to the bed, bridal style. When Kurt landed on the bed he pushed at Puck half-heartedly.

"Puck, we can't, I have so much to do today."

"But you've already done so much," Puck murmured, unbuttoning the front of Kurt's shirt. "You've got my child growing inside you. I think that gives you a free pass to take it easy. You should take advantage and just stay in bed all day."

"Well, I guess that's a good enough reason for me. What's your excuse?"

"You didn't make that baby by yourself. I definitely remember helping," Puck teased, kissing his way down Kurt's chest.

"Hmm, did you now," Kurt arched up into Puck's touch. "I don't think I remember that. You'll have to remind me."

"I think I can do that," Puck said, grinning into Kurt's skin, loving the playful banter they had going. He pulled off Kurt's clothes and settled himself between creamy thighs. Puck ran his hands up and down Kurt's sides, loving how responsive his husband had become over their few months of marriage. Kurt was arching into his touch, all but purring in pleasure.

"I've heard that nipples become more sensitive during pregnancy," Puck said. "Should we see if it's true?" He then nipped gently at one and then again a little harder when Kurt moaned in encouragement.

Puck spent a long time playing with those perfect little pink nubs, alternating between his hand and mouth, pinching and licking and biting until Kurt was thrusting his hips in search of release.

"Puck, touch me, please," Kurt begged.

No one begged a prettily as Kurt with his flushed cheeks and trembling bottom lip. Puck could deny him nothing when he saw that face, so he slid down Kurt's body until he could lick and suck at Kurt's erection.

He could hear Kurt gasping above him and he wrapped a hand around the base of Kurt's cock to keep him from coming too soon. Kurt whined and squirmed in protest, but Puck couldn't see those pleading blue eyes from this position, so he was able to stay focused and not be swayed.

As Puck continued to suck, he worked a finger in that tight, little hole; relishing the cry of pleasure it got him. Puck quickly found Kurt's pleasure spot and rubbed there until Kurt was practically vibrating with need and saying, "Please, Puck, please," over and over again. Then and only then, did Puck release Kurt and bring him to completion.

Kurt came with a shout, back arched and every muscle tensed as Puck swallowed every drop of his release down. When Kurt fell back on the bed, Puck pulled himself up to survey his handiwork.

Kurt was the picture of debauched innocence. His pale skin now had several love bites that Puck had sucked into existence. His nipples were still inflamed from Puck's bites and his hair was mussed. Kurt was staring up at Puck with bliss-out eyes and he reached weakly out to Puck as if all the strength had been sucked out of him.

Puck went willingly; laying himself out along Kurt's side and throwing a leg up over Kurt's hip to pull him closer. Kurt looked like he didn't have enough brain power left to think, much less attend to Puck. So Puck just aligned his cock with the curve of Kurt's hip and began rubbing himself off.

Kurt was so warm and soft and pliant and was gazing at Puck with loved filled eyes that it was barely any time at all before he was spilling his seed over Kurt's body. As he came down from his orgasm high, Puck wrapped himself around Kurt, being careful of that precious bump.

Kurt sighed and settled back into Puck's hold.

"We really shouldn't stay in bed like this," Kurt said, but Puck could tell that his protest was token and not what Kurt really wanted.

"Let's just stay a little longer," Puck murmured, running his finger through his seed, rubbing it into his husband's skin with a sudden sense of possessiveness.

They lay like that for Puck didn't know how long, basking in their afterglow and the August heat. They seemed to meld together until their inhales and exhales of breath had become synchronized and with his hand over their growing child, Puck wondered if there had ever before lived a man as fortunate as him.


As summer faded away to be replaced by the bright colors of autumn, Kurt found himself undecided about how he felt about his pregnancy. Of course, he was thrilled at the prospect of having a child and he was immensely pleased that he was the one who would bring Puck's heirs into the world.

But all the stuff Kurt was looking forward to wouldn't happen until after he gave birth, first he had to make it through this whole actually being pregnant thing. That was the part he wasn't so sure about. He remembered someone once telling him that there was nothing more fulfilling and pleasurable than carrying your husband's child.

Kurt wished he could remember who that person was so he could tell them how very wrong they were. There was nothing pleasurable about the near constant pain in his lower back and the only thing fulfilling about this pregnancy so far was how much he was fulfilling the maximum capacity of his clothes.

Kurt was actually getting a little concerned about that. Right after he'd discovered he was pregnant, he'd let out the seams of most of his clothes. That had worked for a while, but if he kept gaining weight the way he was it wouldn't be long before he needed to by a whole new wardrobe. And that really wasn't a situation he wanted to bring up with Puck.

So far, Puck hadn't seemed to notice that Kurt had been gaining weight as fast as a spring feed hog. The last thing Kurt wanted to do was bring it to Puck's attention by saying something like, "By the way, I'm going to need a bunch of money to buy new clothes because I'm now the size of a beached whale and none of my old clothes fit anymore." Yeah, Kurt definitely wanted to avoid that conversation if at all possible.

Being pregnant wasn't all bad though. Puck was incredible, offering to massage Kurt's back and making Kurt laugh by jokingly suggesting the most bizarre names for their baby. At least Kurt hoped Puck was joking about naming their child after a type of alcohol and if he was serious Kurt would rather keep his delusions, thank you very much.

Another thing Kurt wasn't entirely sure about was his sudden increase in…desires. He had heard rumors that a person's libido could increase during pregnancy, but he hadn't really believed it, until now.

Now, it seemed like the smallest thing could make his manhood grew stiff. One time, he'd been canning that year's harvest of cucumbers. Despite the heat of the day, Kurt had needed to keep the fire well stoked. He had spent most of the day working around the fire and the pot of boiling water he was using to seal the lid on his cans. To try and beat the heat Kurt was wearing just a simple cotton dress with the sleeves rolled up and the top three buttons undone.

He was just drying off the last can of dill pickles when Puck came inside from his day's work in the field.

"Hell, Kurt," Puck said, stripping off his shirt. "It's hotter in here than it is outside."

Kurt opened his mouth to apologize and explain that he'd needed a hot fire for his canning, but then his eye caught on Puck's muscled chest and anything he was going to say got caught in his throat.

Kurt shivered, despite the heat and could actually feel his increase in arousal. Kurt forgot all about his canning as his mind rapidly switched gears from homemaking to lustful actions.

"Yes, it is rather warm, isn't it?" Kurt said, allowing his voice to drop in a lower, husky register that he knew Puck loved. "I've been all hot and sweaty for hours."

Puck didn't take the bait though, continuing to remove his boots. "I'll bet you have. It's like being inside a furnace in here."

Kurt huffed in annoyance, "You're not very good at picking up on subtlety, are you?"

"What?" Puck looked up, confusion on his face. Kurt decided to make it easy for his husband. He moved over to the table and hopped p so he was sitting on it, hiked his skirt up over his thighs and spread his legs. "This obvious enough for you?" he asked voice low and sultry.

That got Puck's attention. He tripped over his boots and kicked them out of the way with a curse. When he finally made it over to the table, he slid between Kurt's legs as if he belonged there. He pulled Kurt to the edge of the table until Kurt could feel Puck's cloth covered arousal snug against his buttocks.

Kurt wrapped his arms around Puck's neck and hooked his ankles behind Puck's back as Puck pushed him back until Kurt was lying on the table. Puck threw him a feral grin, "God Kurt, I don't know what's gotten into you, but I am definitely not complaining."

As Puck talked he thrust his hips lazily against Kurt's groin. "So, now that you've gotten my attention, what can I do for you?"

Kurt moaned and tightened his hold on Puck, "Come on Puck, you know what I want."

"Oh no, baby. You started this; you're going to have to tell me what you want to finish it."

"Puck," Kurt whined, "I can't, it's too embarrassing."

"Not good enough," Puck growled, "Come on, you can do it. Just tell me what you want. I'll give you anything you want, just tell me."

Kurt could have cried he was so frustrated. Why did Puck have to be so difficult? Finally, Kurt couldn't take it any longer. "Please," Kurt tried one more time, hoping he could convince Puck without having to say more and when that didn't work, he finally managed to whisper, "Fuck me."

Immediately, Puck surged forward and Kurt gasped at the force of it. Puck wrapped one of his arms around Kurt's back to lift him up for a bruising kiss and with his other hand Kurt could feel him unlacing the front of his breeches and removing his manhood.

"How much prep do you need?" Puck asked eyes dark.

"None," Kurt gasped, scratching at Puck's back in his urgency. "I'm good, just please, inside me, now."

Kurt was aware his behavior was dreadfully wanton, but as Puck pressed inside he found he really didn't care. Kurt could feel the burn and stretch from the lack of preparation, but the slight pain made this all the more glorious.

As Puck began to move back and forth, the pain receded away to be replaced by burst after burst of pleasure. The world seemed to narrow down to just the two of them, their gasps and moans and the sound of the table scrapping along the floor. Kurt was so close and he reached down to try and finish himself off, but Puck knocked his hand away.

"No, I want you to come just like this, just on my cock."

Kurt sobbed, he was so close he could practically taste his completion, but he couldn't quite get there. He thrashed, trying to get his hands out of Puck's grip, but Puck held firm. He was so close, so close and then suddenly, he was there, back arched and mouth open in a soundless cry. Vaguely, he could hear Puck grunt above him, and he knew Puck was coming with him.

Together, they collapsed to the table, gasping for breath and panting harshly, sweat dripping from their bodies. Now that Kurt was no longer in some strange, lust haze and could think straight, he realized they probably should have put the fire out first. When he pointed this out to Puck, his husband let out a bark of laughter as he rolled off Kurt.

"God, yes, what were we thinking? I feel like I'm melting."

Kurt hummed in agreement, stretching languidly, "Hmm, go put it out will you?"

"Do I have to? That would require, like, movement and shit."

Kurt flailed his hand out to smack Puck's arm, but his coordination wasn't all that great at the moment and he ended up hitting Puck's sternum.

"Ow," Puck said, rubbing the spot. "Alright, I'm going, no need for violence."

Kurt closed his eyes and listened to Puck put the fire out, opening them back up when he felt Puck lean over him. Puck was looking down at him with love and a little concern in his eyes.

"You alright? I wasn't too rough was I?"

"Not at all, you were wonderful," Kurt reassured him. "I don't know about you, but I could use a nap right about now."

"I think I can arrange that." And before Kurt could protest, Puck scooped him up in his arms and carried over to the bed, cuddling up close to him and petting his hair like a cat. Normally, Kurt would have put up a bigger fuss over such treatment, but he decided to allow it, this time.